AIRE Leopard Cataraft Review

If you are in a search for the perfect cataraft, but you don’t know what and where to look for, you came to the right place. AIRE Leopard cataraft review will show you that you can get durability, quality and optimum speed, and all that for a reasonable price.

AIRE Leopard Cataraft

AIRE Leopard Cataraft Review

AIRE is an excellent boat manufacturer that offers the best models on the market today. Since lot of people get confused and stressed when trying to decide between various boat brands, so buying a new cataraft can be difficult. All inflatable boats and rafts can last a really long time, but not all of them can handle same things, so that is the thing that may vary.

If you are still in a dilemma which brand to choose, juts have in mind that AIRE is the brand that is known for their honesty, so if they say they have really durable boats, you don’t need to worry whether it is true or not. Since they have 20 years of experience in boat making business, they will offer you pure quality. And since makers of these boats have boating for a passion, they make the best cataraft in U.S, and this model is a proof for that.

AIRE makes their boats in Meridian, Idaho, USA and as they say, their each model live up to standards of every whitewater enthusiasts, since makers themselves do their job and at the end of the day go out on the water and go boating on these boats.
As leading providers of inflatable boats in the U.S. AIRE make their customers happy with the warranty they give. You will get 10 year guarantee for all models and it will cover all the labor and also material costs of fixing the boat or a kayak. There is no such warranty for any other inflatable boat of other brands, just so you know. And besides that you will get excellent customers support and service, quality construction and ten-year no-fault warranty. So, if you choose any of the models that AIRE manufactures, you will not make a mistake, but without the doubt, this model is the one of their best. Whether you are going on a fishing trip or a simple vacation, this model will fill out every need. Let’s start.

This model is also, as Ocelot, the other AIRE model, redesigned with more bow and stern rise for better maneuverability on the water. If you are going on a longer trip, you will love this model, since you can pack a lot of gear and it can carry a huge amount of weight. If you decide to buy this model you will get 20 D-rings, 4 replaceable lift handles, a repair kit and also Leafield B7 valves. Secured with 10 year no-fault retail warranty, this cataraft will last you for many years.

Here are some of the features of this model. It is 18′ long and wide 7’6″. Weight of this AIRE model is 105 lbs and tube diameter 26.5″, while bow/stern rise 29″. Waterline is 120″ and the base fabric 1670. The load capacity is really great and it is 1427, which means you can carry extra weight on your trips and don’t have to worry if you boat can hold it. Colors of the hull can be green, yellow, orange, blue or red, so you have big choice on your back. The price is a story for itself, so you will get excellent cataraft for a decent amount of money.

If you worry that you will puncture this model, you will be happy to know that this model is made with 1670 denier base fabric, and covered with a tough PVC-coated outer shell material, so the risk of punctures is really small. The exceptionally long life of this cataraft is possible because of a thicker coating of PVC fabric, but coated fabric is lightweight enough to keep the weight of the boat down. Inside the tubs you will find four high-tech AIRE cell system bladders that create a stiff yet highly responsive cataraft.
This model is redesigned in 2007 and improved a lot. It got higher rise in the bow and stern, so you will get better tracking and maneuverability, and also the special frame chafe was added to the top of the tubes too, so durability is improved. This AIRE Leopard Cataraft review is written to show you that you can get durability and quality for a decent price, so don’t hesitate when buying this model. Redesign just show that their manufacturers really think about all of their models and make improvements when they see it is needed.

Since it can carry loads of over 1400 pounds, this cat that is 18′ long and 26.5″ long is one of the easiest maneuvering cataraft on the market. It is suitable for special situations, even where you need performance craft rather than a higher payload, shallow draw, the one that Lion 16 has. It is equipped with large tube and any expedition you have, this cataraft can handle. So, whether you are looking for optimum speed or maximum cargo capacity, this model will do the job. As I said in the packaging is included repair kit, but frames are sold separately.

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You probably didn’t expect, when you started a search for a prefect cataraft, that you will stumble upon on variety of different models, prices and brands. In a sea of different manufacturers, it is hard to find a good one. So, the easiest way is to go for a safe one, and since AIRE has a reputation of one of the best inflatable boats manufacturers, you can go with it. This AIRE Leopard Cataraft review can only confirm that choice. So, look no more, this inflatable cataraft has all the things you need and probably much more. The price is great and warranty too, so you will get decent cataraft for a years to come.

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