Intex 24-Foot by 12-Foot Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Review

Intex 24-foot by 12-foot rectangular ultra frame pool review score: 100/100. Getting this for the whole family is definitely a great idea. Nothing beats the excitement and the enjoyment they will feel as they lounge in this gargantuan pool. This is the perfect companion for summer that the whole family will love and enjoy. This is the ideal and the smartest solution if your family is too busy to have a vacation or simply you cannot afford to have one especially, when the beach is just too far.

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If you are thinking on investing in this amazing Intex 24-foot by 12-foot rectangular ultra frame pool then, you better know the pros and cons of this product. This article will give you an honest view about this product and if its fits all your criteria.


Large Size

The best thing about Intex 24-foot by 12-foot rectangular ultra frame pool is its huge size. This is perfect for lap swimming and a training pool for children. You do not need to build an expensive pool or go to the beach to enjoy swimming because this pool’s size is more than enough for the whole family to get in all in one time and have fun. This is the next best thing to have during summer.

Safe and Secure

With swimming pools, parents often worry to leave their children on their own because accidents may happen. But with this frame pool, you do not need to worry too much. Since it is movable, you can place it near your porch or your house so that you can keep an eye on your children all the time. It is also designed with an interior barrier to add protection and security to your children while they are swimming inside. In addition, this does not come with a diving board so you can relax knowing that no one will get hurt.

Durable and Low Maintenance

By the looks of it, you can easily say that this frame pool is durable and will definitely last a long time. Many happy customers are still enjoying the benefits after years of purchasing it. With its sand pump filter system, the water is always clean and sparkling so you do not need to drain the water to clean it. It also comes with a strainer that catches hair and other materials that can clog it. However, you need to check it regularly to make sure that everything is good. Some owners never take down the pool even during winter. They simply cover it and wait for the next time to have fun in it again.

Great Investment

Intex 24-foot by 12-foot rectangular ultra frame pool is sold for one hefty price tag but it is much cheaper and more convenient than excavating your own pool. This frame pool can last a lifetime as long as it is properly installed and maintained and plus, they are huge! When purchasing it, it comes with everything you need including a ladder, cover, skimmer, vacuum and ground gloth.

Good Construction

With its durability, comes good construction. You can see that the details of the pool are done intensively and clean. The materials used are of the highest quality and the workmanship is exceptional. You cannot see any tear and wear in the product.

Great for Entertainment

If your family loves to throw parties or get together among relatives and friends, this is a great addition to the fun and laughter in your home. You know that both children and adult cannot resist in taking a dip in this sleek and ultra modern pool. This can be the ideal solution if your children are always too lazy and tired to go out. This can be a tool for them to get some physical exercise. They can also invite their friends and develop their social skills. Also, you can add a volleyball net or basketball hoops for more enjoyable time.

These are some of the reasons why you need to buy Intex 24-foot by 12-foot rectangular ultra frame pool. Many people who used this product attest to its convenience and easy set-up. As long as the instructions are strictly followed, there will be no problems. However, with its benefits there are also a number of setbacks that you also need to know. This will make you aware on what to expect from this product.


Needs Too Much Water

With this size, it is understandable that this needs a lot of water to fill it up. You will really see a significant increase in your water bill once you have this. But the good news is, you do not need to change the water all the time. You can fill it up in one go and enjoy it for years. Since it has an amazing and efficient filter system, you know that the water is always clean and sparkling.

Needs Leveled Ground

One of the common mistakes most people make in setting this frame pool up is they do not follow the instruction that it needs to be placed in a leveled, flat ground. This means that it should not be placed on the ground with stones on it or uneven ground with grasses. This will cause the frame to be unstable and wobble.

Takes Time to Fill

Another major concern among buyers of Intex 24-foot by 12-foot rectangular ultra frame pool is it takes almost a day or more to fill this pool. Since this is huge, you need to be patient. After all, when the pool is all filled up you can enjoy it all summer.

Buy Now: Intex 24-Foot by 12-Foot Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool (Free Shipping)

Overall, Intex 24-foot by 12-foot rectangular ultra frame pool review score: 100/100. This is an excellent product to buy and invest. It may be expensive but this can be used for years and years without worrying too much on its maintenance. Most families choose not to take it down even on winter; they just cover it and still works great every time they want to go for a swim. This is truly the best thing you can give for your whole family. Adults and children will love every minute in it.

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