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Cub Cadet is well known American company that produces a variety of outdoor power equipment and services and it stands for one of the best brands on the market today. Their model Cub Cadet 945 SWE is the best based on our Cub Cadet snow blower review, so you will love it too.

2X 945 SWE Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

2X 945 SWE Two
This model is actually one of the biggest snow blower on the market today. If you look closely, you can see the difference with other models like Troy-Built and Crafstman 45, but at first look they all look the same. Subtle difference makes this model better than others. It has serviceable grease bearings, reinforced side panels and it can be serviced at the local Cub Cadet dealer. But, unlike other models, this model is designed for rural lifestyle and it can be uses, not only for cleaning driveways, but you can also use it in areas where you can’t reach farm tractor loader, so you can handle heavy and wet snow, and also piles of snow left by loader around your household.

Keep in mind that this blower is really big in size, so it is not recommended for small households. It works busy for large flat areas, like parking lots or even in school sidewalks. And keep in mind that this model can’t clear steep incline and if your sidewalk is less than 45 inches wide. It does have smaller weight of 400 lbs and dual wheels, but you will have problems with steep driveways and small sidewalks.


As for the size of driveways goes, you can clean everything from small to extra large driveways. You can use it on driveways, parking lots or even sidewalk complex, because you won’t find larger snow thrower on the market. It will handle all types of snow, since it has very big capacity.

As for the cleaning surface goes, it can clean paved, gravel, patio, deck, turf and almost all surfaces you can find. It has rust resistant, reversible skid shoes. Since these shoes are one of the toughest in the industry, so they won’t leave rust or scratch your patio, or driveways. But if you, in some impossible way, manage to wear the out, keep in mind that they are reversible, so you will have double life on them.

Snow clearing is really a delight with this model, because it can intake 22 inch high and power through most drifts. You can even upgrade it with optional drift cutters, but even without it, this blower will handle 20 inch of snow without trouble.

Perfect surface for this model is paved and gravel surface and it can take even wet and heavy snowfall. Cub Cader has really large tires, bigger than most of other snow throwers, so you can use it to clean a spot off for your dogs or a pathway to a horse barn. There are six forward and two reverse speeds. You will know with what speed you want to go and the snow blower will follow.

Only thing you may not like is that this snow blower is very big and little bit heavy. If you have steps in your backyard, you will not be able to use it, but that are only negative sides.

This Cub Cadet is very highly rated, but in some other reviews people were complaining about traction issues. And if you need to clear sidewalks, or even huge flat residential areas, then this is really a model for you. You will use it for many years, and since its cylinder engine is only 3 years old it has one of the best service records on the market, and reinforced side panels are much stronger than many other brands.

This model is the best, simply because it has power steering, remote chute, electric start, and very large engine. Also, it uses a strong Cu Cadet motor that has plenty of power, even though is it 45 inch in size. Motor of this snow cleaning monster is one of the most dependable on the market, and because it contains 16 in impeller and discharge cute, you can expect not to clog when blowing heavy and wet snow.

The price of this unit is a bit high, but since it has great features and excellent features, so in the end it is reasonable. And as for the satisfaction of customers goes, they are more than satisfied, since this model doesn’t have any bigger mechanical issues.

Using of Cub Cadet Snow blower is very easy, because this model is actually one easiest to use. It has power steering and remote chute, and it doesn’t matter how tall or big you are, you will always be able to operate with this snow blower. And since it doesn’t clog, you won’t have problems with pulling out the snow out of it.

Ideal snowfall range is 16 inches, and ideal surface is smooth or gravel. It has cool blue, no rust, non-marking, reversible skid shoes that will glide along surface for better usage. Hated grips will keep you warm and in dash headlight will allow you to clean your household whenever you want, day or night. It can throw snow up to 45 feet, and it uses 5-Watt-30 engine oil for easy start even if the temperature is below zero.

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Keep it safe when using your snow blower
If you are in the search for a good snow blower that will make your household clean and if you don’t have steps or small backyard, then you should buy this blower. In all 10 best cub cadet snow blower reviews this got the highest grades, so you will love it too.

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