Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed Review

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed review score: 99/100. It is impressive how much a little novelty, fun, and adventurousness can boost a kid’s comfort and happiness, and even their pride–take a kid to the toy or furniture shop and they’ll probably duck into or ask to clamber onto the most unusual-looking bed, and an owned “special-looking” bed has the same effect on kids dropping by each others’ homes for a sleepover.

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The Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed comes in a few different colors. Still, how well does it hold up in practice for a novelty bed, particularly of that price? Allow us to go over the points of satisfaction and any potential issues this particular bet for a boy or sporty girl’s bed might afford.

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed – Product Basics

This Sports Car Twin Bed is made to hold a typical twin-size mattress and box spring (or no box spring) within dimensions given at 94x58x27 in., with the ability to adjust height to two different levels. It’s made of sturdy plastic and it does demand an amount of assembly, and it does not come with a mattress, but does come with mattress supports made of wood.

Product Pros

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed reviewers on Amazon agree that the bed satisfies the user–namely the child, and why shouldn’t it? A bed’s as comfortable for settling down in as the mattress, and the bed is nicely-designed and attractively-made, looking truly sleek and approvably sporty rather than like a plain ‘n cheap old car, hence that it sells as a “sports car” bed. The wheels are particularly nicely-detailed–and look at the way that the sides sweep up into the headboard in the back! It’s bound to fit charmingly into a themed, boyish, or sporty bedroom and be happily accepted by a boy, a tomboy, or–dropping discriminators–any kid who loves the sporty and “cool”.

Not only is it nice-looking–and a novelty bed had better impress; you wouldn’t want to theme a bedroom around a tacky or overbearing centerpiece–it’s sturdy, which is a success on the part of Little Tikes at maintaining a track record and which should reassure any responsible parent. It won’t collapse under a kid’s weight even as they grow in their sleep in it over the course of years, and twin-sized mattresses are good for quite some time. If you have kids who are still too small for a twin-sized bed born after whoever it’s intended for here-and-now, or if you plan to have more kids on the way at some point, the bed should be fine to keep as an eventual hand-me-down.

Height-wise, the bed is appropriate for a twin mattress as promised, and even with the product’s adjustability, box springs aren’t necessary to make for a nice fit between mattress and bedframe–box springs level the mattress with the sides of the bed somewhat, and so omitting the box springs make the bed even more roll-out-of-proof, and the benefits of box springs are technically few and finicky anyhow–omitting them when getting the bed set up is a harm-free way for you to save expense.

Consumer Cons

Though it does hold up in the respects where it really counts as far as safety and lasting value are concerned, the bed isn’t “scratch-proof”, but that’s a nitpick–even if you were likely going to try to fit two of these into the same room, it isn’t as if you can drive a bed like a bumper car, and surely your child will be sleeping in it, not attacking it!

More of a potential concern is that Little Tikes assures that the bed fits a standard twin mattress–but it’s not unheard of that an easily-available twin mattress will be a little too narrow for the edges, leaving a couple to a few inches of space between the sides of the mattress and the frame of the bed for arms or toys to wind up stuck in in the middle of the night, and arms wouldn’t be so much of a concern if it wasn’t for the fact that when a child can graduate to a twin bed can be as early as when they’re two or three. Either be ready to get some padding or be willing to get the bed before you need it to make necessary measurements and know exactly where you’ll need to go to get a mattress that’s just the right size.

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed – Review in Conclusion

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The Little Tikes Sports Car is an outstanding designer bed you can get for your child. It looks the part of something special and “just for you” enough to please the car-fancying child for whom you’re likely to be buying the bed.

Our Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed review verdict dictates that the only real “problem” with the bed is the mattress and bed width issue–while it’s easy to picture it being a nuisance or, at worst, a possible safety issue unchecked, it’s an issue very easy to get around or solve if you know to expect it.

As for getting your money’s worth, it’ll provide a safe and secure place to sleep from the time you’re introducing your tot to his first big boy bed to the point at which he’s gotten too tall for a twin mattress–or either of you decide it’s time to graduate again to something a little more plain or “mature”.

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