Best Bounce House Review: 10 Best Bounce Houses

Here is our shortlist of the 10 best bounce houses based on the many bounce house reviews we have done. If you’re committed to throwing a fantastic children’s party, time and time again, select the best bounce house to fit your needs!

Purchasing a bounce house, as opposed to renting one, will enable you to throw many terrific parties, where the children are busy and entertained, and your guests and you have a good time too!

Investing in a bounce house with features that are right for you is important. Besides the standard considerations of safety, durability, and affordability, you may want to look at additional features such as size, color, material, capacity, design, craftsmanship, art work, warranty, age-range, attachments, and more. Read on, and make an informed bounce house buying decision:

Little Tikes Jump n Slide Dry Bouncer

Little Tikes Bouncer
This bounce house has a 7-foot large area, with a total size of 144.00”L x 108.00”W x 72.00”H. It can house up to 3 children at the same time. Made of puncture resistant material, the Tikes Jump n Slide Dry Bouncer is simple to inflate and similarly, easy to deflate, fold and store in a compact space. A mesh slide, 2 mesh doors at the back, and mesh netting that surrounds the jumping area, make for children’s safety, at the same time allowing parents to watch their kids at play. The bouncer comes with stakes that keep the entire paraphernalia stable and in place while the kids jump, bound and leap. This bounce house is suitable for children between 36 months to 8 years of age. Included are accessories such as blower, stakes, storage bag, repair kit, and an instruction manual that will help you conveniently set-up and care for this amazing bounce house.

Full review here: Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer Review

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Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Blast Zone Bouncer
Every child wants to play a bouncing and sliding king in a bouncy castle of his own. Therefore, the Magic Castle is popular. It appeals to parents because it is safe, durable, easy and quick to inflate and deflate, and can hold a weight of 300 pounds. The Magic Castle collapses to the size of a rolled sleeping bag, and is therefore easy to store. The Magic castle has high walls, security netting, and a hook-and-loop fastener at the entrance to keep the excited bouncing kids safe within. Its dimensions are: 8.5′ W x 11′ L x 8′ H. The Magic Castle bounce house comes with a blower, carrying case, blower stakes, inflatable stakes, and an instructional manual or DVD.

Full review here: Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer Review and Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer Review

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Castle Inflatable Bouncer House

Castle Infllatable Bouncer

This is another great favorite of all the little jumping and sliding princes and princesses out there. The safety of kids is ensured by the durable material of 420 D Oxford Nylon with PVC backing, which comply with the CPSCIA guidelines for Lead and Phthalates. The dimensions of this bounce house are 108 x 108 x 144 inches, which includes a bounce area and a slide, enough for 3 kids between 24 months to 8 years of age to get together and start bouncing away! This Castle Bouncer house comes with a carry bag, anchor stakes, patch kit and a blower.
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Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Moonwalk

Superstar Inflatable Moonwalk

This party bouncer usually makes it to every kid’s birthday party wish list. Here’s why: Its big jumping floor can house 5 kids of age range 36 months to 12 years at one time, and its vibrant colors with the star theme are a joy to behold. The Superstar Moonwalk is strong, durable, and easy to blow up and set up. It is just as easy to deflate, roll into a compact size and store away, and that along with its enclosing safety netting, makes it a party favorite for parents too! The dimensions of the Superstar Moonwalk Bouncer are 180 x 144 x 84 inches. Accessories include a blower, carrying case, and stakes-both for the bouncer and for the blower.
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Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bounce House

Bounceland Castle
This is an award-winning bounce house. Its features include: substantial space in dimensions of 12 ft x 9 ft x 7 ft Height, with a 77 in x 77 in bouncing area. A basketball hoop and bright colors add to the fun! As many as 3 kids can play together at one time inside this bounce house. Permitted weight limit is 250 lbs, and allowable age is 3 years and above. The Bounceland Castle is a great bet when it comes to safety. It is made of puncture proof materials with several stitches. The entrance of the bounce house is secured tight with a Velcro fastener. Additional items that are shipped with this bouncer are a strong blower, stakes, repair kit, a carry bag, a basketball hoop and instructions. Full review here: Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bounce House Review

