Best O’Brien Tube Reviews

O’Brien is a brand that is well known for the good quality tow tubes it offers to its customers, who always give positive feedback and keep coming for more products. However, they do offer a whole bunch of different tow tubes, with all kinds of specifics, so to help you figure out which one is the one you and your family are going to get the most fun out of, we made this list of the best O’Brien tubes in the market.

O’Brien Screamer Towable Tube

O'Brien Screamer Towable Tube

This O’Brien Tube is one of the recent models that have been released. It is definitely for the thrill seeker of the family. It has enough space for one rider to hop on and hold on tight to see how much of the tossing and turning he can handle, as the O’Brien Tube glides and bounces and flies on top of the water. It is made with a 26 Gauge PVC material that is tough enough to handle all these daring stunts all summer long. It comes with 4 handles that all have knuckle guards to protect your hands and offer a safe grip, and it comes with a special padding that absorbs the impact when you ride on it, so it goes easy on your body as well. It’s quite simple when it comes to set up, it inflates and deflates quickly and to connect it to your boat is a real no-brainer. You can depend on this tube to last you a long time. It may be too small for a grown adult, and too difficult to ride to its maximum potential for a small child, so preferably have it used by teenagers who want to test their strength, have a thrill and show off their abilities.

O’Brien Super Screamer Tow Tube

O'Brien Super Screamer Tow Tube

This O’Brien Tube is one of the bestselling tubes they have. It has reliable quality as all the other O’Brien Tubes, because it is tested over and over again before finally releasing it into the market. It is built with a 26 gauge PVC fully covered with nylon. It is best fit for adults or teenagers, as it is quite a challenge to take on, and the proportions of the handles and the weight required to keep you from flying off is that of a large child. It is good price for value, just keep in mind this is a big kid’s toy and little children will probably be scared or too small to ride upon it.

O’Brien Ultra Screamer Towable Tube

O'Brien Ultra Screamer Towable Tube

As opposing to other O’Brien Tubes, the ultra-screamer O’Brien Tube offers even more room, for more people, so triple the fun! It holds perfectly and comfortably up to three people that can go for a thrilling ride together as this O’Brien Tube tosses and flies atop the water surface just as powerful and sleek as any other single person O’Brien Tube. It features EVA knuckle guards so that you can get the tightest grip without hurting your skin, and it is made with a 28 gauge PVC that is bound to make this O’Brien Tube durable so it can endure a good use all summer long. Plus, it is filled with EVA padding to ensure you have a comfortable ride, as thrilling as it may, and to absorb the toughest impacts you could go through. Just as the other O’Brien Tubes, this one is pretty simple to connect and it deflates and inflates as quickly as you can ride on it. This tube is suitable for adults, teenagers and kids alike, it will provide stability throughout the ride so you just have to hold on tight and lighter people won’t fly right off. It is so stable that whipping people off can be a challenge, because you will have to be going at a pretty high speed to achieve this. Of course, this all depends on your intentions when using it, because it suits well to whoever is looking for a thrill and a challenging ride, but it also suits well for family trips who just want a fast paced stroll along the surface of the water, gently gliding as it speeds and turns.

O’Brien Duo Screamer Towable Tube

O'Brien Duo Screamer Towable Tube

This O’Brien Duo Screamer Towable Tube is bound to give you and a friend loads of fun in the sun and on the water. It is pretty spacious and roomy, and two full grown adults can fit perfectly in it. It is also very stable so it can be used by two children, or a child accompanied by a parent. Children as young as 3 years old have been seen enjoying this O’Brien Tube, so if your kid is a little dare devil he will love this O’Brien Tube . It is made with the best, toughest materials, fully covered with nylon. This O’Brien Tube features four handles with EVA knuckle guards to offer the tightest but also the most comfortable grip for you to hang on tight when you’re gliding and turning with a friend along the water. It also features a small tail loop that comes in handy when you’re in the water and you want to jump back on. It doesn’t come with a kwik connect, however, and this you must buy separately, but it is definitely worth it. Rips in the fabric are the most common complains although very few of them have been reported, but This O’Brien Tube also comes with a special one year warranty that is known to respond very quickly and most customers are pleased with this service.

In conclusion, you have to know what you want to use your best O’Brien Tube for, and with whom. If you’re more of a daredevil and you ride solo to put your strength and endurance to the limit, you might want to go with the O’Brien Screamer Towable Tube and not let others get in your way. In the contrary, if you’re more of a family centered person and want to have some fun this summer with the whole family unit, small kids included, you’ll be sure to get the most out of the stable and reliable O’Brien Ultra Screamer Towable Tube from our O’Brien tube reviews.

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