Best Metal Frame Pool 2016

Whether your kids are teen or toddlers, a metal frame pool will be perfect for family fun day! Our top pick Intex 18 is perfect for swimming, splashing around, and sunbathing. Check out this list of the 10 Best Metal Frame Pool 2016 to see which one is the perfect one for you and your family.

Should You Put Your Pool Away for the Winter?

Experts from Online Pool School recommend people living in winter conditions below 40 degrees Fahrenheit should disassemble their metal frame pool and stored away. The reason behind this recommendation is because ice and snow can cause the 3-ply PVC walls to crack or tear.

For people living in warmer climates, the pool can be left out. However there are a few things you should do before leaving the pool out for the winter. The first thing you should do, according to the experts at Online Pool School, which means checking the water and cleaning the water in the pool. The school recommends that you check the pH, alkalinity, chlorine, and calcium levels of the water based on your preferred water filtration system. For example, if you used chlorine tablets to keep the water clean, make sure you check the chlorine levels. If you used a saltwater system, remember to check the pH and the calcium levels of the pool water. Clean out any dirt or leaves from the pool and make sure all outlets and plugs are shut off from the pool. Now, remove the ladder and put it in to storage. After every thing is cleaned and shut-off, place a pool cover over the pool and you’re done! More information on winterizing your pool.

The Easiest Ways to Keep Your Pool Water Clean
According to Trouble Free Pool, the easiest and most affordable way to keep the water clean in your pool is to add a tablespoon of bleach to every 100 gallons of water. Chlorine tables can cause CYA (Cyanuric acid) build-up, which can only be cleaned out once the water has been drained.
Another way to keep the water clean is by starting a saltwater system. 3200 PPM level is the ideal level for saltwater pools according to Hayward Industries. To calculate the exact amount of salt to add to your pool, go to Salt and Chemistry Guide.

For more information about maintaining clean pool water.

Watch the video to find out how to install a round metal frame pool

Watch the video to find out how to level a metal frame pool

Top Pick: Intex 18

Intex 18

The Intex 18’s unique shape and amazing water filtration system makes this pool our top pick. The pool is an oval shaped metal frame pool. The pool measures 18’ by 10’ by 42’’ and can hold up to 2,885 gallons of water. The metal frame is made from rustproof steel. This top pick comes with: filter pump, ladder, laminated sidewalls, ground cover, and pool cover. The pool also has a built-in drain plug for easy disassembly.
The key pros of the Intex 18 include: efficient pool filter and unique shape. The pool filter on this top pick has an output of 110-120 volts, so the water in the pool is constantly being cleaned before its fed back in to the pool. The unique oval shape also makes the pool perfect for swimming.

Step-up Pick: Bestway 12752

Bestway 12752

The Bestway 12752 is our step-up pick! It’s a metal frame pool that measures 15 feet by 48 inches. The pool holds up to 4,231 gallons of water. The Bestway is our step-up because of its durable design. The structure of the pool is made with a durable 3-ply material so the pool is sturdy and leak-proof. The pool comes equipped with a drain plug for easy disassembly. The pool weighs 100 pounds without water.
The key pros of the Bestway Steel Pro, which make it our step-up pick are: size, durability, and quick installation. The pool is the perfect size for a family swim. Plus the thick outer walls supported by the strong metal frame create a durable pool that will last for many swimming seasons. The pool only takes minutes to install and easily folds up for storage.

Budget Pick: Intex 12

Intex 12

The Intex 12 is a 12’ by 30’’ pool that can hold 1,718 gallons of water. For its size, the Intex 12 is packed with great features at a great rate, which makes it our budget pick for the 10 best metal frame pools. The system comes with 530 gp filter pump and built-in circuit interrupter. The rustproof frame is covered durable PVC sidewalls.
The key pros of the Intex 12 are the built-in safety features. This budget pick has a circuit interrupter that can shut off the filter and current in emergency situations. Plus, the filter pump will keep the water clear and safe for swimming.

The Contenders: Bestway 10035

Bestway 10035

The Bestway 10035 is a 102 inch by 67 by 24 inch pool that can hold up to 608 gallons of water. The metal frame is made of rustproof steel and covered with a 3-ply PVC wall. Without water, the pool weighs 30.5 pounds.
The key pros of the Bestway 10035 are: small size and unique design. The smaller size is perfect for toddlers. Its unique structure makes it durable, safe for kids, and easy to assemble.

Intex 10

Intex 10

The Intex 10 is part of our list of the 10 best metal frame pools because it has a built-in filter pump. The pool is 10 feet by 30 inches and can hold up to 1,185 gallons of water. The metal frame is an ultra-durable design that every family can enjoy for many summers to come. The built-in filter can run up to 120 volts. The unit weighs 46 pounds and only takes a few minutes to install.
The key pros of the Intex 10 include: easy installation and great built-in filtration system. The metal frame is easy to install and the filtration keeps the water clean.

Bestway 56407

Bestway 56407

The Bestway 56407 is a metal frame pool set constructed with steel. This model is 10 feet by 30 inches and can hold up to 1,236 gallons of water. The pool comes equipped with a drain valve for easy disassembly. This pool set comes with a 330-gallon filter pump and repair patch.
The key pros of the Bestway 56407 are: quick installation and efficient filter pump. The steel frame is easily put together and the pool comes with a great filter pump that will keep the water clean for multiple swims.

Bestway 12751

Bestway 12751

The Bestway 12751 is a 14 feet by 48-inch pool that can hold up to 4,024 gallons of water. The pool structure is made of a triple ply material for leak-proof swimming and a rustproof steel frame.
The key pros of the Bestway 12751 include: easy installation and durable design. PVC connectors connect the metal frame together for easy installation. Plus the pool has a three ply wall so no water will leak out and it can withstand many swimming seasons.

Bestway 56017US

Bestway 56017US

The Bestway 56017US is a 15 feet by 36 inch steel frame pool that can hold 3,336 gallons of water. The frame is connected with C clips and T-shaped connectors. The system comes with a 3-ply polyester pool, PVC flaps, T-shaped connectors, C clips, and informative DVD. The pool weighs 80 pounds without water.
The key pros of the Bestway 56017US are: efficient design. The connectors and clips make installation quick and painless, while also giving the pool a strong, durable structure. Plus, this pool has PVC flaps to cover the connectors and clips, making this pool family-friendly inside and out.

Intex 15

Intex 15

The Intex 15 pool measures 15 feet by 42 inches and can hold up to 3,861 gallons of water. The pool comes with a ground cover, surface cover, and 1000 GPH filter pump. The frame is made from rustproof steel and PVC fittings.
The key pros of the Intex 15 stem from its 1000 GPH filter pump, which keeps the water clear and ready for swimming all summer long.

Intex 16

Intex 16

The Intex 16 is a steel frame pool that holds 5.061 gallons of water and measures 16’ by 48’’. The set comes with a filter pump, ladder, ground cover, pool cover, saltwater system, informative video, and PVC sidewalls.
The key pro of the Intex 16 is the saltwater system, which is why it’s listed as a 10 best metal frame pools. Saltwater prevents algae from forming and the filter pump will keep a constant supply of clean water in the pool.

A summer day at home doesn’t need to be boring. Enjoy a great swim in your own backyard with one of the 10 Best Metal Frame Pools!

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