10 Tips for Choosing Electric Skateboards

Whether you are a newbie or a professional skateboarder, it is important that you know the most basic tips in choosing electric skateboards. Picking the right model and design can be quite intimidating especially, now that most electric skateboards are equipped with the best features and technology. In addition to this, majority of electric skateboards are expensive so you need to be wise in picking one that will accommodate your needs and purpose. It is all about being a smart buyer to maximize your riding experience.

In this articles, let us tackle the most important tips in choosing electric skateboards. There are many things you need to consider like performance, materials used, price, quality and durability. You want to cover all these factors to ensure that you have the best electric skateboard for you.


One of the important tips for choosing electric skateboards is the price. This type of skateboards are expensive. If you are a beginner and you are tight on budget, you need to choose one that is in the low price range. There are actually many great skateboards in this price range that you can practice on. Electric skateboards are not that easy to maneuver compared to traditional ones so may be you need to get used to riding it first.

Battery Range

Since this is an electric skateboard, you need to choose one that has a long battery range so that you can ride as long and as far as you want. You also need to choose a high-quality, branded battery so that it will last long and does not break down easily. Batteries are a big factor in the performance of your electric skateboard. Many skateboarders would suggest to choose a lithium battery because they are not that heavy and has a longer range. There are actually electric skateboards that have a full speed of 20 mph.


Along with the type of battery and the range, you need also to consider the battery’s power. Electric skateboards with higher watts influence the torque performance and the speed of the skateboard. A lot of people have chosen to use electric skateboards in replacement of bicycles and even, cars because they are cheaper and runs fast. This is why you need to consider greatly the power of the battery in choosing an electric skateboard.


You do not need to choose an electric skateboard that has amazing deck designs because you can customize and put your own design on it. It is important that you take a closer look on the materials used for the decks. Most electric skateboards are made from maple wood but now, bamboo decks specifically Indonesian bamboo, are a big hit. They are lighter and more durable.


Another important tip for choosing electric skateboards is their trucks. Electric skateboards need to be light and durable so trucks now are made from magnesium alloy. This material used for trucks does not easily buckle when you need to go for a longer distance or you are on a rough road or when you hit the sidewalk. This new technology in designing an electric skateboard’s trucks is adapted from the technology used to build aircraft.


Aside from decks and trucks, you also need to check on the wheels used in skateboard. Wheels should be according to your purpose. If you are more into cruising or riding on rough terrain, you need bigger wheels with 64–75 mm in diameter and a durometer of 78-85a. Some skateboarders choose to change the wheels for a better and more durable brand. If you are a truly skateboard enthusiasts, you know that it is important to invest on a high-quality wheels.


The weight of the skateboard is directly associated to the materials used. Today, lighter skateboards are preferred by many skateboarders. They are more convenient, easy to carry around and faster. Weight has become a significant factor to those who are using the electric skateboard for commuting or for running errands. It will definitely be a laborious task when the skateboard you are bringing along with you is heavy and bulky.


One of the most important tips for choosing electric skateboards is the technology used in it and this includes the braking system. Electric skateboards now have gone more advanced in terms of the mechanisms. Most skateboards are remote controlled but there are other that are equipped with wireless control system. Some are controlled through an application downloaded on the skateboarder’s smartphones while other skateboards have a weight sensor. These are all very impressive features that you need to check in buying an electric skateboard.


There are so many brands of electric skateboards but it can be confusing on what to trust. Just because it is a popular brand does not immediately mean that it is the best one for you. Even before buying, you need to do your homework on the top brands that many professional skateboarders used. Read the reviews on each brand and model to get an overview on the kind of skateboard you will have.


Another important tip for choosing an electric skateboard is it must come with a good warranty. This is often overlooked by many. Electric skateboards, even if they are made from high-quality materials, do not guarantee you with an excellent and flawless product and performance. There are times when you see that there are missing or damaged parts. The ideal warranty for electric skateboards is ninety days and for the battery is six months. You need to talk with a customer service representative about the product’s warranty to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. More on Skateboard racing here.

These tips for choosing electric skateboards must be carefully observed and followed. You need to have a skateboard that performs well, does not hurt you financially and lasts long. There are so many brands and models of electric skateboards that you can choose from as long as you consider the most important factors based on your needs and resources.

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