Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer Review

Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer review score: 99/100. The sun is finally out, and it’s high time the kids got some exercise. Tell them that, and they’ll come up with the most ingenious of excuses. It’s just the right moment to bring out your Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer! This bouncer means big fun and jumping times for the kids, and is a means to your end- getting your kids to leave their gadgets, and TVs and get that much needed workout.

If you don’t already own a bounce house but are checking out your options, The Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer is a good bet. However, each bounce house is constructed for a certain age range, weight, height, and the number of kids that can play in it at one time. There are other specific features too, that you may or may not require. Before going to the pros and cons, let’s put one important matter to rest: the issue of the budget. This bounce house is available within a price range. That is not very expensive, considering the cost of most of the other residential bounce houses.

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If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then this detailed review may help you make up your mind. So, read on to know what this Bouncer is all about, and then make a knowledgeable choice regarding whether this is the bounce house for your kids or not!

The Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer is an award-winning bounce house and 100% compliant with CPSIA standards.

Durable quality of material used

This Bouncer is made of durable and puncture-resistant material, which won’t tear or get damaged even after years of proper use. Just follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding usage, and this bouncer will be a source of fun and entertainment for your kids for years to come.

Tall walls with mesh netting

This bounce house has been manufactured by the Little Tikes Company, a part of MGA entertainment. Both these names are associated with implementing high standards of safety in products that they manufacture. Hence, The Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer comes with safety measures such as tall walls of mesh that keep the bouncing kids within the bounce house. These mesh walls are strong enough to provide support to kids who lean against them or fall against them, at the same time, providing parents a window of sorts to keep a watchful eye on their kids, lest the bouncing gets too raucous and wild.

A large jumping area

This bounce house is popular because of its large jumping area, measuring 7’ by 6’. Even though the number of kids allowed to play within the bouncer at one time is 3, there is ample space left for the kids to bounce about without getting in each other’s way or hurting one another.

Two mesh doors (on back)

This is another excellent safety measure. The mesh doors can be closed and serve as a wall that the kids can fall against. Of course they offer an alternative entryway at the back that the kids can use to hop onto the bouncer.


This bouncer is a combo unit, with a large jumping floor and an equally exciting inflated slide. The slide makes for a fun bouncy and bumpy ride out of the bounce house, and then kids use it to climb back up. The slide is a part of the bouncer and stays inflated the entire time the blower is pumping the air inside.

Side pouches

This unique feature is extremely handy when it comes to stowing away your child’s shoes and other items, when outdoors. This bounce house comes with two mesh pouches located on the side. These pouches or pockets are large enough to hold sneakers, water bottles and snacks.

Recommended number of kids, and recommended weight limit

The manufacturer recommends that this bounce house be used by no more than 3 kids at one time. Each of these three kids should weigh no more than 85 lbs., with a maximum allowable weight of 250 lbs. This bouncer is ideal for kids aged between 3 and 8 years.

Easy assembly; for outdoor use only

An 8 year old child can easily set up this bounce house. It only takes a few minutes to do so. Just place the inflatable on a flat surface, away from any water or electrical outlets and wires, or simply away from any sharp object that may cause damage to it. Connect the inflatable to the blower and switch it on. Your bounce house will be ready for use in no time! When it’s time to pack up and go indoors, simply deflate the bouncer, roll it up and pack it in your carry bag. Please note that this bounce house is meant for outdoor use only. If you find any aspect of the assembly process confusing at all, refer to the instruction manual, which contains detailed information regarding the setting up, deflating, care, and maintenance of the bouncer.

Heavy duty blower

A blower is included in the bounce house kit and it is used to inflate the bouncer with air so that it gains and maintains the required shape and bouncy structure that the kids find so irresistible. The blower is placed on the ground and held there by stakes, while it continues to keep the bounce house inflated. The blower comes with a warranty, is easy to transport and store, and it fits nicely into the carry bag. Please note that this blower is not a water-proof product.


  • Storage bag
  • Heavy-duty blower with GFCI plug
  • Repair kit
  • 4- Blower stakes
  • 6- Bouncer stakes
  • Instruction booklet


This bounce house comes with a 90 day limited warranty, from the date of purchase. The blower is covered by a one year limited warranty, from the date of purchase. It is advisable to read through the warranty documents to understand all terms.

Buy Now: Little Tikes Jump Slide Bouncer (Free Shipping)

Kids love the Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer! To them it means fun all day long! For you, it is a party lifesaver. It is absolutely worth the price because your kids will never get tired of it. Watch the weight restriction though, and curb your urge to climb on to it to join the fun with your kids. Buy this awesome bounce house for your kids’ entertainment and activity needs, and if you like it, do recommend it to your friends.

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