Lego Parisian Restaurant Review

Lego Parisian Restaurant Review score: 98/100. The Lego Creator series has got a wide range of products for teenagers and adults. With these Lego sets you can create your one town, because the buildings are compatible. Every Lego Creator set provides a possibility to create a gorgeous construction. These buildings are large enough and pretty detailed. Therefore they require a real passion of an architect from the builder. Lego Parisian Restaurant is one of Lego Creator construction sets. It is a three-storey building in a perfectly crafted French style.

However, if you are going to buy Lego Parisian Restaurant for a kid as a present, consider his/her hobbies and abilities. For example, if the kid is really into Legos, he/she may be able to assemble the set on his/her own with a little assistance from parents. On the contrary, if you do not know for sure if the kid likes Lego sets, give it to her/him if she/he is more than 16 years old as this construction is for experts. In general, it is designed for persons older than 16 years of age. So, if you are looking for a present for a teenager, consider buying this set.

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Why LEGO Parisian Restaurant?


This incredible construction set includes includes 5 minifigs: a chef, a waiter, a girl and a romantic couple. The apartment on the second-floor has such furniture as a bed, kitchenette and a fireplace. The floor in the kitchen is of blue and white colour and has a lot of kitchen utensils. The set also includes a rat and 2 clams. The roof of the third floor reveals a studio of an artist, which features a heater, a paintbrush, a palette and an artwork.

This Lego set is combined with such LEGO Modular Buildings of Creator collection: 10224 Town Hall and 10232 Palace Cinema. The height of the assembled restaurant is 11″ (30cm), its length is 9″ (25cm) and the width is 9″ (25cm).

Measurements and Description

Lego Parisian Restaurant measures 22.9 x 14.9 x 4.1 inches and weighs 5.7 pounds. It is produced in United Arab Emirates. The details are well-crafted and made from sturdy plastic. The set includes well-designed instructions that explain how to create the construction using new building techniques.
If you are excited about getting this Lego set, you are welcome to see the process of building Parisian restaurant for yourself. Check out this YouTube video

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lego Parisian Restaurant

As the multiple researches reveal, building constructions from Lego helps to develop creativity and engineering thinking. In addition, being an architect for an hour or a few hours develops the skill of problem solving and teaches to find an individual approach to every issue. This is very useful skill not only for children and teenagers, but for adults as well. Therefore Lego has established its activities under the name Lego Serious Play.

Lego Serous Play is Lego’s consulting service, which provides new inspiration for teams and team players. It allows to build commitment and passion in teams and between employees. In fact, this is very important for big corporations which need to do some team building for employees to facilitate reaching the goals. In general, such activities are useful for bursting out creativity.

In scientific meaning, the play is designed to facilitate constructionism and imagination. As for now, there are a lot of researches establishing a true value of such serious plays for adults. You are welcome to read more on the topic here: Check out this intellectual technique for team building
Lego is widely used in educative technologies as well. There are even Internet tools for building from Lego. Actually, children can do modeling even using Google Chrome. More about Lego tools read here: Educating strategy using Lego technologies.

It goes without saying Lego is developing in direction of learning not only children, but adults and it is very good. Several Lego construction sets are designed to be used by adults only, like Lego Creator modular buildings. And Lego Parisian Restaurant is one of such buildings. In fact, a lot of adults like building from Lego so bad that they devote space for their buildings and once assembled never put them apart again. And this wonderful set will be an awesome part of such collection. There is a need to mention that this wonderful construction set has its pros and cons that are listed and described below.

Let’s start from considering its advantages:
· The building is very rich in exterior and interior details. Every tiny detail is creatively well-crafted.
· The interior is full of extremely little details, which are amazing. For example, there are croissants, cherries, cheese, milk, and a whole turkey in the kitchen as well as a pie, a pair of cupcakes, wine bottles, bones and other marvelous items. The opened apartment on up on the third floor is the same rich on details.
· This set is one of modular buildings of Lego Creator series. It is possible to purchase other items and build a city.
· The building features three floors full of details therefore it will not be boring to assemble it.
· The building is designed in a graceful French style
· What is very convenient about the package is the parts of details are divided into bags, prepared for each floor. In addition, the construction set includes precisely detailed instructions for each floor individually
· It is not necessary to be more than 16 years old to assemble the building, as only a few steps are complicated.

What about disadvantages:
· The entire construction takes considerable time to build (around 4 nights, reviews say)
· The set is not intended for use by little kids as it contains small details

Buy Now: LEGO Creator Parisian Restaurant 10243(Free Shipping)

Hope you found this LEGO Creator Parisian Restaurant review helpful. Do you have more reviews you would like to share? Please drop us a note below.

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