Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse Review

Our Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse review will dig into the pros and cons of a particular incarnation of Miss Barbie’s dreamhouse and aim to assist you in answering this: is a 7-inch-deep 3-story franchise-based dollhouse, even a lavishly-designed and novelty-filled dollhouse, worth the price?

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Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse – Product Basics

The Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse measures 30x7x32 in.–nearly three feet tall in height, between its three floors–and is scaled for play with standard-sized Barbie dolls. Its first floor is a living/dining room and kitchen, its second floor is a den with fireplace and a small bathroom, and its third floor is a bedroom and balcony with a hot tub. The dollhouse comes with furniture as well as battery-powered working lights in the fireplace and over the hot tub and sound effects, hence the price tag.

Product Pros

The 3-Story Dream Townhouse is detailed, pretty, Barbie-style, and fancy-looking, definitely, and will keep a Barbie girl who would call her cup of tea a dollhouse occupied. Differently-purposed and well-designed rooms as natural fits for Barbie-line dolls make for as-natural and pleasant house role-playing, and the fixings and fixtures, namely the lights and sounds, are fine ideas for adding novelty and value as well as the feel of the house being something a little “more”. The material of the Dream Townhouse is standard but reliable, durable plastic, and assembly isn’t terribly complicated or involved. The 3-Story Dream Townhouse passes the test on enjoyment factor, in other words, and should make an avid Barbie fan happy upon reception as a simple but “working” addition to a personal Barbie toy collection.

Consumer Cons

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse reviewers have had mixed experiences with getting every bit and component of the Dreamhouse inserted to be worth the cost to work properly.

The sound and lighting devices may fail to work thanks to shipping damage or improper connection if the assembly isn’t just-so, leaving a family with a dollhouse that feels “small” even for being three feet and three stories’ worth of toy, and a product that’s still undeniably cute and good for playing with.

But this would be as good as a more standard, less-pricey dollhouse if it wasn’t built to specifically be a good match for Barbie dolls in terms of both size/scale and aesthetics.

While the extra features are fun, additionally, their inclusion may come off as an attempt to detract via glitz and glamour from the fact that it’s not a remarkable for a manufactured dollhouse in much more than its size.

It’s made of typical playset plastic (and not as much of it as it could have been, as the front of the dollhouse is cut away), the individual assembly pieces last long integrity-wise but snap apart easily, and the novelty of similar gimmicks used in toddlers play-inside houses both seems a little unnecessary.

While the shower makes sense for a dress-up doll and the doorbell’s certain to see some use when a kid has more than one Barbie-line doll to play with, how often is a child going to think to send the busy and glamorous Barbie into the bathroom frequently enough that it’ll matter that her toilet has a flush button?

This may wear off quickly on a child who’s already using their dolls to play pretend, although the fireplace is pretty. As an aside, you may want to be careful with the balcony hot tub in practice–as the mechanical parts and features of the house are somewhat delicate, it may be best to discourage placement of real water in the tub.

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse – Review in Conclusion

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse review verdicts seem to depend in part by individual experience–while the Dream Townhouse is an enjoyable enough toy on its own merits, if its frills all together size up as worth the dollhouse’s price, one accident and both the value and the money paid for it could be effectively lost.

If you’re willing to splurge for on a treat of a toy for your Barbie-loving queen-in-the-making, you’re guaranteed to land something cute with this particular dollhouse–but if you’d rather not chance it or are willing to settle for something a bit less fancy, another (and possibly more excitingly, uniquely-themed) Barbie playset or a look at other more inexpensive doll houses may also be interesting.

In other words, if all you care about is whether or not your little girl will enjoy the Dream Townhouse, they can rest assured that if they’re buying for a Barbie fan, it’s safe to answer “yes”.

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It scores well because it manages to do the most basic thing a toy needs to do, which is please whoever plays with it–but there’s more room to doubt whether it’s worth the money charged as a single product/package on those grounds or whether it’s a pretty simply dollhouse with a little extra glitter on it that happens to be to dollhouses what an Apple phone charger is more widely-compatible phone chargers–deliberately built to be the best fit in a way that no matter whether there are other perfectly good and better-bargain options out there, nothing else seems quite right if it works at all with what you already have.

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