10 Best Trampolines For 2016

We shortlist the best trampolines 2016 from our extensive trampoline reviews, based on durability, function, cost, price, customer feedback, safety, and more. Use this list to find the most suitable trampoline for you and your family.

By Size

Here are the best trampolines by size:

Skywalker 15’ Round Trampoline and Enclosure

Skywalker Trampoline 15- feet Round
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The Skywalker Trampolines are designed for durability and great function, great value for your money. This Best Trampoline is sturdy (many years of jumping and bouncing), UV-protected, superior quality and technology. This trampoline is particularly popular with both Parents and Kids. Round trampolines have the advantage of being the safest, as it naturally limits the landing area to the center of the trampoline. Skywalker is one of the most trusted trampoline brands, so you are in good hands.

Superdome Trampoline and Bouncer

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#2 on the list of the Best Trampolines, this trampoline is the only trampoline-air bouncer combo in the market. Double the bounce, double the fun. It is also durable and safe. The double-level frame made with high quality rust resistant galvanized steel gives it stability and strength to allow for the safety of bouncing kids.This Trampoline combines the fun jumping of a traditional trampoline with the bounce of a cushioned air bouncer. More fun and more exercise for kids, who simply love it! This is a great product that comes with an electrical air blower.

Skywalker 12’ Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring pad

skywalker with Spring pad
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#3 on our list, this trampoline is designed for fun and extra safety. The arched enclosure frame suspends the enclosure netting away from the frame and is padded with soft foam for added protection. All materials are made with quality UV resistant materials for added durability.

JumpSport 14’ PowerBounce Trampoline

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This is a State-of-the-art technology with improvement in shock absorption and performance. Heavy duty frame, Triple stage- Dual spring. Tough coat finish and a 10-Year Frame Warranty. The first and only single-bed trampoline that can be tuned for different age, weight, and skill levels. Most parents are concerned is that it does not come with an Enclosure but one can be bought and easily attached.

Alley Oop 14’ Double Bounce Power Bounce

AlleyOop Power Bounce
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This trampoline is engineered for utmost safety with its exclusive patented Triple-fail-Safe Enclosure System. Heavy duty frame, Larger surface area for bouncing and an Exclusive Lifetime Warranty has most customers rating this trampoline very highly. It gives comfort, height and high bounce performance.

Pure Fun 9002MT 38-inch Mini Trampoline

Pure fun 9002MT
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This is one of the least expensive trampolines. Great for cardio workout, easy on joints, ideal for use in home gym, office and living room. Galvanized steel frame holds up to 250 pounds of weight.

Stamina 36’ Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline
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This trampoline is uniquely designed, making it portable and easily managed. Affordability and foldability has many customers raving about this product. However, it has limited warranty.

Ultega Trampoline Jumper with Safety Net

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The Ultega trampoline is a high quality and durable trampoline ideal for both children and adults. It is the latest and safest trampoline amongst mid-end trampolines.

AirZone 55’ Trampoline and Enclosure

AirZone Trampoline
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This trampoline has an enclosure with zip openings and comes with soft bungee cords for safe bouncing. Made of steel, this patented design is very popular amongst kids, and will make a great birthday present.

ExacMe 15′ Ft 6W Legs Trampoline

exacme 15 trampoline
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Our #10 choice for The Best Trampolines For 2016 is a heavy duty, Rust Resistant, Sturdy, with a weight limit of 375 pounds. This is a little pricey but lasts many years.

Trampoline Buying Guide – 14 FAQS

Trampoline Buying Guide – 15 Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of kids out there that dream of having their own trampoline on which they can bounce, however purchasing one for your kids is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of things to keep an eye out for.

1. What size should the trampoline be?

This is a bit of a tricky one to answer because there are a lot of things that we look at when talking about the size of a trampoline.
Ideally, the height of the trampoline should be at least 4 feet off the ground. This will significantly diminish the risk of touching the ground while bouncing on the trampoline.
The size of the frame should be proportionate to the bounce area, however the frame itself needs to be strong, thick and secured.
The bounce area can be as large as you or your kids want it to be, and trampolines tend to come in all shapes and sizes.

