10 Best Outcast Inflatable Boat Reviews

When it comes to purchasing the best Outcast inflatable boats, you need to consider several factors based on our Outcast inflatable boat reviews. Aside from your budget, it is necessary to do some research on the best models and your needs. It is also more convenient when you know what other people have to say about the product. Online forums and product review sites are definitely helpful when it comes to making decisions on the best products to buy. You can also ask from your friends who know much about Outcast inflatable boats to get a more personal opinion.

In order to narrow down your choices on the best Outcast inflatable boats to buy, here are their top ten best-selling boats that you can easily avail now. These products are all of the highest quality especially, when it comes to materials used, design and craftsmanship.

Fish Cat 4 Deluxe – LCS Float Tube

Fish Cat 4 Deluxe

This model is considered as one of the best Outcast inflatable boats because of its comfort, durability and efficiency. When it comes to float tube, a lot of people regard comfort as a priority and this model surely addresses this concern perfectly. Its inflatable seat has a comfortable seatback that can help get you through longer fishing adventure without having to suffer body pains. It is also designed with two large cargo pockets that can hold all your necessary equipment and important things.

Outcast Super Cat LCS Olive/Tan

Outcast Super Fat Cat

The inflatable seat with backrest allows you to have comfortable time while fishing. This compact inflatable boat from Outcast has an adjustable height stripping apron for convenience. It is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and stability. This is the ideal inflatable boat for fishing in lakes or ponds.

New Outcast Stealth Frameless Pro Watercraft

New Outcast Stealth Frameless Pro Watercraft

This particular inflatable boat was once chosen as the Best Personal Watercraft and Fly Fusion Magazine’s Editor’s Choice. Many recommended this inflatable boat as the perfect choice for anglers who opt to have a lightweight, compact and durable craft. In order to ensure long-lasting use, this boat is made with urethane bladders, whitewater quality valves and PVC shell. It is designed with adjustable seat, foot rest, cargo space and an Integrated Gear System for all your fishing equipment.

Fish Cat Scout – Frameless Fishing Boat

Fish Cat Scout Frameless Fishing Boat

This is another great Outcast inflatable boat that you can use for your fishing adventure. This is one tough, compact and ultra-portable fishing craft that is will easily accommodate all your needs. For a long-lasting use, this inflatable boat is made of strong PVC outer shell and vinyl bladders.

Outcast OSG Commander Raft

Outcast OSG Commander Raft

In spite of its high price tag, many are still choosing this craft because of its amazing design and excellent features. Its one-of-a-kind design is combination of a rowboat and a kayak which provides you with easy navigation and positioning. This craft allows you to stand up in or fish out of without the hassle of getting in and off the boat. It even has spacious storage to keep all your equipment and gears.

Fish Cat 9-IR Pontoon

Fish Cat 9IR Pontoon

This is another great model of inflatable boat from Outcast. This is one of the favorites among anglers because of its flexibility and performance. This pontoon is longer than any other pontoons and they are a far better choice than the short ones. This Fish Car 9-IR pontoon is more spacious and accommodates more gear but is still compact and portable. Its vinyl seam construction provides durability.

Outcast Pac 1400 Pontoon Boat

Outcast Pac 1400 Pontoon Boat

This pontoon boat accommodates three anglers and has still enough space for oars, your equipment and gears even for longer trips. This is constructed with steel frame, 1670 Denier PVC with welded seams and Urethane AireCell material with Leafield valves. Along with its platform and standing decks, this pontoon boat also has two seats with backrest, two brass oarlocks, repair kit, blades and hardware packet. This is even considered not just the best Outcast inflatable boat but also as the most stable and versatile fishing platform.

Outcast Prowler Float Tube

Outcast Prowler Float Tube

This is one of the most comfortable and biggest inflatable boats from Outcast. Its design features include an inflatable seat, hydration bladder and adjustable-height stripping apron. Its 54-ounce hydration bladder ensures that you stay refresh all the time and its stripping apron allows you to customize your preferred fit. Its 600 Denier PVC pontoon makes it durable and long-lasting. It sits high on the water so mobility fish spotting and casting are easier to do. It even provides enough space for heel kicking for less exhaustion during fishing.

Outcast Super Fat Cat

Outcast Super Cat LCS

This is the ideal inflatable boat for anyone who loves fishing but wants to have a warm and dry fishing experience. Outcast Super Fat Cat has a higher seat that provides better casting, mobility and fish-spotting. Its urethane bladder is durable and its PVC/pack-cloth shell provides excellent resistance against tearing and damage caused by the sun or water. Its design features include storage system, two beverage holders and D-ring attachments.

Outcast Fish Cat Streamer XL-IR

Outcast Fish Cat Streamer XL IR

This is another Outcast inflatable boat that is highly recommended by many anglers. This is the perfect pontoon vessel for lakes, ponds or rivers. It is designed in such a way to improve mobility and responsiveness to the water’s flow even, with fins and oars. This is one of the top choices because of its compact and portable design that make it easier for users to transport and use. Its six-foot aluminum breakdown oars, mesh cargo deck and adjustable foot bars are just some of the design features of this vessel.

These are the ten best Outcast inflatable boats available in the market today. All of these models come in varying prices and designs but they are all of high-quality vessels and perform excellently.

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