Lego Creator Family House Review

Lego Creator Family House Review score: 99/100. If you’re looking for a present to a young schoolboy or a schoolgirl, this review will be interesting for you. You can give hours of creative playing to your adorable 10-year old child.

It is a wonderful construction set from Lego, which is able to develop creative thinking and engineering skills. In addition, this set will provide you with a lot of hours of exciting family time together with your kid. And you are not going to feel bored at this time!

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What Will You Get with Lego Creator Family House

Lego Creator Family House is in fact a trio of houses. All three different houses have awesome detailing, such as window shutters and picnic bench. This wonderful Lego construction set allows to build a family house, a bungalow and a Mediterranean villa. There is a need to add, that the instructions are very precise and clear, provided for each house separately.
A built family house is as large as 10″ (26cm) long and 9″ (23cm) tall.

Product Specifications

· The measurements of the package of Lego Creator Family House are 18.9 x 2.8 x 14.9 inches.
· The house measures 10 inches (25.5cm) long and 8.8 inches (22.5cm) tall.
· The weight of the product is 4 pounds
· The construction set consists of 976 pieces
· It is made in Andorra

In general, Lego Creator Family House is made of high quality durable plastic. The set is recommended for ages 8 – 12 years. However, reviews say that 6-year old kids can build such constructions on their own or with a little help from parents (mostly assembling roof). Customers say that constructing roof is the most difficult part of the building. Check out YouTube video for the entire process of assembling a house.

Pros and Cons

Generally, playing with construction sets is very useful for the children. This develops their imagination, creative thinking, and engineering skills as well as teaches patience and ability to understand and follow instructions.
In fact, building with Lego is well-known for bursting creativity and its help in problem solving. Therefore there are special programs for personal development of adults, which are based on Lego methodology, such as Lego Serious Play. Researches show it is an amazing process to enhance ability to find different approaches to one task.

It is useful to know that Lego has organized Lego foundation, which conducts their own researches on people’s and children’s development and creativity. More information about the LEGO Foundation Lego foundation research & learning you can find via the link. There details on academic research on creativity in learning are represented.

Lego Creator series is awesome because of the possibility to build three houses or cars (whatever else) from one set of details. This is really amazing for long play. Particularly this set can be especially valuable for girls, because it is possible to take out roof and play with each home as a home for dolls. What about other advantages of the set:

· The instructions are well-written hence kids are able to figure almost everything out themselves. However they may need help anyway.
· It is possible to play inside the house and on the second floor as roof consists of two separate parts.
· Amazing detailing
· Trio of houses from one construction set
However, there are some important things to remember with Lego Creator:
· It is not for children under the age of three years.
· It is not easy to build a roof, therefore a kid may need some of your help
· Help your kid only when he/she asks for that! The instructions are really clear, and even 6-year olds may be able to figure everything out.

What Others Say

LegoCreator Family House is a favorite. Both children and grown-ups are excited with the set. They say the most important reason for buying this set is a possibility to assemble three different houses. Even adults with Master’s degrees are fond of this set. Such Legos are interesting even for adult architects.

In addition, Legos really develop imagination as well as patience and attentiveness. The children can build their houses for hours! And they are getting more and more involved with each built item. At the same time, the ability to create such gorgeous buildings with no assistance makes kids be proud of themselves. In turn, this increases their self-confidence, which makes it easier for them to cope with other life issues.

This set will be a great gift for the children who already are into Lego as well as for those ones who haven’t got acquainted to Lego yet. It goes without saying most kids are into Lego. If your kid likes modelling and constructing activities, this set (as well as other Lego sets later) will be the top notch choice. And this is definitely better than staring at a videogame. Get Lego Creator Family House for your kid and get hours of creative play both for you and your kid.

Buy Now: LEGO Creator Family Home (6754) (Free Shipping)
Buying construction sets on Amazon is a good decision because items there are often cheaper than in other shops. Moreover, there are no queues on Amazon as well as no shopping urge before holidays. Everybody makes his/her choices in the comfort of their homes and no need to spend time to get to the supermarket.

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