10 Best Swimming Pool Heaters

There are many different types of swimming pool heaters such as gas heaters and heat pumps to electric resistance heaters, solar heaters, many others. If you are looking for one and can’t decide which one to buy, here is a list of 10 best swimming pool heaters that may be helpful in your decision.

Jandy LXi 400,000 BTU Propane Swimming Pool and Spa Heater – LXI400PN

Jandy LXi 400,000 BTU

This model is one of the best pool heaters on the market. It has the most advanced and modern features, such as superior hydraulic design, the lightest and strongest composite material construction and technologically innovative control system. It also has a corrosion resistant cupro-nickel heat exchanger. This will handle higher flow rates, and withstand pH swings. Its rich control panel makes it one of the easiest heaters to operate. One of the best and most important things related to this model is a high speed of heating. LXI400PN performs great in windy conditions and its durable construction brings no worries to a customer. You can be certainly sure that it is worth every dollar.

Pentair 460737 MasterTemp High Performance Eco-Friendly Pool Heater, Propane Gas, 400,000 BTU

Pentair 460737
This model heats up very fast, so you don’t have to wait long. Pentair 460737 is best in class energy efficiency. Its rotating digital display makes your handling very easy. If you are looking for a solid pool heater, this may be a model for you. The customers are extremely satisfied with it.

Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm Pool And Spa Heater, Natural Gas, 400,000 BTU

Sta-Rite SR400NA
This model is very easy to operate. Don’t let that small package and lightweight scare you. It has an impressive heater, and works much better than most of the traditional pool heaters. This model has low price, and it is environmentally friendly, so you should keep that in mind. In generally the customers are satisfied with it. Some of the complaints are about the noise that it makes, and packaging, so keep that in mind.

Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Low Nox 400,000-BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater

Hayward H400FDN
Hayward H400FDN has a great energy – saving hydraulic performance. That makes it capable of heating a 800 gallon pool in less than an hour. Also, it keeps it warm very long, so you will be able to enjoy an extended swimming season. LED control panel and display are easy to manage, and you will have no troubles installing. The customers make complains about noise that can be irritating. You should pay attention because this model is not waterproof, unlike some more expensive models.

Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP-H Digital Control 250K BTU Propane Gas High Altitude Polymer Header Heater

Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP-H
The best thing about this model is its price. It costs less than other quality pool heaters. But, the thing is that this one is not worse than the expensive ones. It has a user-friendly and technologically advanced pool heater. It’s easy to heat up to 20.000 gallons. Also, everyone can manage it, because it is so easy to. Its Utilitarian exterior design can be a problem for a customer. Like the many of others, it’s not weatherproof. On the 10 best pool swimming pool heaters list, this model is highly esteemed because of his price and quality.

Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium Pool Heater

Hayward HP50TA
Hayward HP50TA is a lightweight model. It is so easy to install, and its compact shape can attract customers. This one is capable of warming a 14,000-gallon for a short time. Like the others, it is easy to manage and install. Also, it has a corrosion resistant design and titanium heat exchanger. The best thing about this model is his quietness. So you should think about that. The size and the output can be a problem.

Hayward H150FDP Universal H-Series Low Nox 150,000-BTU Propane Pool Heater

Hayward H150FDP
This one is the best selling poll heater on Amazon. That is definitely something you should keep in mind. It comes with the two-year warranty. It’s easy to install and the customers declared this model as one of the most popular heaters being made today. It has superior hydraulic performances, and energy efficient. Unlike other pool heaters Hayward H150FDP has Ability to perform in the windiest of conditions. This one may be the best one to buy.

Hayward H100ID1 Induced Draft 100,000-BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater

Hayward H100ID1
Hayward H100ID1 can heat up a 450 square foot pool to 85 degrees in just a few hours. It has Induced draft technology. That makes this model one of the most popular at the market. The customers are highly satisfied with it. Yet, it has some disadvantages such as a limit in its abilities and no LED control panel.

Hayward CSPAXI11 11-Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater

Hayward CSPAXI11 11

This model may be a smaller one, but it can definitely provide you energy like the pools twice its size. The price is something that should attract you. Hayward CSPAXI11 should be enough for heating spas and smaller ground pools all year long. Also, it is very easy to install. If you have a spa or small above ground pool, this one is the perfect thing for you, but that is it. If you are looking for something else, better skip this one.

Eco Saver 20-Foot Solar Heating Panel System

Eco Saver 20
This model is perfect for people who care about the environment. Eco Saver 20-Foot Solar Heating Panel System can keep your pool warm all season long without any electrics. This is very important because you can save your money, but still enjoy.

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Finding good swimming pool heater can be very tough, especially if you don’t know anything about it. This 10 best swimming pool heaters list is here to help you find your perfect match in a swimming pool heaters world.

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