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Trampoline reviews of all shapes and sizes of trampolines – rectangular vs round, kids vs toddlers, indoors vs outdoors. My kids absolutely adore trampolines – and yours may well too. A trampoline can be one of the best gifts you can get for a friend or loved one. If you have kids, this is an excellent way to get your kids outdoors and away from their phones or computers. Trampolines come in many shapes and sizes, with often very different specifications.

This section of the blog will help inform your buying decision and help you find the best trampolines for you. Here are the most important criteria to pay attention to when selecting a trampoline:


Rectangular trampoline or round trampoline? Or slight variations of round – octagonal trampoline or oval trampoline? Here are the most important factors to consider:

  • Safety – round trampolines are the safest of the lot, as they naturally restrict the height of the bounce and limit the jumping area to the centre of the trampoline. If safety is the top priority, you should get a round trampoline
  • Bounce – how much of a bounce do you want? For maximum bounce, you should get a rectangular trampoline. Professional gymnasts and other athletes typically practice on a rectangular trampoline
  • Price – round trampolines are typically less expensive than rectangular trampolines


The majority of trampoline injuries result from using a trampoline without an enclosure. You should always get a trampoline with an enclosure if your single most important priority is safety.

Weight Limit

Make sure the trampoline you choose supports the weight of you and/or your children. A trampoline with a 60 pound weight limit can probably only support a small child, while one with a 500 pound weight limit can support two adults.


You want a trampoline that is built to last. Nothing is more annoying than having to source for trampoline parts or replace a trampoline within a year or two of use.

Best Kids Trampoline

Kids love trampolines and it is not hard to imagine why. When buying a kids trampoline, focus on safety first – get a try to get a round trampoline, ideally with an enclosure.

Here is the best trampoline for kids we have come across:

Skywalker Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer Trampoline


This trampoline is recommended for kids weighing up to 100 pounds, and comes with a gap free enclosure for maximum safety. The enclosure includes a round handle that provides additional support for your kids. It is very durable. My kids absolutely adore this trampoline and spend at least an hour a day on it.

Buy Now: Skywalker Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer (Free Shipping)

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Best Toddler Trampoline

When choosing toddler trampolines, go for one that has a handle bar. The bounce should be limited, just enough to make it fun for your toddler, but not so much that it becomes unsafe.

Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline


At 48”, this is an ideally-sized indoor trampoline. It comes with a sturdy handle bar for your toddler to hold on to, and the outer ring fully covers the springs – this ensures that your toddler will not get a foot caught in between.

Buy Now: Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline (Free Shipping)

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Best Rectangle Trampoline

Rectangle trampolines are typically used by professional athletes for training. It can absorb more force, and typically allows a higher jump. If you are evaluating rectangle trampolines vs round trampolines, also note that rectangle trampolines may be less safe – while a round trampoline naturally directs the jumper to the center of the mat, a rectangular trampoline offers more choices and in turn increases the likelihood of injury.

Here is the best rectangle trampoline on the market:

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline (15 Feet x 9 Feet)


Comes with an enclosure and probably the most sturdy trampoline on the market. Easy to assemble, loved by amateurs and professionals alike.
Buy Now: Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline (Free Shipping)

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Best Round Trampoline

Round trampolines are best for kids and toddlers. They allow less of a bounce than rectangle trampolines, and naturally direct the jumper to the centre of the mat, hence minimizing the risk of injury. There are also the best oval trampolines available if you may be interested in those.

Here is the best round trampoline we have come across:

Skywalker Round Trampoline (15 Feet)


This is a heavy duty trampoline with a jumping mat made from polypropylene to ensure strength and durability. Excellent size for up to 3 people, also great for other purposes – like watching the stars outdoors.
Buy Now: Skywalker Round Trampoline (Free Shipping)

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Best Trampoline Brands

When planning to buy a trampoline for the whole family, it is mandatory that you know the best trampoline brands in the market today. Knowing which brands are the safest or the most durable make your work a whole lot easier. Here are the five best trampoline brands on the market today.

Springfree Trampolines

Many customers named Springfree as one of the safest and the best trampoline brands. This Australian-based company has made it their aim to provide top of the line trampolines that their customers will feel safe and secure when using. This is the best brand if your trampoline will be used primarily by your children.

