Boosted Dual+2000W Electric Skateboard Review

Technological advancement has taken the performance of the electric skateboards to a whole new level. The Boosted Dual+2000W Electric Skateboard is a new version that fulfills the dream of many riders who wishes to move faster, go uphill or downstream with better control and style with durability. This has the powerful dual motor to go for miles with good pace, take carves with precision and can make strong breaks.

For a motorized skateboard it is capable of taking the weight load of the rider and performs at its best. Though it is a longboard with sturdy construction with motors and batteries, it is not that heavy to carry around while not riding on it. you don’t need to worry anymore about waiting for a public transportation for getting to your destination if you own your own Boosted Dual+2000W Electric Skateboard. It has got great looks and you can ride it with style. At the beginning you might find it a bit difficult to balance on it if you haven’t been skateboarding. You might also need some time to understand the speed and movements of the board and practice for a while before you start taking it on the road.

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The features of the boosted dual+ electric skateboard

this board has the ultimate power to perform in even or uneven surfaces and it can make bakes when you want to slow down when are you in the steeper hilly areas. The board is designed perfectly all the parts are placed in a manner so that it gives you a great riding experience.

The surface of the skateboard

The top part of the board which is the deck is made out of a hundred percent bamboo. This needs to be of top quality and with better designed so that the riders get good grip over the board and ride it smoothly. In case of the boosted dual plus the deck has great shape and it gives flexibility. It is a custom board and the wiring system to connecting the motor with the battery is inbuilt so they are not visible from the outside. The board gives more flexibility as it is kind of springy when you stand on it. It makes skating a bit easier and the flexibility helps to ride it with more versatile carving style. Making turns and balancing through shifting weights are smoother with bouncy surface. So this skateboard has a lot of rider friendly features which is much more improved from this type of other skateboards available.

Dual plus Powerful motor

it has dual motors with the two wheels. Each of them gives 1000 watt energy. that is excellent as it gives power to each of the wheels, not only on one so this gives enough push to go on and get balanced force from both the wheels. The 2000W motor capacity also helps to generate torque so that you can ride up to a hill. This also provides enough force to carry heavy riders but still give enough force to move on with great speed. it is the brushless motor and joined with the wheels with a belt. Boosted boards powerful motor has really given the kind of force and energy the riders look for.

Boosted boards battery power

The boosted board has a lithium ion battery fixed with it underneath the deck with a cover on it. This needs to be fully charged to run the board with a full swing. It takes around an hour and a half to charge the battery and it can cover a wide range of miles around six to seven miles. You can even carry the charger with it and when you think you need to go some more miles just charge it from any convenient place, as only in thirty minutes you can charge it up to eighty percent. The energy provided to the motors gives it enough power to reach destination faster with good speed.

The unique regenerative braking system

The boosted dual plus e skateboard has the regenerative breaking system. You can cover up a couple of miles with it by cruising around your areas near you but it also drains down the battery power. Even when you ride up the hills or any steep slopes you would need the charge. This board has a system that, when you put it into a brake it actually puts some energy back to the battery. It is a great feature and you can enjoy at least a few extra miles with this charge.

The controller of the skateboard

This board is controlled with a very nice and sleek looking Bluetooth remote that comes with it. In the remote there is a trigger and a sliding nob. to turn the board on you need to put the trigger down and slide the nod to accelerate and brake. This is designed as such that it is very easy and comfortable to use. this remote informs about the power status and you can tap a button to choose your speed mode. You can go 15mph or even 22mph by selecting from the remote. The board and the remote are connected through a Bluetooth connection and you would have continuous control over the board with it. You can also kick start the board as a simple longboard then you would not need the remote.

The strong boosted board wheels

The wheels are from orangatan and its dimension is75 mm. this is strong enough to be on any kind of rough or uneven roads. It can take the pressure of the rider and turns and carves made while riding. Wheels are costumed and standard and they are attached to its place perfectly. This can be tightened and replaced by the user if they want it. The drivetrain system is simple. Wheels are connected to the motor with a belt and wheels run along the acceleration control by the rider.

Great riding experience with high quality performance

This light weight 15 lb. boosted dual plus electric skateboard gives great riding experience with its high quality components. You can ride on the roads or up and down the hills with this board with great range and power. With the rides weight the mile coverage may vary but it can cover up to 6 miles with an average rider and with good pace. This is a beauty that is controlled by you and a good means for commuting to several places.

Adds monetary value

The boosted board has the technical qualities to give you the ultimate riding experience. Such great thing does not come very cheap. It is a high end professional level skateboard that has everything the users look for. This comes with all the components. If you value it in terms of your transportation cost over the years and the level of fun to ride on to it this amount is very less. You should buy it now and ride on to it to get its benefits. Electric skateboards can be used even in bike lanes.

The pros and cons of this boosted dual plus board is mentioned below:


The 2000w power motor makes it accelerate lot faster than other boards
with 100% bamboo construction of the deck and its flexible design makes it durable and classy
It can go on even, uneven roads also ride up or down hill. it has great torque and power to go up hills
Great breaks as it can completely stop even in sleeper lands
Relatively quick battery charge that covers around 7 miles
The lithium ion battery has a lifetime of minimum 4 years
Unique regenerative braking system puts back some battery power that is declined
Wheels are strong and gives great performance
The truck width is 10 inches and it keeps the wheel function optimal
Lightweight around 15lbs , easy to carry around give great portability
Controlled with a user friendly remote that lets you choose the speed mode and brakes.
Very durable and high quality construction
Easy to ride and operate


Balancing on it is a great matter if you are new to it better practice well before taking it to the road
Though it does not weight too much but if you need to carry it or a longer time it may be tiring
It would have been even better to some people if it covered some more miles in single charge

Buy Now: Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard (Free Shipping)

The boosted dual plus 2000W electric skateboard is revolution in technical advancement. From a fast pace riders to slow movers this board is suitable for all. The riding flexibility and its versatile features ensure comfortable riding with style. You can commute anywhere with it and it gives great enjoyment riding every now and then.

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