Best Propane Pool Heater

Propane pool heaters can heat up a pool in minutes. Rather than waiting days for a solar-powered pool heater, you can be swimming and playing in the water by the time you finish reading this article. With our top pick Zodiac Jandy LXi you’ll be swimming in just a few minutes! Here’s a list of the 10 Best Propane Pool Heaters so you will never have to swim in a cold pool again.

How Propane Pool Heaters Function

The heater connects to the pool’s main water system and pumps the pools water through heated tubes. As propane gas heats the tubes, the tubes will heat the water and pump the warm water back in to the pool. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, propane pool heaters are great ways to quickly heat up a pool and maintain that temperature in any climate.

How to be Energy Efficient with a Gas Powered Pool Heater

According to the RSPEC (Reduce Swimming Pool Energy Costs), a gas powered pool heater can use up a lot of energy but by minimizing heat loss and finding the right size heater for each pool, a significant amount of energy can be saved. Heating a pool takes a lot of energy because the pool easily loses heat due to evaporation. Investing in a pool cover can help decrease the amount of heat loss as a result of evaporation.

Based on a recent study, the government of Michigan found that many gas powered pool heaters are 89-95% energy efficient. This high percentage means that almost 100% of the fuel put in to the heater is being used towards heating the pool.
For more information on energy efficiency

Learn How to Set Up a Propane Pool Heater:

Top Pick: Zodiac Jandy LXi

Zodiac Jandy LXi

The Zodiac Jandy LXi is a propane gas pool and spa heater made with polymer and cupro-nickel tubes. The system has a 400,000 BTU and comes with a digital remote control. The remote control is connected to the heater via Aqualink and comes with a digital panel with quick automation settings. These unique features won this heater the nomination of top pick on our list 10 best propane heater list. The unit has a built-in fan that maintains low nitrogen oxide combustion. This heater also has a control panel with built-in pool to spa automation. The unit is made with a cupro-nickel heat exchanger with a built-in fan to prevent combustion and increase heat proficiency. This new and improved system in our top pick also has innovative technology that prevents freezing to help maintain the perfect pool temperature. Powered by propane, this pool heater has an electronic spark ignition system that heats a pool in minutes.

The key pros of our top pick are: low operating cost, user-friendly remote and high efficiency. This unit has a built-in C-Fin heat exchanger that will heat up a pool in minutes without wasting any energy. The remote control is easy to use with built-in pool to spa automation and a simple menu for customizing the pool temperature.

Step-up Pick: Pentair 460737

Pentair 460737

The Pentair 460737 is an eco-friendly propane gas heater with 400,000 BTU, which makes it our step-up pick. This environmentally friendly unit is included in our 10 best propane heaters because it heats up pool in minutes and has low nitrogen oxide emissions. The system is 36″x 30″ X 25″, weighs 128 pounds, and has a manual shut off option.
The key pros of the Pentair 460737 propane gas heater are: durable design and energy efficiency. This step pick is built with rustproof material that will stay looking-like-new even after years of usage. The energy efficient design allows the unit to heat pools quickly with its 400,000 BTU.

Budget Pick: Pentair 460733

Pentair 460733

The Pentair 460733 is an affordable propane gas heater known for its eco-friendly technology. This budget pick has a 250,000 BTU and weighs 120 pounds. This system surpasses energy standards with its low nitrogen oxide emission and high-energy efficiency. The Pentair 460733 also has a safe manual shut-off option.
The key pros of the Pentair 460733 include: quick start up time and durable design. Within minutes, this budget pick will heat up a pool to the perfect swimming temperature. The Pentair 460733 is made to last with a rustproof surface.

The Contenders: Raypak Digital Electronic Ignition

Raypak digital electronic ignition

The Raypak Digital Electronic Ignition is a 249-pound propane pool heater with a 406,000 BTU. The system comes with a built-in thermostat and copper tube heat exchangers made with rustproof exterior and interior parts and polymer heads. To maximize efficiency, this pool heater system comes equipped with a stainless steel tub, a 2″ CPVC water connector, a burner tray, and a fire tile. For extra durability the unit is covered in PolyTuf powder, which prevents rust and has polymer headers with copper heated tubes.
The key pros of the Raypak Digital Electronic Ignition are sourced from its unique, no-external-power required design. The design also comes with its unique cabinet style design, which allows for easy usage and durability. Rather than generating a current from electric sources, this heater creates its own power current. The copper tubing also maximizes heat efficiency. This unique technology earned the Raypak Digital Electronic Ignition a spot on our top 10 best propane heaters.

Raypak Digital Pool Heater

Raypak digital electronic ignition

The Raypak Digital Pool Heater is a 49-pound propane pool heater that works on pools built in to the ground or built above the ground. It has a durable polymer head with a copper heat exchanger that puts out a 156,000 BTU. The spark ignition system has a ½ inch NPT gas connection located about 4 inches above the ground. The Raypak Digital Pool Heater is compatible with many pools because of an efficient by-pass valve that functions with a variety of pump sizes and flow rates.
The key pros of the Raypak Digital Heater include: simple installation, digital remote, and digital thermostat. The system is easy to install on to pools in the ground or above the ground. Plus, the digital remote has a self-diagnostic feature for quick fixes and maintenance. To make sure the pool is the perfect temperature, the system comes with a digital thermostat.

Raypak 266K

Raypak 266k

The Raypak 266k is a propane heater with an electronic ignition. The system is equipped with a stainless steel sheet, two-inch CPVC connectors, a burner tray, a fire tile, and copper finned tubes for maximum heat and durability. The heater is made with polymer heads and rust resistant internal parts. The Raypak 266k can put out 266,000 BTU.
The key pro of the Raypak 266k is its built-in digital system. This system maximizes heat efficiency and maintains the perfect pool temperature with an electric spark ignition. The digital system also detects and finds solutions to any problems with the unit, so the system will always run effectively and efficiently.

Zodiac Legacy

Zodiac legacy

The Zodiac Legacy has a 399,000 BTU. Powered by propane gas, this polymer head heater comes with a digital remote and Aqualink self-diagnostic software. For easy assembly, the Zodiac Legacy comes with 2 CPVC universal connectors (size: 2.5 inch).
The key pros of the Zodiac Legacy include: the digital remote and energy efficiency. The digital remote controls the temperature and the settings for the pool heater. The Zodiac Legacy is energy efficient because the electric spark ignition effectively heats the copper lined tubes. As the water runs through, the water is quickly heated and transferred back in to the pool.

To quickly heat your pool, look no further. The 10 Best Propane Pool Heaters will heat your pool in minutes, so you won’t have to wait.

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