10 Best Water Trampolines

Here’s our shortlist of the 10 best water trampolines. Get these for your family in time for summer. There is no better way to enjoy more your time by the beach or lake than jumping with joy on water trampolines. However, with so many sold in the market these days, it is never easy to find one that suits all the criteria you need. From our more than 30 water trampoline reviews we shortlisted the following 10 best floating trampoline reviews.

Island Hopper Turtle Jump Water Trampoline

Island Hopper Turtle Jump Water Trampoline
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Let your kids have an unforgettable experience with this water trampoline, named the best water trampoline by Jen Reviews. It is not only designed to catch attention with its cute turtle design but it is also built to last long with its multi-chamber inflation tube. This multi-chamber inflation tube gives more strength to the water trampoline and allows it to hold and accommodate several children at one time. For sure, everyone will truly jump of joy with Island Hopper Turtle Jump Water Trampoline.

Island Hopper Giant Jump 25 Foot Water Trampoline

Island Hopper Giant Jump
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Nothing is more fun than spending your time jumping on a large and sturdy water trampoline without a care in the world. Let out your stress and have a marvelous time with your kids as you jump on this Island Hopper Giant Jump 25-foot Water Trampoline. Yes, when we say giant, it is definitely humungous. With its heavy commercial construction and the use of 1100 Denier UV-resistant PVC material and three-chamber inflation tubes insure you that you will not have to worry a thing about stability and strength. It is designed with a slide on the side and two ladder entry areas that give easy access to swimmers.

RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse 15’ Water Trampoline

Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15
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If you want a classic-looking water trampoline, get this RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse. This trampoline takes pride on its high-speed inflator and deflator mode. It promotes larger jumping area and has a 5-ladder boarding ladder for a more convenient use. For a more enjoyable time, you can attach large Aqua slide, launch or log to this water trampoline.

WOW 10ft Air Jump Water Bouncer – 70” Bounce Area

WOW 10ft Air Jump Water Bouncer
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If you prefer smaller yet still sturdy water trampoline, get this model instead. This does not merely give you an enjoyable time but it does not also hurt you financially. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars if you only have a few people who will use this water trampoline. This can only accommodate one to two people but still provides stability for safer jumping. Its special grade PVC body gives strength to this water trampoline.
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Rave Aqua Launch Attachment – Northwood’s Edition

Rave Aqua Launch Attachment
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Let your family experience the time of their life with this another excellent offering from Rave. Nothing beats the laughter and smile this water trampoline gives to the kids and even, to you. Experience thrill and excitement even while on water with this durable water trampoline. This has 1000 denier, 22-ounce UV-treated PVC vinyl. This guarantees you a large jumping area.

Island Hopper 20’ Acrobat Water Trampoline

Island Hopper 20’ Acrobat
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Have fun with Island Hopper 20-foot water trampoline. With its three-chamber inflation tube and six anchor-tie D-strings, you are assured of the stability and strength of the trampoline. Its construction makes use of 30-ounce, 1100 Denier UV resistant PVC material. For easy swimmer access, it has a molded plastic ladder.
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Rave Sports 02021 Bongo 20’ Northwoods Water Bouncer Trampoline

Rave Sports 02021 Bongo
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For sure, you and your family will have a blast jumping on this trampoline. This is the perfect companion in going to the beach or lake and a great tool to create memorable experience with your family. This comes with and inflation adapter and anchor connection kit. The good thing about this trampoline is the company offers a lifetime warranty. This is truly one of the best water trampolines.

Banzai Bounce Inflatable Water or Land Trampoline

Banzai Bounce Inflatable Water Or Land Trampoline
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This trampoline can be used not just on water but on land as well. You can place it on your backyard or in the swimming pool or in the beach. The fun will never stop for your family. Two sand bags help anchor the trampoline in the water and its jumping surface is made of high-quality and durable polypropylene. The frame of the trampoline is made of heavy-duty PVC material.

RAVE Eclipse AJ-120 Trampoline

RAVE Eclipse AJ-120 Trampoline
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This has a large jumping surface that all family members can enjoy. It is also so easy to assemble and dismantle. There are no complicated tools or methods needed in setting up this trampoline. Its heavy construction makes used of 22 ounce, 1000 denier reinforced PVC tube.

Island Hopper Classic 15-Foot Water Trampoline

Island Hopper Classic 15 Foot Water Trampoline
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Get one for your family and have a blast jumping on this 15-foot Island Hopper Classic Water trampoline. Its construction used 30 ounce, 1000 denier UV resistant PVC material. It is engineered with heavy duty galvanized steel and tubular frame with flat bolted connections. This ensures stability and safety. Its three-chamber inflation tube adds structural strength and keeps the trampoline floating.

That was the shortlist from our extensive water trampoline reviews. These are the best water trampolines that you can get for your family. These trampolines guarantee stability, security and safety while having fun. Water trampolines are a bit expensive compared to regular trampolines but rest assured that they are worth every penny you pay. The enjoyment, fun and excitement they give to the whole family are priceless.

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