Best Cheap Trampolines

From our trampoline reviews we shortlisted the Best Cheap Trampolines. The cost of trampolines ranges very widely. But nevertheless it is definitely possible to find a trampoline at an affordable price without giving up important features such as safety and functionality. Here is our shortlist.

Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline

The Stamina Folding Trampoline is an incredible find costing not much! Many people who use this product report unanimously that it is Sturdy, great for workout, gives plenty of spring. Portable, folds into smaller components when not in use. 1 year Warranty on the frame and 90 days on the parts. This mini Trampoline combines quality and great price. The only issue is its small jumping surface and sometimes difficult to unfold.

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Stamina In Tone Oval Jogger

Stamina In Tone

The Stamina In Tone Jogger is raved about by many for special features such as the Motivational multifunctional electronic fitness monitor that tracks Jumps Per minute, Workout time, total jumps and Calories burned. Very affordable. Firmer tension that allows you to jog and bounce with control. The only issue with this trampoline is the grip which may cause some wiggling and wobbling.

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Upper Bounce 44” Mini foldable

Upper Bounce Mini Foldable

The Upper Bounce Mini Foldable trampoline is Rust resistant, Low Impact, Extra Bounce for an unbelievable price. Its high quality mat made from PP mesh material provides extra strength that guarantees it lasting many years.

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Sunny Health & Fitness 40-in. Foldable Trampoline with Bar

Sunny Health

The Sunny Trampoline is an incredible find for its price. Heavy duty steel frame that carries up to 250 pounds, Metal Springs, Foldable, 40 inch, plus Adjustable stability bar. Cons; Legs can work loose over time with use (so regularly check the screws). No Manufacturer’s information, so you can not order for replacement parts.

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Upper Bounce Rebounder Fitness Trampoline

Upper Bounce Rebounder

This Upper Bounce Trampoline is a true winner. High quality, Rust resistant and excellent for Aerobic exercise. However it does not last long but you do get more than your money’s worth.

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Merax 36″ Mini Foldable Exercise Workout Trampoline

Merax 36 inch Mini Foldable Workout Trampoline

The Merax is very portable, Springless and allows you to begin use within a minute. Great for workout and fun for kids too.
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AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline

AirZone Mini Band

The AirZone is a Simple Rugged design with proven band technology for years of safe use.

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GYMENIST Durable Trampoline


This Baby Trampoline has an easy open and close mechanism which makes it portable. Padded circle frame and a foam handle grip for added protection. Durable mat and tubular steel frame with a durable coated finish. Your Kids can use this trampoline at home,in the gym, classroom and even in the clinic.

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HLC Toys Junior Trampoline


This Baby Trampoline is price friendly and ideal for beginners. Brightly- coloured, Tear and fire resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Only downside is the weight limit of about 25 kg which means that your kid will fast outgrow it.

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Pure Fun 9001KJ Kid Jumper Trampoline

Pure Fun 9001KJ Kid's Trampoline

This Baby Trampoline is Heavy- duty yet lightweight, Compact, easy to assemble, Sturdy, no spring construction for added safety. Easy to assemble, its compact size allows it to fit anywhere. Good value for your money.

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There we have it – the 10 best cheap trampolines we have come across in our trampoline reviews. Please drop us a note if you have other cheap trampolines you would highly recommend.

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