One of its main safety features is its springless design. This kind of design reduces trampoline-related danger and injuries like pinching of fingers and fractures. It makes use of fiberglass technology. The slanted fiberglass rods, which are placed at the bottom of the jumping surface, collapsed on top of each other when an impact is made and then snapped back to its original position. Since the fiberglass rods are strong and flexible to carry weight, there is less possibility of the jumping surface to crash down and hurt the jumper’s head or worse, break his/her bones. It also has a safety enclosure that keeps the jumper from falling over. In addition to this, Springfree’s SoftEdge mat is much stronger and absorbs impact better than any other leading brands.

In order to have more fun in a Springfree trampoline, you can choose to purchase basketball hoops. The warranty for the standard frame is four years and for other parts is one year.

Skywalker Trampolines

This is one of the leading and trusted trampoline brands of today. Skywalker has been in the business for a long time now and its experience in making high-quality trampolines has placed it on top. This US-based company is famous for its affordable trampolines. Its wide selection of trampolines allow you to choose which one best fits your family’s needs – from size to color to design.

Skywalker’s trampolines are designed with safety enclosures to prevent any injuries and accidents while having fun. The trampolines’ spring cover are UV-resistant in order to last long and do not weaken if placed under the sun for a significant period of time. Another amazing feature is the frames used are rust-resistant to ensure stability and durability.

Most people who have tried the best Skywalker trampolines rave about how easy and fast the set-up is. Apart from its affordable price, you do not have to spend too much time assembling and putting the parts together because the trampolines are all designed for convenience. For warranty, the frames have a year of coverage while other parts have 90 days.

My First Trampoline and Little Tikes

My First Trampoline and Little Tikes are two of the best well known trampoline brands that specialize in kids trampolines and toddler trampolines. Here is our shortlist of the best trampolines from these brands based on our trampoline reviews: Best My First Trampoline Reviews and Best Little Tikes Trampoline Reviews

AlleyOop Trampolines

AlleyOop is another great, US-based company that manufactures top of the line trampolines. Many choose to purchase from AlleyOop because of its lifetime warranty for its frames and enclosures and five-year coverage for other parts. This brand gives importance to the quality and performance of all their trampolines as well as its services to its customers.

Its main design feature for all the trampolines is the Double Bounce where the specialized trampoline beds absorbed more shock when an impact is done during jumping. This system prevents jumpers from falling over to the sides or crashing down to the floor. Also, all their available trampolines are designed with safety enclosures for added protection and safety.

Since the company prides for its exceptional product quality and outstanding customers service, trampolines come in hefty price tags. The common complaint among buyers is the long assembly time.

Pure Fun Trampolines

Pure Fun is one of the leading and best trampoline brands now. They are best known to have the most well-designed trampolines and even, playground equipments. They have risen into popularity because of their affordable and high-quality products. The company shows that high-quality trampolines do not need to be very expensive. They focus on producing more trampolines that exhibit safety, durability and sustainability.

Pure Fun’s main design feature on their trampolines is its T-section assembly. This type of construction adds stability and support. The safety enclosures built around the trampolines prevent any accidents and injuries during jumping. Pure Fun’s trampolines have 35 inches clearance from the ground so it is advisable to put or attach ladder for convenience especially, among children.

Pure Fun’s trampolines are the popular choice among households who have smaller yards. The company has a remarkable line of trampolines that vary in designs, shapes, sizes and colors.

JumpSport Trampolines

This is another US-based company that provides trampolines of varying sizes, designs and shapes. JumpSport is best known for its fitness trampolines but they also manufacture trampolines that are designed for fun and entertainment. This is the company that first introduced the safety enclosures. From then on, more companies have considered adding one to their trampolines to ensure safety.

The company offers an impressive warranty to their customers. Most of the frames are covered for 10 years or even, a lifetime. Other trampoline parts have coverage of two to five years. Aside from its warranty, the company boasts of its world class trampolines that do not only promote safety but also durability and sustainability. This way you get to enjoy its trampolines for a long period of time without worrying of wearing them out right away.

Many customers choose to purchase JumpSport trampolines because of their affordable prices and easy set-up.

These are the five best trampoline brands that provide long lasting, safety and high-quality products. Check each brand and see which one addresses your needs and your budget.

Trampoline Games

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Trampoline Parts

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Finally, before you make the purchase after reading these trampoline reviews, remember to pay attention to trampoline safety – trampolines are fun but may easily result in injuries if you are not careful.

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