Jetson Electric E-Bike with Hidden Battery Review

The Jetson electric e-bike with hidden battery is an e-bike as its name states. Jetson has come up with a very unique type of electric bike that looks like a scooty but is actually an e-bike that runs with the battery power. This is mostly focused on the people who need to commute very frequently around the neighborhood, to their work place, educational institutions etc. now they can do it with style, because it is not only about the transportation. In this modern era we look for things that fulfill our needs and also have a sense of fashion in it.

This e-bike is customized in a way that it gives you the speed to reach at your destination with a comfort and style. This is an eco-friendly bike with no emission and it also saves your gas money. It moves smoothly with steady balance and is suitable for any type of road. Handling this e- bike is so simple and it easily sneaks out of the traffic as it is very flexible. this bike has the cool looks undoubtedly but that’s not just it this gives great performance in terms of power ride, comfortable seats, a good pace on the road, easy control and turns, has enough lights to ride safely at night, runs very smooth and quiet.

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The Jetson Electric E-Bike overview

As it is mentioned, from its looks it resembles a scooty. The manufacturer wanted to make a vehicle that it slightly upgraded from a bike and not as heavy as the motorcycles. Then they came up with something in the middle of these two and gave us the jetson e-bike. This bike is around 125 pounds, this is strong enough to keep the balance on the road and the rider also feels comfortable to control it. The metal parts of it are with good quality rod. Seats are specious and designed well. The battery is placed underneath the seats. That hides it from the outer body of the e-bike and the space it cleverly used. The e-bike structure has enough space the rider can sit and grab the handles to operate with ease. On the front handlebar it is costumed with knobs for the front lights, turn indicators and horns.

The power source of the e-bike

This has a motor that is 500w. Its energy is driven from the 48 volt 17 m power lithium ion battery and it gives good acceleration to the bike. To charge this battery you can plug in the charger to the port or simply remove the battery and charge it as long as it’s needed. Basically it takes around 4 hours to be fully charge .at this point the e-bike can go up to 40 miles range at 22mph. this amazing bike can be paddled also when the battery charge is over. It will be a little bit exercise for you and while you paddle, this recharges the battery. This is a great feature as you can get it moving even without the battery power. You would not be in much trouble as you can cover some distance by paddling and recharge the battery. It is a very convenient ride you can get ready anytime and hit the road.

The wheels and brake system of the e-bike

The wheels diameter is around 18 inches. Wheels are narrow and the bike can be taken anywhere as it does not take enough space. It goes up any place and making turns and moves are much easier with the well-designed wheels. The front wheels have disk brakes and the rims of the wheels are cast alloy. The bikes wheels are well constructed and the break system works well.

The front screen and the handles

At front the jetson electric e-bike has the handle bar. The handles have the necessary buttons for lights and indicators. On the center on the handlebar is a digitally enhanced Lcd screen. When the e-bike is on it shows the speed as it has a speedometer. The screen also shows the battery status. So the rider gets the warning how much battery power is left that way we know when to charge it again.

jetson electric e-bike operation

This e-bike has a very simple and steady operation system. It does not get kick started. You need to insert the key and turn it on then the just turn the handles speed throttle. The e-bike is accelerated at slow or fast speed by only twisting the throttle. This is very easy to understand with a little practice that at what speed you are comfortable at and you can slow it down or completely put it to breaks by the handle breaks. The Jetson electric e- bike goes smoothly on the road even the road has bumps and it is uneven. The electric bike has built in shock absorbers that ensure your safe and comfortable ride.

Environment friendly and legal ride

It is a battery power driven vehicle. So it does not create any smoke makes very less noise also. This is great for the natural environment as it does not cause air or sound pollution. it is a very safe and easy transportation.This e-bike can be driven on the main roads or on the bike lane. It does not need much paper work like other motor vehicles or cars. But in some states it might need registrations.

Jetson electric e-bike at affordable price

This very useful and increasable full feature e-bike is a very reasonable price in comparison to its benefits. You can cut the cost of filling gas as it does not need it. This also does not have the insurance and maintenance costs occur in cars or motor cycles. Altogether it is a cool bike and you would realize that it is worth buying.

Though many features are explained, some of the pros and cons are highlighted:


Powerful motor and battery gives good range coverage at 22mph
Durable construction, improved design gives a stylish look
Easy to operate and control
can ride it by paddling even when there is no battery charge
A clip in the front to hang bags etc.
The wheels perform well. Can make great moves with it and the brake grips are good.
handlebar operation and acceleration modes makes is easy to ride
Commute to any place safely and it is fun to ride.


This e-bike runs pretty well and technically there are no trouble with is. Some people may look for more mile coverage in single charge and would not want to paddle it. But then again it is not a bikes problem. The users should charge it from time to time to keep the motor running on the road.
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Jetson electric e-bike is a very stylish, safe easy to operate e-bike. It is equipped with many high end features that make it more desirable to those who look for a light weight, no license or registration hassled transportation. It can be taken or parked anywhere, this is a cool ride that easily fits into your style and everyone enjoys riding it.

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