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Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Shady
This bouncer provides considerable space to jump, bounce and slide. Dimensions of 144.00”L x 108.00”W x 72.00”H allow for a 7-foot wide play area. Additionally, an arched protective canopy provides constant shade from the sun. The mesh sides keep the children safely within the bouncing area. There are two mesh doors placed at the back of the inflatable, and two pockets to store shoes and other items. This bouncer’s one-time capacity is 3 children of ages 36 months to 8 years, all weighing under a total of 250 lbs. The Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer comes with a bunch of accessories, including a powerful blower with a one year warranty, repair kit, storage bag, stakes, and an instruction booklet.
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Blast Zone Little Bopper Inflatable Bouncer

Little Bopper Bouncer
The Blast Zone Little Bopper Inflatable bouncer is safe and fun for kids under the age of 6. It is compact and can house 2 kids, each weighing no more than 75 lbs, at one time. Its small size, with dimensions of 6′ W x6′ D x 5′ H enables you to create a bouncing wonderland for your child, both indoors and outdoors. The smaller the kids, the more worried you are for their safety. Knowing that, the Blast Zone Little Bopper bouncer comes with a safe slide height, and soft safety netting. Other safety features include a seamless floor technology, commercial PVC surface; multiple times stitched commercial assembly, and exclusive x-weave material. This bouncer takes only a couple of minutes to unroll, inflate, and set up, and is easy to deflate and put away in a size no bigger than a small sleeping bag. The inflatable comes with a Blast Zone Kit, which includes a blower, a carrying case, blower stakes, inflatable stakes, and an instructional booklet or DVD.
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Big Ol Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk

Big Ol Bouncer
If your child often has several friends over at the house, tumbling about and making a general mess of things, this is the best bounce house for you! The Big Ol Bouncer accommodates as many as 6 kids of ages 3 to 12 years, at one time. Its weight capacity is 600 lbs. A broad area of 12W x 15L x 7H provides ample space to play, exercise, and have fun! The security of the jumper within is ascertained by all-encircling safety netting. Also, strict quality and safety standards are followed in building the Big Ol Bouncer. Despite its bigger size, this bouncer gets inflated within 2 minutes. Similarly, it is easy to let its air out, roll it up, pack it in a carrying case and store it. It comes with the usual accessories, such as a blower, carrying case, instructional manual, instructional DVD, and a one year warranty! Full review here: Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer Review
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Cloud 9 Mighty Bounce House

Cloud 9 Bouncer
The Cloud 9 Mighty Bounce House will certainly add that extra fun element to your child’s birthday party! It is spacious, measuring approximately 12 feet x 9 feet x 7 feet when inflated, allowing 3 children of 3 years and above to bounce around together. Parents can watch all the bouncing and sliding frenzy via the large mesh windows positioned all around. This bouncer has been designed with features such as a side exit with a Velcro closure. Additionally, the material used is tough, fire-resistant, and puncture-proof, with durable stitching, and lab-tested to ensure safe levels of lead and phthalates. This inflatable bouncer comes with a repair kit, ground stake kit, and a blower.
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Wizard Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer

Wizard Bouncer
Do you want to give your child a magical yet fun party experience? The Wizard Bounce House is the answer! Themed around magical wizards, this bounce house is still all about bouncing and sliding. An additional feature is a basketball hoop. A total area of 9 ft L x 8 ft W x 7 ft H permits 2 children with a maximum weight of 200 lbs to play at one time. Recommended age group is 3 years and above. Set it up indoors or outdoors, as its compact size enables easy inflation, setting up, deflation, and moving it to another location. The bouncer is made of puncture proof materials. Included accessories are stakes, a carrying bag, a repair kit and an instructions booklet.
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For those looking for more bounce house ideas:

For a full list of things to look out for, read Buy a Bounce House. This list provides a comprehensive enough list of the best bounce houses to select from. Choose the best bounce house that fits your budget, is the right size, and is guaranteed to excite, engage, and entertain your child.

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