Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set Review

Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set Review score: 98/100. The Kettler Trimmstation swing set is one of the most popular choices for families when it comes to backyard fun and entertainment. Swing sets have become popular form of enjoyment for children because of the many benefits it gives to them. These backyard fun sets allow children to be more creative, imaginative and active. Parents see swing sets as a fun approach for children so that they can get the needed daily dose of sunshine and exercise.

Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set

The Kettler Trimmstation swing set has become a top choice for many years now because of its simplicity. Unlike other swing sets, this particular product has all the needed features a swing set must have without going too complicated in assembling and maintenance. If you want to know more about this product, read on and see the advantages of choosing this swing set.

More Fun and Games

Kettler Trimmstation swing set does not only come with a swing. It is also designed with a monkey bar, a vertical ladder, climbing rope and pull-up bar. This provides your children and their friends an unlimited fun and games. They can be creative and imaginative with their games. As parents, you are aware how easily children get bored and surely this one will occupy their time in inventing games that they will never get tired of.


Swing sets are expensive especially, those that are equipped with more features like a tower, built-in picnic table or sandbox. However, if you choose these kinds of swing sets they can cost up to a thousand dollar. Kettler Trimmstation can be yours for not much. It already has all the reasons why your child would love to play with this.

Safe and Durable

One of the top considerations in choosing a swing set for your children is how safe it is. This means that the swing set is durable and stable. It does not easily topple over or break down when many children are using it at the same time. Good thing, this particular swing set is designed with safety in mind. It is constructed with sturdy metals that are coated with fade and rust-resistant powder finish. In order to make it stable, the swing set must be anchored securely in concrete ground. Ground anchors are included with your purchase. In addition to this, the metals used are safer because they do not conduct heat and do not have splinters which keep your children safe all the time.

Colorful Design

Children are more attracted to products that have colorful and fun designs. Kettler Trimmstation swing set is painted with bright colors that will surely make children happy. The paint does not come off or rust even if exposed to the harsh weather all year round. The metals are coated with fade and rust-resistant powder to ensure that its vibrant colors will remain bright and attractive like a brand new set.

Long Lasting Swing Set

Many reviews are raving on the swing set’s durability. Since it is made of metal, you are assured that it does not require too much maintenance and will last for years. Happy and satisfied customers never fail to mention how their children and their friends have outgrown the set but it still remains intact and ready to give fun to other children.

For Kids of All Ages

Kettler Trimmstation swing set is designed for children age three to eight years old. However, you can also let your infant or one year old children have fun with this swing set by purchasing a Kettler Baby Swing Seat and Slide. Though these need to be bought separately, these items can easily be attached to the Trimmstation set. Some adults find enjoyment also with this swing set since the maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Long Warranty

One great news in purchasing this swing set is it has a five-year warranty when used in residential areas. Warranties are important when it comes to buying products especially, products that require assembling. There are times when the product has missing and damaged parts. This swing set gives it consumers a long warranty to show that they are willing to provide the best swing set they will ever have.

Ideal for Small Yards

Even if you have a small yard, you can still provide a swing set for your children. This is your best option as it occupies lesser ground space than other swing sets.

It is true that Kettler Trimmstation swing set has numerous advantages but it also has a set of drawbacks that every consumer should know. It is imperative that these drawbacks are not overlooked and ignored. It pays to know everything about a certain product even, its flaws.


Just like any other swing sets, Kettler Trimmstation swing set is not easy to assemble or put together especially, if it is your first time. Though it comes with instructions, it takes time and manpower to assemble everything in place. Since the swing set needs to be anchored on a concrete ground, you must first have a concrete space to place it. You are also asked to dig into the ground to stabilize it. You really need to have construction ability to keep it safe and stable.

Constant Adult Supervision

Even if this swing set is made specifically for children, it does not guarantee that your children will be safe all the time. Children love to explore and try new things and the height of the swing set is pretty high for three years old. If the children using the swing set are younger than five or seven, it is important that a responsible adult is present all the time to make sure that they do not get hurt.

Metal Frames

The metals used provide stability but they can also pose danger to children. The metals are exposed and are not cushioned so it is possible that your children may bump their heads. This is the reason why it is important that an adult should be present all the time.

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Overall, Kettler Trimmstation swing set is a good buy because it is affordable, safe and durable. With its anchored support, you will never get scared when the swing set will suddenly fall down. As long as it is securely attached to the ground, your children will experience a marvelous time with their friends. Anchoring it securely into the ground is the most important thing to do when you choose to purchase this swing set.

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