Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table Review

Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table review rating: this is one effective way to keep your family members and friends entertained all the time. Having this foosball table in your home provides fun and entertainment that a television or a computer game cannot give. It is ideal for all ages and genders. However, deciding to buy one may need time to think about. There are several factors to consider like your budget, where to put it in the house or is it a good investment.

Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table

Foosball table is a must have for households who enjoy competitive and fun games. But if you are not still convinced to get Carrom 750.20 Agean for your family, you better read this article and learn the advantages of having this product in your home.

High-quality Materials

The Carrom 750.20 is made of high-quality materials. The materials used in a foosball table should be a top consideration. You want it to last long. This foosball table’s cabinet is made of burr oak that is covered with one inch thick Agean green melamine and supported with heavy miter-fold black vinyl legs with leg boots. The rods are plated with heavy duty triple chrome for smooth playing action and cushioned for secure and safe grip.

Durable Construction

Since foosball tables are a subject to heavy movement and intense players, it is necessary that they are well-built. This foosball table does not come short when it comes to durability. It is durable enough to take even the most intense and competitive players. It does not move or shake during play time. Each part of the foosball table is well-constructed for you to have maximum enjoyment and long lasting fun.

Good Design

This Foosball Table has a classic yet stylish look that draws many buyers. It is easy to fall in love with this foosball table. Even if you do not know how to play, this can still be a main feature in your home. The miniature players are all intricately hand-painted to look more realistic. Its clean design and a subtle pop of color green gives your area a refreshing and inviting vibe that will make your guests feel at home.

Performs Well

With foosball table, you want it to perform excellently. You want to be able to play a game that you can be proud of. This foosball table not only gives you fun and entertainment but it also brings out the competitive and sporty side of you. Its sports rods run smoothly and easily. Its playing surface achieves the right flatness that prevents any presence of dead spots. Its heavy cabinet adds stability and sturdiness when playing a game.

Easy Assembly

The Carrom 750.20 Agean is easy to assemble especially, for those who are well-versed in putting things together. The instruction manual explains the directions clearly and thoroughly so this is a great advantage for those who are first-timers. However, assembling this foosball table may take a long period of time and much patience. This can be a challenge for newbies and experts alike.


This is one affordable foosball tables today. You get the worth of your money because this foosball table is made from high-quality materials, is well-constructed and performs exceptionally good. This is truly a good investment for the whole family. Its durable and well-constructed design can last years.

Great for Entertainment

If you think that television and computer games have taken over your children’s time the, it is high time for you to purchase this foosball table. This is one effective and smart solution to perk your children’s interests. This is also a great alternative to sports but still demands physical and mental strength. This is also ideal for homes that enjoy and love inviting guests over. This can be a way to entertain them and have a marvelous and memorable time.

The Carrom 750.20 Agean is definitely a good product that is perfect for the whole family and a group of friends. However, there are some issues and concerns owners have been complaining about. These concerns may not at all major but it helps to know the other side of the product. Here are the common complaints among foosball table owners.


The foosball table is heavy and this is a given fact. However, this can be a problem for those who will assemble the foosball table alone. They will surely have a hard time moving the product around while assembling the parts and pieces. It is highly suggested that when you assemble it you need to ask help from other people. This will make things a lot easier and faster.

Playing Area

Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table should be placed in an area or space where the players can easily move around. This can be a problem for homes that do not have enough space to be used as a playing area. The ideal area for this particular foosball table is 7 feet by 8 feet. If you have an open space at the back or in the garage, that will be great as long as players can freely move.

Long Assembly Time

The most common complain among the owners is this foosball table takes time to assemble. With this, you may also need to extend your patience. Before assembling the foosball table, it is better to read the instruction first and be familiar with the parts and components. The real struggle can be the bolts and crews. Other owners have suggested to use electric drill for better and stronger result.

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Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table review score: this is a great investment for families and friends who love to have fun and play games together. Given its price, you know that the product you will get is one of the best and top of the line foosball tables. Made from high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, you can see the passion and dedication the manufacturer has poured into the product to make the buyers beyond happy and contented.

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