Cheap Bouncy Castles

We’ve rounded up 10 best cheap bouncy castles for you that you can choose from. In today’s age of X-boxes and Mine Craft, IPhones and IPads, expenditure on toys and entertainment per child has gone through the roof. Consider buying a toy that will not empty out your pockets, and will last you for years, making it worth every penny- A cheap bouncy castle. A bouncy castle is a bounce house with a castle theme. It is widely available in the market, offered by different brands, in different qualities, sizes, shapes, colors, and add-ons. Evidently, the bigger the castle, and more the add-ons, the more expensive it is.

Selection criteria include: quality and safety measures, age and weight limit, utility, and certainly the colors your kids favor most.

Inflatable Moonwalk Bouncy Jump Castle

This is a vibrant and attractive bounce house. The colors purple, blue and yellow would especially appeal to little girls, who dream of being princesses of their very own castles. The inflatable is safe for jumping and bouncing owing to the sturdy material it is built of. Additionally, the mesh walls provide support to kids who may fall sideways when bouncing. The see-through mesh also lets parents keep a watchful eye on the kids. With dimensions of 7.5’x7.5’x7.25′, this bounce house can be set up indoors and outdoors. It is easy to handle and operate. The inflatable kit includes other items such as a blower, stakes, repair kit, and a carry bag.
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My Bouncer Little Castle

This is a little castle bouncer that measures 78″L x 78″W x 72″H, and is the perfect size for indoor use. It can fit in comfortably in a corner of a big room or basement, and is great for outdoor use as well. This bouncer doesn’t have the turrets or flags of a castle but looks more like a formidable yet cute fort. Its more for the boys I’d say! However, let your kids be the best judge of that. This bounce house is made of very strong phthalate-free, lead-free, non-PVC nylon with soft rubber backing. It makes for superior air retention. When it comes to colors, this bouncer is available in red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple, so take your pick! Another great feature is the step or landing provided for safely entering and exiting the bounce house. Two kids of 3 years and above can play comfortably within at the same time. The weight limit is 150 pounds. Accessories include a UL certified blower, and repair patch materials.
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New Deluxe Large Inflatable Castle Bounce Jumping House for Kid

deluxecastle A very pretty little castle, with pink turret roofs! Dimensions of this castle bouncy are 13′ (W) x 9.3′ (D) x 8 (H). Jumping Area: 9′ (W) x 9′ (D). This bounce house is made of durable, puncture-proof, commercial grade materials, held together by double and quadruple stitching. This jumping house is recommended for kids that are 3 years of age and above. This bounce house does not come with a blower. A medium sized blower works best with this inflatable. It is easy to inflate and secure to the ground, and provides hours of entertainment to the kids.
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Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer

This is a bouncy castle with the cutest turrets ever! Bright motley colors are inviting, and once a child enters this castle of his dreams, he would never want the jumping bouncing fun to come to an end. The jumping floor is soft, yet strong. It is made of phthalate and PVC material that is strong and safe for children. High walls protect the kids from falling out. The size of this castle is 69 x 69 x 53 inches, and it weighs 13.2 pounds. Ideal for 2 kids between 36 months and 6 years, this bounce house has a weight limit of 120 pounds. It won’t topple over, so you can use it indoors as well as outdoors. The inflatable comes with a repair patch.
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My Bouncer Little Castle


This is probably going to be more of a boys’ zone, with the basketball hoop, ball pit, and the jumping platform! With dimensions of (72″L(88″ w/ Step) (additional 12-16″ required for blower) x 118″W x 72″H), set this bounce house indoors or outdoors. It weighs 31 pounds. This product is safe for children as it is made of phthalate-free, puncture- resistant nylon with natural rubber coating to retain air. The entrance step is ideal for little children to enter and exit the bounce house. The safety net is protective and helps keep the children safe during playtime. The bounce house comes with accessories such as a UL low noise blower, stakes, weight bags for indoor use, patch materials, instructions booklet, and a carry bag. Balls for the ball pit are not included in the inflatable kit, and will have to purchased separately.
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My Bouncer Little Round Castle

littleroundcastle review
Here’s a small fort for your little prince or princess! With four sturdy round pillars, this inflatable is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. The dimensions of this bounce house are 72″L(86″ with step)x72″W(96″ with blower pump)x72″H, which will comfortably support 2 children of maximum weight of 150 pounds. The materials are absolutely safe in terms of being lead free and phthalate free, and also in terms of strength. Durable, puncture-resistant, and nylon with rubber backing keeps the bounce house intact for years, despite some rough use by the kids. The safety net that envelops the bounce house in the form of its walls, prevents the playing kids from falling out. The built-in ball hoop is a great add-on the provides an alternative game to be played within the bouncer. Accessories include a UL low noise blower, ground stakes, weight bags for indoor use, patch materials, instructions and a carrying bag.
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Intex Jr. Jump-O-Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer

A vibrant green and blue inflated castle, and a cheap bouncy castle at that! With a crawl-through little door, this bounce house is perfect for small kids. They can jump and bounce to their hearts content. The inflated walls and jumping surface are made of soft and durable quality materials that protect the kids from falling out or chafing themselves when they bump against a surface. The size of this bouncer is 52″L x 52″W x 42″ H, so you can place it wherever you want, even in a medium sized room. The weight limit for this bouncer is only 59 pounds, so it is better suited for toddlers. Accessories include a repair patch.
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My Bouncer Little Castle

improvedlittlecastleAn excellent option in this price range, this bouncy castle comes with a ramp, and a built-in ball hoop. It is made from materials that are strong and durable, are phthalate- free and lead-free, and are coated with rubber latex to better retain air in the bouncer. The recommended weight for this bouncer is no more than 150 pounds. Therefore, two kids between the ages of 3 to 6, can easily play in the bouncer at one time. The net that forms the walls of the bounce house is strong enough to repeatedly take the weight of kids who fall back against it. It works to prevent any falls or abrasions. The Velcro fasteners at the net door are also strong and protective. With dimensions of (118″L x 78″W(94″ w blower) x 72″H”), this bounce house is ideal for indoor use. Accessories include UL rated low noise blower, stakes, weight bags for indoor use, patch materials, instructional booklet and a carry bag.
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Inflatable Bounce Play House Mighty Slide Moonwalk Jumper

This is a fun and vibrant-colored bounce castle, that is sure to delight your kids, and keep them engaged for hours on end. Set it up for indoor use, or for outdoor use. Mesh walls are supportive and protective, at the same time allowing parents to see all the activities going on inside the bouncer. The dimensions of this bounce house are 9’x7’x6′, and it can accommodate a couple of children of ages 3 and above. It is easy to set up, and easy to take down. When not in use, just fold it and pack it away. Accessories include stakes, blower, repair kit, instructions and a carry bag.
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Inflatable Bounce House Moonwalk Jumper 4

This yellow and green bouncy castle is a fun design that is ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors. This bouncer is very easy to set up and just as easy to take down. With dimensions of 8.5’x8’x5′, it weighs approximately 30 pounds. The jumping area is large enough to allow 2 to 3 kids to play for hours on end. This is best suited for children who are 3 years of age and above. The slide acts as a great way for kids to enter and exit the bounce house. Accessories include an air blower, stakes, repair kit, and a carry bag.
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Hopefully, going through the above list of cheap bouncy castles will have helped you come to a decision regarding which cheap bouncy castle you want to bring home. Your kids will definitely enjoy their new bounce house, and so will you!

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