2. Are there other things that I should purchase along with my trampoline?

Ideally no.
The standard trampoline should come with all the necessary things and extras, such as a cover, a safety net or safety fence, springs (if it is a spring trampoline), padding and protective covers.

3. Which one is better? Spring or spring-less?

Definitely spring.
Spring-less trampolines are a relatively new inventions, however they are relatively weaker when it comes to the power of the bounce in comparison with the spring trampolines.

4. How big should the springs be?

This is actually one of the major criteria used to judge a trampoline.
The springs should be at least 6 inches long.
The longer the springs, the more power behind every bounce, and with more powerful bounces, there is more pressure applied to the frame.
A trampoline with smaller springs (usually 4 inches), has a weak frame which is unable to cope with the proper bounce power that the trampoline needs.
This video can provide you with more in-depth information on this topic:

5. How can we guarantee that the trampoline will be safe?

The only way to guarantee that the trampoline will be safe is to properly install all the safety features that come with the trampoline itself, such as the net, the padding and the covers.

6. Can the trampoline’s power be adjusted?

In certain cases, yes.
There are trampolines that allow their power to be adjusted, and they actually provide the special tool needed in order to do so as well, however they are often very big and very expensive.

7. Are trampolines able to brave the elements or do we have to pack them in for the winter?

It depends where you live.
Trampolines come with a large selection of protective elements and covers in order to brave the elements, however these too have their limits.
If winter is usually very brutal in your area, with temperatures that drop to incredible values and constant high winds, then it might be a better idea to pack it in for the winter.
Otherwise you should be ok.

8. How many legs should a trampoline have?

This is actually a very pertinent question because the legs have to take on all the weight and all the pressure behind every bounce, so it is imperative that the forces are spread properly along the frame ad legs.
That being said, it depends on the size and shape of the trampoline.
Square trampolines can have 4 or 6 legs, however circular trampolines can have anywhere between 3 and 8 legs.
The bigger the trampoline, the more legs it should have.

9. What materials should the different sections of the trampoline be made out of?

First off, the bounce area, the big black area in the middle of the frame that you bounce off of should be made out of very tough material; usually nylon thread interweaved multiple times.
Other hard fabrics and materials will do, however if it feels thin or low quality, steer clear.
The protective covers should be made out of either nylon or PVC textures. There are some low quality trampolines out there that have these elements covered with low quality tarp. Again, steer clear if that is the case.

10. Where should we buy trampolines from?

This one depends on the area ad country that you hail from.
As a rule of thumb, always buy trampolines from specialized dealers. Another rule of thumb dictates that you should never buy a trampoline from huge convenience stores, malls, hypermarkets, etc.
Stick with the specialized dealers.

11. What are the most important details that we should look for when buying a trampoline?

First and foremost, check the frame. If the frame feels sturdy and solid then it’s a go.
Second, check the springs, they should be 6 inches long, very strong, and should have the heads curved inwards like a hook.
Lastly, check the surfaces and the protective covers. The material should be of high quality, and with no signs of damage or wear and tear.
Here is some more information on the matter: Types of trampolines

12. What are the advantages of a trampoline?

Builds core strength
Helps develop great balance skills
Great cardiovascular exercise
Helps kids learn acrobatic tricks safely

13. When is it too early to buy a trampoline?

It is not recommended that you buy a trampoline for small kids.
Ideally, your kid should be around the age of 14 if you want to buy him or her a trampoline.
Another thing to consider is the physical condition of your kids. If they are too frail, too skinny or too fat then a trampoline might not be a good idea.

14. Is there a limit on how big a trampoline can be?

You can buy trampolines of different sizes in stores or at specialized retailers, however you can opt for custom made ones as well if you so desire.

Hope our list of the best trampolines 2016 was helpful. We will continuously review and refine this list based on our best trampoline reviews. If you have others you would like to add to the list, please leave us a note.

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