Step2 Gather & Grille Playhouse Review

Step2 Gather & Grille Playhouse Review conclusion: very glad we bought it. I recently purchased the Step 2’s gather and grille playhouse for my two sons. They are age’s 3 and 4. Since the day we have set it up in the yard it almost seems like the boys have moved out of the house already. The boys have been hosting BBQ’s for the neighbors children all week since receiving this. Me and my wife have been in the market for something to put in the backyard for the boys for a long time now. We went back and forth about building them a club house of some kind or even a tree house for when they are a bit older.

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Pros: Easy assembly, lot’s of props, great for groups
Cons: A little pricey, very big to get shipped.

Step2 Gather & Grille Playhouse Review

Myself being a full time worker and my wife being busy taking care of the guy’s, it was not something we really had time to do. So with easter on the way we decided it was finally time to get something nice for the boys to have since the weather is starting to get nicer out. We looked around at quite a few different options. The one thing we really liked about this specific play set is that it reminded the us of the cottage we take our boys out to whenever we get a chance and we feel like it is an extremely nurturing environment for the boy’s to expand their imagination and play in.

We showed the boys some pictures about a month prior to purchasing just to get their feedback and gauge their excitement and this was a no brainer for us. We put in the order and began the anticipating arrival process.

We were surprised at how quickly it arrived. We were shocked at how they managed to fit such a big play set into such a small box. Well, it was not that small but small enough! We hid the box away and waited until easter day to give it to them. Finally the day has come and we decided it would be fun to get the kid’s in on the assembly and this is when the product’s true value showed. We told the boys that I was going to take them out back to build a cottage and obviously this excited them greatly.

Not really knowing what we were about to dive into we begin to take it apart. It came in a few big pieces and was an absolute breeze to put together. It took about a half hour total but we would recommend having an electric drill handy as it makes the process a thousand times easier.

The first thing we noticed upon completion was the amount of features it had. We did not look very heavily into it pre purchasing so it was a pleasant surprise.


These features include: Built-in kitchen complete with a sink and some very realistic looking decals, an outdoor patio complete with a bench and built in grill, 5 accessories (BBQ props), a working doorbell (Heads up it requires 2 AAA batteries that are not included.)

Having two boy’s I’m sure any other parents can understand how hard they can be on.. well any kind of toys really. The durability of this play house was astounding and we had the peace of mind knowing that it was going to hold together despite the abuse it may have to it in the coming years.

We have future plans to possibly extend our deck in the backyard this was a bit of a worry for us at first but we realized that it would be extremely simple to move the entire thing without causing any damage or having to dissassemble the whole thing. The boy’s initial reaction was amazing they were extremely excited to move in and get to work grilling up some hamburgers and hotdogs for us.

Despite the chilly weather I got involved in the occasion and fired up the grill myself as plastic hamburgers and hot dogs may not have the most nutritional value.

The boy’s invited me and my wife in for dinner in their new home and we couldn’t refused despite myself being a 6’1 220 pound male, 1.27 meter’s is not necessarily the ideal head space for a comfortable stay but i’m aware I was probably not considered in the marketing demographic.

One thing we found amazing was how quickly the boy’s were ready to wash their plate’s in the brand new sink. This made both of us extremely happy as it seems a great tool to help them develop positive habits to take with them for the rest of their life. Who knows maybe when they get a little bit older I can teach them about turning the gas on and off properly (a dad can dream right?)

With all of the above being said, I would definitely recommend this to any other parents out there. It would be great for boy’s or girls and really lays out a perfect atmosphere and great foundation for children to reap the benefits of “playing house’.

The value of the product in itself is also a huge factor for us. I know we will get several years out of this as we plan on taking it down in the winter time as the boys will be too busy building snow forts to really spend to much time in it. Who wants to BBQ in the winter anyway?!

The boy’s seem very attached and we plan on letting them have some playmates over a bit further into the summer to have little BBQ’s and even backyard sleepover’s with tent’s and everything. This will not be for a few year’s down the road but the amount of possibilities we can fathom with this being the main setting are virtually endless.

Buy Now: Step2 Gather & Grille Playhouse (Free Shipping)

I recommend getting your own children involved in the building process it was a very bonding and exciting job for us to take on and make’s it easy to provide the children with small jobs in the assembly process. Just make sure to reward them with a big BBQ at the end so they can give it a true to life test drive! We are extremely happy with the purchase.

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