Cheap Bounce Houses

Here is our shortlist of the 10 best cheap bounce houses. Generally speaking, parents tend to be over-indulgent towards their children, being generous gift givers, especially during Christmas time. This time around, let’s change our ways, curb the temptation to splurge on our kids, and include cheap bounce houses in our purchasing itinerary.

This pragmatic approach will still light up your kids’ faces when they unwrap a colorful bouncy, that promises hours of fun, day after day! It will warm your heart to know that you’ve purchased an item that your kids not only adore, but one with which your kids will play, exercise, enhance their motor skills and their bonding with siblings, cousins, friends and neighbors. All this without going overboard on the cost!

10 Best and Cheap Bounce Houses

My Bouncer Little Castle

mybouncercastleAs the title suggests, this is a combo unit, comprising of a jumping floor, a ball pit and a ball hoop. It is a great buy, in terms of the cost, the quality, and the versatility of the product. The materials used to craft this bouncer include puncture-resistant nylon with rubber backing for air retention. Set it up in minutes, indoors or outdoors; all it requires is a blower and a spacious room or an open and uncluttered backyard. Here are the exact dimensions: (72″L(88″ w/ Step) (additional 12-16″ required for blower) x 118″W x 72″H) The recommended usage guidelines state that this bouncer has a one-time capacity of 2 kids with a total weight limit of 150 pounds. This inflatable comes with a few accessories such as the blower, stakes, a repair patch, carry pack and an instructional booklet. Balls for the ball pit are not included in the inflatable kit and will have to be purchased separately. A bag of 500 to 800 balls will suffice, depending on the age and size of your kids.

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My Bouncer Little Round Castle

This is another excellent, cheap bounce house! Its dimensions make it usable indoors and outdoors. It is made of strong, phthalate-free, puncture-resistant nylon that is backed by rubber to increase its strength. This bouncer is great for 2 kids weighing 150 pounds, who can use it as a jumping trampoline, or play with the ball hoop. The safety netting along with the Velcro fasteners are of excellent protective quality and do a great job of supporting kids who bounce off it vigorously. The step or landing is another safety measure, making it easy for smaller kids to enter and exit the bounce house without getting hurt. Accessories include a blower, stakes, weight bags for indoor use, patch materials, instructional booklet and a carrying case.

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Blast Zone Little Bopper Inflatable Bouncer by Blast Zone

littlebopperThis is a very popular bounce house, both for its price and for its quality! Kids love it and so do parents. Here’s why: This bounce house is made of X-weave Oxford materials, has commercial grade impact surfaces, held together by double and quadruple stitching. The netting all around is soft yet sturdy. Therefore, no compromises on quality and safety! The dimensions of this bouncer are: 6′ W x6′ D x 5′ H; compact for indoor use, and good for outdoor use too. The bouncer is easy to use, gets inflated in minutes and takes just a little bit longer to deflate. Its storage size is that of a sleeping bag. This is just right for 2 kids, below 6 years of age, together weighing no more than 150 pounds. This bounce house comes with a complete kit of accessories, such as a blower, stakes, carry bag, plug, an instructional manual or DVD.
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Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline

littletikesbouncer (1)Made of non-phthalate vinyl, this bounce house is great for your toddler. Dimensions are 72 x 72 x 72 inches ; 23 pounds. This is a light-weight bouncer, and is good for preschoolers, primarily for indoor use. The bouncer is enclosed from all aides with net, so little babies can bounce about as much as they want, without you worrying about them. You can allow 2 toddlers, or a child of up to 6 years of age to play within at one time, with a maximum weight of 70 pounds.
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My Bouncer Little Slide Castle

mylittleslidecastle This is another multi-functional bounce house- use it as a bouncer, as a slide, or to throw hoops. This three in one bounce house is great for indoor and outdoor use. It’s dimensions are suitable for 2 kids to bounce about at one time. The weight limit is that of 150 pounds. The bouncer is easy to inflate and set up, and just as easy to take down, roll up and store. The materials used are best in the industry. Phthalate-free, puncture-proof, and rubber backed nylon ensures that the air is retained in the inflatable for as long as it is in use. This quality measure, along with soft and strong netting, and Velcro enclosures make for safety. Accessories include a low noise blower, stakes, weight bags, patch materials, instructional booklet and a carry bag.
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Inflatable Bounce Play House Mighty Slide

mightyslidebouncerThis bounce house comes in very beautiful and attractive colors. It features a jumping floor and a slide. The slide is a fun way for kids to enter and exit the bouncer. Dimensions are: 9’x7’x6′. The all enclosing net makes for safety and allows parents to keep an eye on their kids. This bouncer is great for kids above 3 years of age. It is easy to set up and take down. This inflatable comes with accessories such as an air blower, stakes, repair kit, instructions and a carry bag.
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My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House

mybouncerballpitThis bounce house is available in vibrant colors such as red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple. With dimensions of 84″ L x 84″ W x 72″ H, it fits indoors, and is good for outdoor use as well. Manufactured with phthalate-free, non-PVC puncture-resistant nylon, and a lead-free rubber backing, this bounce house is very safe, and durable. It has a built-in hoop to provide alternative playing options to kids. The inflated step helps kids get in and out of the bouncer without falling. The safety net is also soft yet sturdy. It keeps the kids within the bouncer, at the same time preventing any abrasions. This bouncer accommodates 2 kids at one time, each weighing no more than 75 pounds. Easy and quick to inflate, the bouncer comes with its own blower.
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Jump O Lene Inflatable Castle Bouncer

jumpolenecastleThis is a bounce house with a castle theme. It has a central jumping platform surrounded by four turrets. Very bright and attractive indeed! The entryway to this inflatable palace is through a small door, which enables toddlers to crawl in and out without getting hurt. It is very easy to use, and can be inflated and deflated in minutes. With dimensions of 69″ x 69″ x 53″, 2 kids can play inside comfortably. The weight limit for this bounce house is 120 pounds. Recommended age limit is 3 years and above. This affordable bouncer is good for indoor and for outdoor use.
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Intex Transparent Ring Bounce Jump-O-Lene Fun Pack

intexbouncer This is a very cute bouncer with transparent walls that allow you to constantly monitor your little children. The top rim has 12 colorful balls that can move around. This feature is especially attractive to younger kids. And to maintain the attraction, keep this bouncer clean by simply washing it with soapy water. A crawl-through door makes for risk-free entry and exit. This bouncer is good for children ages 3 to 6 years, and has a gross weight limit of 120 pounds. Easily inflatable, this bounce house is made of heavy-duty vinyl, which complies with all regulations related to phthalates and lead. When not in use, this bouncer can be folded up and stored. Add-ons include a pack of 100 balls, and a repair patch with cement.
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Inflatable Bounce Play House Mighty Slide

bouncyjumpcastleWith very fun and vibrant colors, this bounce house is an attractive option for your child. It has a castle theme, and children 3 years of age and above can live out all their fairy tales and stories about kings, queens, princes and princesses. Mesh on all four sides provides excellent support and protection to the bouncing and jumping kids, while parents can keep a watchful eye on them. This bounce house is 7.5’x7.5’x7.25′, so use it indoors or outdoors, or take it to a picnic. It is easy to use, and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Accessories include a blower, stakes, repair kit, and carry bag.
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These best cheap bounce houses are one of the bestsellers in toy stores, or online, especially during the holiday season. Bring home yours for not much, and it will predictably be a big hit! Bounce houses are great for a child’s overall physical exercise, and a source of continuous entertainment, and that reinforces parents’ will to balance their spend, for a balanced playtime for their children.

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