LEGO Mindstorms NXT Review

If you are tired of old fashioned and boring conventional toys and recreation, check out our LEGO Mindstorms NXT review and get ready to be amazed.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT

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Challenge your mind and bring out the genius inventor in you. This is a very interactive toy which is a cool “gym buddy for the mind” for kids and adults or to everyone who likes to exercise their minds. This dedicated mind blowing robot-building kit is an excellent upgrade to the outstanding LEGO series collection.

Kids and toy-lovers nowadays searches for an alternative to dull, overrated and old-fashioned board games, tablet apps and basic toys. This generation’s trend is inclined to a more mind boggling and challenging fun activities. For parents and guardians, one basic consideration that a toy must possess is that it should not only be physically challenging but also mentally encouraging. A game where creativity is the only ace; and competition is not a challenge but an avenue to learn and advance.

Thanks to our forefathers LEGO Mindstorms NXT has risen to the occasion. This toy will definitely put a big fat check to our toy wish list. A revolution of the new generation toys profoundly developing and exercising one’s mind to create a prototype and futuristic robot. Our LEGO Mindstorms NXT review will definitely show you an impressive advancement of technology which is within the grasp of everybody’s hand.

About the Company

LEGO is one of the premium leaders of plastic construction toys. It is manufactured by The LEGO group, a company based in Bilund, Denmark. It is consists of colorful locking plastic gears, bricks and a huge array of minifigures and other related parts. In fact, just last February 2015, LEGO replaced Ferrari as the world’s most powerful brand.
LEGO’s product line include that of dinosaur figures, Disney characters, Video Games, Official Sites, Theme Parks, Children’s clothes, Board Games, films and related Media and Printouts like magazine and books. Also, LEGO is a popular supplier of prototype robotics part and design.


The LEGO Mindstorms NXT is run by the main component, Brick-shaped central command center computer called the NXT Intelligent Brick also known as the CIARA. This processor can take simultaneous input from up to four sensors and control a maximum of three motors thru a suited version of RJ12 cables which closely resembles the incompatible RJ11 telephone cord. Also it is designed with plastic steady pins that hold the cable in the socket slightly to the right.

The CIARA is also engineered to contain a 100 by 60 pixel monochrome LCD monitor with four button controls which allows the user to enter desired configuration, setting and navigation through an Interface in Hierarchical menus. Its Microcontroller is a 32 bit ARM7TDMI core Atmel AT91SAM7S256 with 256 kilobytes of flash memory. Its Random Access Memory is 64 kilobytes. An auxiliary microcontroller, 8 bit Atmel AVR Atmega48 and Bluetooth support provide stable control during process operation. To give an exciting feel, the set-up is also attached with a speaker which allows sound files at sampling rates not greater than 8 kHz. LEGO Mindstorms NXT power is supplied by 6 “AA” each of which has a potential of 1.5 V for the commercial version. The educational version on the other hand, is powered by Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. The package also includes Software development kit, Hardware Development Kit and a Bluetooth Developer Kit.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT remains completely similar with the NXT 2.0. Only the latter is black and was made to celebrate a decade of Intelligent MindStorm System technology.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT physically varies only based on the creative style and purpose of its designer and owner; but still the software is completely identical.


The following are the advantages our LEGO Mindstorms NXT review have found to be very impressive.

The LEGO Mindstorms NXT offers a wide array of software development and programs. It has a proud Open Source feature which means, any compatible application or software, which may or may not be of LEGO company origin, can run the whole set-up this favors infinite number of choices in combination of codes and set of commands. Programs can be downloaded through USB port or using the Bluetooth device. Even a mobile phone, once synced, can be used as a remote control device. Apparently, a maximum of three NXT bricks can simultaneously communicate while the set-up is being run. The educational brick version can be programed to read flowchart to perform specific tasks.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT can run using different programing software. This in turn provides a more personal touch to the system of the bricks. At the owners consensus, He or she can device a specific code which is exclusive of details and information to owner only. With its overwhelming complexity, the design opts the user to exercise his creativity, challenge his imagination and once shared, build a strong peer relationship. This would be a perfect bonding for families and an outstanding training material for the kids.


Conversely, our LEGO Mindstorms NXT review has also found the following disadvantages of the featured product.

The LEGO Mindstorms NXT is a piece of technology worthy of responsible handling and use. It is fundamentally made to improve and develop. Due to its intricacy, LEGO Mindstorms NXT needs strong parental guidance for kids below three years of age. It also entails careful guidance for kids when it comes to choosing appropriate software. Wrong selection may cause malfunction and delay in movement.

Anyone who wants to purchase the said product should carefully watch and read over the manuals and reviews. If in case the Instructions came hard to comprehend, the user is advised to seek professional help and this in turn is not free of charge.

Also, LEGO parts are sometimes so little which in turn poses a huge threat to very young kids. It might be ingested or swallowed if unnoticed. Practical saying KEEP OUT WITHIN CHILDREN’S REACH really applies.

Buy Now: LEGO Mindstorms NXT (Free Shipping)

Now you have ample information with the help of our LEGO Mindstorms NXT review.

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