Best Cotton Candy Maker Reviews

Nothing says ‘let’s get this party started!’ quite like a cotton candy maker. Whether you’re out at a party, or at home with the kids, there’s a cotton candy maker to suit your needs. With great styling, sleek operations and easy to clean, cotton candy has never been easier to make that it is right now.

Let’s start off with a basic overview of cotton candy and how to make sure that you’re making it right. Check it this helpful video.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at how to make your life easier with our list of the Top 10 Cotton Candy makers on the market today.

Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 RetroRed Series

PCM805 Hard

This classic cotton candy machine uses your favourite brands of hard candy, sugar-free candy or standard cotton candy sugar to spin a delcious brand of cotton candy. The cotton candy flows quickly as it heats up and it’s perfectly visible due to the translucent, plastic bowl. The unit is easy to clean as it disassembles quickly and is built to North American Electrical Standards.

Nostalgia Electrics PCM305 Vintage


Another classic product from Nostalgia Electrics which turns any candy into puffy cotton candy. This deligthful retro pink machine includes 2 reusable cones, 1 sugar scoop and 1 extractor head. The clear rim guard lets you see each batch as it’s created. It uses 450 watts of power.

Watch the Nostalgia Electrics in action right here:

Nostalgia Electrics Flufftastic with cart

Flufftastic Floss Maker

There’s nothing quite like a cotton candy machine with a cart to get the kids intrigued! With an easy to clean stainless steel kettle and brilliant efficiency that allows you to produce a cotton candy cone every 30 seconds and only two minutes to warm up. This classic from Nostalgia Electrics combines the best of vintage stylish with state-of-the-art machinery to produce tasty cotton candy.

Back to basics Candy Cotton Maker

Back to basica

This cotton candy maker comes with 6 disposable cones and a measuring scoop and because it’s smaller than most other machines, it takes up less counter space. You can make individual serving size cones in minutes using the colored sugars or using the finely crushed candy.

Waring Pro CC150 Cotton Candy Maker

Waring Pro CC150

This stylish retro maker comes fitted with 2 reuseable BPA-free cones, as well as 6 paper cones and a storage area. The stainless steel hub is easy to clean and all materials that come into contact with the machines are BPA-free. The halogen heater system guarantees quick results.

Great Northern Flufftastic Floss Maker


This stylish designed cotton candy maker is guaranteed to get you customers and it knows how to deliver, working continually to produce one cotton candy cone every 30 seconds. It only takes two minutes for the motor to warm up and be ready to start working, plus it’s designed so you can add sugar in one long continous loop without any spillage.

Electric Commercial VIVO

Electric Commerical VIVO

Another solid cotton candy workhorse – it turns the finest hard candy into cotton candy with no problem using a 20” stainless steel bowl with a sugar scoop included. It produces up to 2 – 3 servings per minute using 1030W of power. The unit disassembles for easy cleaning.

Bella 13572

Bella 13572

A dynamic red and white design give it a cheery feeling while it produces delicious cotton candy. It’s quick and easy to use in the home and it comes apart easily for cleaning. Includes a dishwasher safe bowl and selling for a jaw-dropping price.

Amerihome CCMAKER


No more having to go out to find the finest cotton candy, you can spin it at home with the Amerihome CCMAKER. It’s so easy to use, all you need to do is add the hard candy and sugar and you’re off. Safe for children with the suction cup feet keeping it firmly attached to the table. Great for kids to use during summer breaks and for a great price which makes it a super bargain.

Cuisinairre Tabletop

Nostalgia Electrics

Another super hard-working cotton candy maker for customers who are looking to produce quality cotton candy. The unit includes a free stainless steel sugar scoop and an extra drive belt for the hardworking machine. Front mounted volt gauge, fuse, heat and power switches for easy access and visibility and once it’s warmed up, it only requires 950 watts for continuous operation. Many customers report paying back the initial investment in the first day of candy making!

So there you have it. That’s our look at the Top 10 Cotton Candy makers on the market today.
There’s a style and a size and a look for you, whether you’re just producing cotton candy at home for the kids, or you’re catering birthday parties or the local cookout. Cotton Candy never goes out of style.

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