10 Best Indoor Trampolines

We identified for you the 10 Best Indoor Trampolines from our indoor trampoline reviews. Because buying an indoor trampoline can be tricky, we carefully identified the best trampolines meeting criteria including storage, portability, affordability, safety and durability and noise (you do not want to cause disturbance for your neighbors when you are jumping – especially for neighbors living beneath your apartment).

Most of the Best Indoor Trampolines are the mini ones for younger kids and the ones for workout which is great for convenience.So this review combines both Adults and Kids Best Indoor Trampolines that will give you great value for your money.

Maximus Pro Rebounder

Maximus Pro Rebounder

Our #1 Choice is a product in a league of its own. Many People have used this product including thousands of gyms and clinics. Stable and very solid frame, good for big people. Legs fold for storage. Advanced large springs system gives very low impact bounce.

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JumpSport The Fitness Trampoline Model 220 Non-Folding 40-Inch Trampoline

JumpSport model 220

This is great for workout. This model comes with a 39” frame, skirted mat, arched legs that give it stability and sturdiness. Elastic cords that gives soft bounce and rated 1 million cycles. Almost completely silent during bounce (great if you have neighbors living beneath your apartment).

Cons: Not easy to transport (Non-Folding).

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Sunny Health & Fitness 40-Inch Foldable Trampoline with Bar

Sunny Health

This trampoline is an incredible find for its price. Heavy duty steel frame that carries up to 250 pounds, Metal Springs,Foldable and easy to store anywhere, 40 inch, plus Adjustable stability bar.

Cons: Legs can work loose over time with use (so check the screws regularly). No Manufacturer’s information, so you can not order for replacement parts

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Upper Bounce 44” Mini foldable

Upper Bounce Mini Foldable

This foldable trampoline is Rust resistant, Low Impact, Extra Bounce for an unbelievable price. Its high quality mat made from PP mesh material provides extra strength that guarantees it lasting many years. Ease of storage will have you storing this behind chairs, beds etc.

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Pure Fun 9002MT 38-inch Mini Trampoline

Pure fun 9002MT

This stands out with its PRICE! You get more for less at the cost. Great for cardio workout, easy on joints, ideal for use in home gym, office and living room.Galvanized steel frame holds up to 250 pounds of weight.

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Stamina 36’ Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline

The Stamina trampoline has unique design that makes it portable and easily managed. The Price is very, very affordable. Affordability and foldability has many customers raving about this product. However, it has very limited warranty.

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Little Tikes 36” Toddler Trampoline

Little Tikes 7' Trampoline

This toddler trampoline is very cute to look at and it’s for kids. Sturdy, portable, large jumping surface and a nice wide handle for stability. The bouncing surface is made with a unique webbing material rather than springs or bungee, which is safer and durable.
Relatively low weight limit and Parents report that the foam on the handles tears easily. Can only be used indoor.

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Galt Folding Trampoline

Galt Folding

This trampoline is designed for durability,safety and good looks. Foldable for easy storage. Rigid jumping surface so kids can’t jump too high.Padded cover around the mat cushions the frame for extra safety. Parents report that it is very easy to assemble. Big Plus here is that the company is readily responsive when something happens.

Low weight limit about 70 pounds and parents report that the rear legs tend to lift during hard jumping. To take care of this, some parents have resorted to holding it down with a weight.

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The Original Toy Company Fold & Go

The original

This indoor trampoline is totally unique, compact, durable and quick to assemble (5 Minutes from Box to Bounce). Weight rate up to 150 pounds, excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. Extra safe and great for Special Needs Kids. Parents report that the foam on the handle tears easily especially if your toddler likes to bite.

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Bazoongi 48” Trampoline Bouncer

Bazoongi purple

This indoor trampoline is for Kids and designed for safety and fun. Comes in beautiful colors of blue, camouflage pink, green,and more. High weight limit ( about 100 pounds). Rust resistant frame, Oversized frame pad for the safety of little feet. Parent’s most liked feature is its sturdiness which makes it last and does not allow kids to bounce too high.
Most Parents only concern is the fact that the back of the trampoline can lift off the floor during jumps once your child’s weight reaches about 40-50 pound.

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Whether you are buying an indoor trampoline for yourself or for your kids, this compilation of ‘The Best Indoor Trampolines’ should help you make the right choice among the many in the market. Remember that some Trampolines are classified as suitable for both indoor and outdoor use but most often are too bulky for indoors.

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