3 Person Hot Tub – 10 Best 3 Person Hot Tubs

3 person persons are just the right size, so the will not take too much space and energy, but big enough for you to enjoy with your friends or family. These six hot tubs are the best 3 person hot tubs we have come across in our hot tub reviews. You will love them!

3 Person Spa Hot Tub Signature Brand

3 Person Spa Hot Tub
This is one luxury hot tub, which can be transported easily anywhere you want. It has one jetted seat and two jetted loungers. You will get two years warranty on parts and labor and this particular model is made in USA. It has 25 stainless steel jets and user friendly system controls topside. There is also ozone ozonizator, deluxe hard cover and outside steps for easy getting in. Five LED perimeter lights are there to make the atmosphere adjustable to you needs and full foam isolation to keep the heat inside. ABS bottom guarantees to you erosion free hot tub and capacity of 320 gallons is more than enough for an evening of relaxation and comfort in your new tub. Price of this hot tub is maybe a bit high, but once you try it, you will know it is worth every cent.

3 Person Corner Spa Hot Tub Signature Brand

3 Person Corner Spa
This model is actually a coroner spa, with 2 jetted seats and 1 jetted lounger. It is perfect for a quiet relaxing night alone, or with family and friends. It has Titanium Hydro Therm Smart Heater and 2 hp pump, which is more than enough for this model. Proudly made in USA, this hot tub has 27 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets and ozonizator, it can take 290 gallons of water. You will also get cover to keep your spa clean and hot while you are not using it, steps for easy entering and two year parts and labor warranty. Five LED perimeter lights will make the spa adjustable to every mood and user friendly controls will make it so easy for you to use it. If you decide to buy this hot tub, you will get excellent features and price that is worth it, there is no doubt about that. This particular model is a good deal, really good deal!

Home and Garden Spas 3 Person 31 Jet Spa

Home and Garden Spas
Home and Garden Spas really know how to make a good hot tub, and this model is a proof for that. This model is maybe the best model among 10 best 3 person hot tub when its price and features are compared. It has 31 relaxing massage jests and built in energy saving 6hp water pump. Only problem is if you are taller than 6 feet, you will have issues using the lounger, because you knees or your feet will be sticking out the water a few inches. It has Durable and slip-resistant acrylic surface and high density foam isolation. Whit seven colored LED light that you can set according to you mood, you will fill more relaxed than ever. Another great thing is that this model has low energy consumption, so it will pay off after some time, since you will get lower energy bills. What more can you ask from a hot tub?

QCA Spas Model 10 Aquarius Hot Tub, 88 by 72 by 72 by 30-Inch

QCA Spas Model 10 Aquarius

Aquarius hot tub can be your dreams come true, and with its excellent features, you will never want another hot tub again. This model has economy-boost energy recovery system, which can recover the heat generated by the motor and the pump, and it will return it to the spa and heat up the water. It is very affordable and it can be easily transported anywhere. You will love the design, perfect for corners and conversation, and since it requires no special installation, you install it pretty fast. You will get in the packaging a free ultimate energy saving and water maintenance package, and that includes a lockable insulating cover, polar cabinet insulation, multi color LED light and ozone water sanitation system. All this you can get just for a good price.

Lifesmart Rock Solid Jewel Spa with Plug & Play Operation

Lifesmart Rock Solid Jewel Spa
This three seating position hot tub has 12 total jets and comfort valve air mixing system. You will get five years shell warranty and also one year electronics and pumps warranty. As for the labor goes, you will get 90 days labor guarantee. Lifesmart hot tub requires less energy and delivers better performance, because it has full foam isolation system and thick energy saving spa cover, so it will save you money on energy bills. If you want to enjoy the luxury and comfort in your backyard then you definitely should buy this hot tub and have relaxing and massaging baths every day or anytime you desire. Price of Lifesmart Rock Solid Jewel Spa is excellent.

Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa with Plug & Play Operation

Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa
On the last place it Lifesmart Luna Spa, and with a place on this list, Lifesmart really proven that they can make excellent hot tubs. This particular tub has three seating positions, 12 total jets and comfort valve air mixing system. It has warranty of five years and one year electronic and pumps guarantee. You will get comfort and quality for an excellent price. Lifesmart has really good features, such as topside controls, interchangeable jets and top loading filters. Plug and Play operation is excellent for avoiding the high costs and the price for installation. You just have to set it up, fill it and plug it in. And there you go – your own relaxing hot tub.

Buying a hot tub is a big decision, so you have to choose wisely and make a good choice. A three person hot tub is the just the big enough hot tub for a home, whether you want to enjoy it by yourself or with family. These six out if 10 best 3 person hot tub are the best you can find on the market today, so chose carefully and good luck!

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