Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review

Looking for a great deal on foosball tables? Tornado foosball tables are known to be the best ones in terms of quality and its user friendly features. Tornado sport foosball table review: this is one of the many best items of Tornado. In the foosball gaming world this Tornado sport foosball table is ideal for those who have just started playing the game and it is even popular amongst the experienced players. You can have a great gaming experience with it. It has been replaced with its previous version whirlwind and made more thrilling for the gamers. This table has the best features for the beginners and it has the option to play comfortably.

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This is a great deal amongst the existing foosball tables prevailing in the market. It is great fun to play on this table and it provides very high quality playing experience to the players. Its design and structure attracts everyone and it has exactly what gamers want in a reasonable price. The tornado sport foosball table is one of the best in basic foosball tables. Your time will be well spent and its incredible feature will surely deliver great value.

Important features to look at

When you have decided to purchase a foosball table, there are certain things you should look into. There should be enough space to keep the table and also some extra space for the players to stand so that they can play easily. The sport table is built with a standard measurement that is required for the players to get a good view on the table and enjoy the game. it can be placed in indoor game rooms, in your house you can keep it in garage or basement. There are obviously some attributes to it that makes Tornado sport a perfect foosball table for anyone. The table is top rated on features such as its durability, assembly, playing ground, handles, rods, ball return.

The construction of the table

It is a game room table and designed for free standing. It has a very nice and professional look. The material of this cabinet is manufactured wood and to be precise it has mahogany melamine finish. The cabinet is durable melamine playfield 3/4” thick and the table has good mahogany melamine finish on a 1” thick cabinet with tornado logo on it. The playing surface has fine finish with a beautiful green look. The design is quite good to attract any player. Ball control is very precise and it does not let pass between the walls. Good quality composite material is used in this table MDF, which gives it durability and sturdiness. this makes prevents the table from being wrapping and cracking as it does not absorb moisture. it is dent resistant, durable and heavy. It weighs about 205 lbs, which enables it to stand steadily on the place while the game is on. This includes manual bead slide scorer. The overall dimension of the table follows the measurement of any standard quality table that is height 36”, length 56” and width 30”. It is undoubtedly a high quality table that the players can enjoy for a longer time and they can play flawlessly.

Tornado sport table foosmen

The foosmen of tornado sport has a modern touch and finish. Two players can play the game on this table and there are two colors team on it. Among the two color foosmen; one is yellow and other is black and it has a very innovative look on its foot design. This gives good control over the game. For better movements and playing the shots this design gives good balance. The defensive blocks are also easily controllable at this feature. it has traditional three goalie designed for each team. The player material of this table is plastic. Overall the look and the features of the foosmen give an ultimate joy to play with.

Easy assembled adjustable legs

One of the attractive features of this table is that it has height adjustable legs. This is great for the players as they can adjust the heights at different desired levels with boot levelers and enjoy the game. It is a convenient feature for the younger people who are not so tall to stand beside the table and play the game. The table legs material is manufactured wood, fine polish and it is colored black. Leveling boots are included with this. Legs do not include any wheels on it so it lacks movability but it stands firmly on the place which is important for the players to play the game comfortably standing on a place.

Steel rod with great grip

Tornado sport foosball table rods are known to be the most durable and strongest ones in the market. It is a core component as it holds the foosmen and the players move these rods to play the game. So it needs to be very strong and well-adjusted so that it can move smoothly. Sport foosball table has hollow rods, which we know that are bend resistant and it lasts many years. The steel rods are 125 inch long and also resist warping. This has patented sure grip black, plastic non-slip handles. This helps to give highest tractions so players find it easy to play and give good speed shots. Any beginner would find learning different moves much easier with this option and experienced players also love this feature to give faster spins and kicks during the play.

Quality tested foosball balls

The balls that are included are of very good quality and chip resistant. It is patented urethane perfectly shaped, well designed quality ball. It is made with precision and ensures game accuracy. This ensures long lasting performance for many years even after it is repeatedly used by the players. Ball return is at both the ends of the table.

Well-made and Easy to assemble table

It is a durable and sturdy table that has satisfied a number of people. the country of its manufacture is US and built in Richmond hills, Texas. The brand name Tornado itself is high rated in customer satisfaction. Though it is not completely disassembled, some of its parts need to be assembled to fix it in a place. Putting the foosmen on the rods and setting the rods on the table surface, adjusting the legs to the table are some of the basic things that are required. Tornado sport foosball table The instruction manual is included in it and it takes very less time to complete the task of assembling, no need for extra tool kit to do the work.

Worth the money invested

Buying a good quality foosball table would cost you something around a thousand dollar. Among the existing ones, Tornado one of the top selling brands provides this sport foosball table. Surely you can get foosball tables at a lower price but they would not last long. Tornado sport foosball table Other high quality foosball tables costs a lot but Tornado gives you the best quality at a very reasonable price and you will know that you made the right decision buying it when you get to play on this table.

At a glimpse the pros and cons of this sport table is highlighted below:


If we talk about the strengths of this table its durability and sturdiness comes first.
Its excellent manufacturing quality makes it standout in the crowd
The mahogany melamine finish, green surface, colorful players gives a very elegant look
Easy to understand instructions and assemble the parts without any extra tool kit.
Good weight which helps to stand strong and players play the game comfortably.
Rods move smoothly.
Great quality foosball table at a very reasonable price.


This tornado sport foosball table lacks the counterbalanced men that most of the other professional tables have. This is a mid-tier foosball table not for competition level players. Most of the people buy it for beginners or only for recreational purpose so this non counterbalanced men feature does not have much effect on the game.

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Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review Conclusion

Tornado sport foosball table is one of the best of its kind. Tornado is well known for many years for providing quality foosball tables. As for this sport one, it is a mid-level enjoyable game table with all the great features anyone would love to get at a reasonable price. This will give a joyful gaming experience to anyone whether at home or at office recreation room.

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