AIRE Lion Cataraft Review

In this AIRE Lion Cataraft review we share why this is the ultimate choice you need for extended river trips or excursions where hauling a long list of materials, gears and even heavy equipment is needed. This type of vessel is designed to navigate shallow rivers or streams. Both 14’ and 16’ Lion cataraft have served its purpose in tremendous ways for people who love the waters. As a matter of fact, there are people who regard this cataraft as their main transportation in areas where rivers and streams are the only gateways to another place. Whether this vessel is used for lazy exploration or fishing, a lot of AIRE Lion Cataraft owners are beyond delighted in having this.

AIRE Lion 14' Cataraft

If you are thinking of purchasing AIRE Lion Cataraft to tag along on your next water adventure then, you need to know its pros and cons. This article will enlighten you if this vessel best fits your needs and purpose.

Excellent Construction

When it comes to catarafts, it is important that you highly consider its construction and the materials used especially, if you are going to use this frequently. AIRE Lion Cataraft is constructed well to ensure durability and top performance while you are on water. This cataraft is made from 35 ounce per square yard 1670 denier PVC for its top tubes and its bottom tubes used 45 ounce per square yard. It is also designed with Leafield B-7 valves, 4 urethane bladder AIRE cell chambers and heat-welded seams.

Innovative Design

The great thing about this type of cataraft is it provides unique and innovative design features that are not usually found on other brands of catarafts. It has larger load haulers and oversized tubes ideal for hauling even large quantities and heavy objects on shallow or flat water. The AIRE Lion 16’ Cataraft offers higher rocker and longer waterline while the 14’ Cataraft works best for rivers or streams with tight spots.

Excellent Balance and Stability

When it comes to catarafts, it is important that the vessel can provide good stability and balance to avoid accidents or injuries. The great thing about AIRE Lion Catarafts is they are constructed well to ensure easy mobility even on rough waters. The cataraft is designed to cut through waters. The 14’ cataraft becomes a top choice for many especially, for smaller and tighter rivers where length is an essential factor in touring. With its shallow draft, this catarafts are the best choice for low waters and they are much faster.

Remarkable Load Capacity

Unlike other catarafts, the AIRE Lion 14’ and 16’ Catarafts offer remarkable maximum load capacity. This means that you can now haul large quantities of materials or heavy equipment without worrying. The 14’ AIRE Lion cataraft has a maximum load capacity of 1280 pounds while the 16’ cataraft can carry a load of up to 1679 pounds. Crossing rivers with lots of materials and heavy equipment will never be a problem now with these Lion catarafts.

Safe and Reliable

It is important that before buying any inflatable boats or kayaks, you are a hundred percent sure of the make of the vessels. Since these are used on waters, they must be designed in ways that will both protect and secure you. AIRE Lion catarafts are manufactured by a trusted and reliable company so you know that these catarafts are safe. The materials used are all of the highest quality and the construction is done excellently to make them not only safe but also durable and long-lasting.

Ideal for Water Adventures

AIRE Lion catarafts are versatile vessels. They are used not just a transportation but they can also be an ideal companion for fishing, sea touring and even, wild rafting. Since the catarafts are designed with excellent stability and balance, you will never have any trouble crossing rivers or streams. A lot of owners are using their catarafts for any water adventures and they have never been disappointed.

These are the pros when you buy the 14’ or the 16’ AIRE Lion cataraft. These catarafts are all dependable and efficient on waters. They can easily respond to rough water and provide better maneuverability. However, there are also certain setbacks that you need to be aware of about these catarafts. These may not be a major issue for many but knowing the setbacks before purchasing will help you decide to go for it or not. Here are some of their setbacks:


If you are on a tight budget, both of these catarafts are not the best choice. In spite of its high quality and excellent performance, the price is a major disadvantage for many. However, if you are looking for an efficient, durable and long-lasting cataraft then, this model is a good investment.

Proper Weight Distribution

Just like any other water vessels, you need to know how to properly distribute weight – your weight and your load’s weight. You also need to consider the cataraft’s bow and stern areas because they are open and whenever you make a turn you need to maintain balance all the time. It is highly advised that you should never overload the vessel to ensure safety and easy maneuverability.

Oars Not Included

Oars can be very useful while riding on rough waters. The sad thing is it is not included when you purchase the cataraft. You need to buy the oars separately which is an added expense. In buying oars, it is recommended to choose an oar that is 6 inches longer than the overall boat.

Buy Now: AIRE Lion Cataraft

Overall, AIRE Lion catarafts are a great buy whether you choose the 14’ or the 16’. Both models display excellent performance and provide exciting and thrilling experience. If you are still confused if this is the right vessel for you, you need to read the reviews and feedbacks about these catarafts. You will be amazed on how owners are raving on its quality and performance. There are a lot of review forums on the Internet to give you an honest and personal view about the catarafts.

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