AIRE Wildcat Cataraft Review

In this AIRE Wildcat cataraft review we discuss why this has been one of the favorites of most boat enthusiasts. It is designed to simplify the usage yet giving you the best boating experience. It is not easy to choose which cataraft to purchase especially, now there are so many brands and models. In order to make your life easier and your decision wiser, AIRE brand is the one to go to if you are in confusion on what cataraft to buy. AIRE Wildcat in particular has received good reviews and excellent feedbacks from ecstatic owners. It is not just the design of the cataraft but its overall performance and features complete the ideal boat.

AIRE Wildcat Cataraft

If you are purchasing an AIRE Wilcat Cataraft, here is an honest review on what to expect from it. This article also lists down some of its minor issues that owners are concerned about. But first, here are the pros of having this cataraft.

Excellent Construction

When it comes to cataraft, you need to choose one that is constructed well. Catarafts are expected to overcome tough waves with ease. This cataraft displays such ability because of how it is designed and constructed. In addition to this, it is also made with the highest quality of materials ensuring that when it tackles tough waves it can easily navigate the water without problems. The cataraft features a 1670-denier and 35-ounce tubes and 1670-denier 43 ounce on the bottom. The PVC fabric is made more durable because of its high tenacity polyester threads. The interior of the tube uses urethane AIREcells, which is a trademark of the brand.

Great Buoyancy and Agility

AIRE Wildcat Cataraft is best known for its incomparable performance on water. It displays great buoyancy and agility as it easily cuts through tough waves. Many owners test the capability of the cataraft on Type IV whitewater and they were never disappointed. Since the cataraft is constructed well, it performs impeccably without trouble. It withstands rough current as it maneuvers the water. Many owners say that this is definitely one of the best solo catarafts in the market today.

Good Features

Aside from its construction and performance, this cataraft is designed with more features that are helpful in making your boat experience memorable, fun and convenient. It has four chambers for added safety and protection and each chamber uses superior Leafield B-7 valves. It has a capacity of 607 pounds which is ideal for one person and some loads of gears or equipment. Along with the frame, it also comes with a repair kit and carry handles. On top of this, AIRE Wildcat Cataraft has a 10-year warranty for retail purchase and 5-year warranty for commercial purchase. This just proves that this is truly a top of the line cataraft.

Safe and Stable

The common misconception about smaller catarafts is they are not as safe and stable as the bigger ones. Actually, AIRE Wildcat cataraft with its 13’ length can easily maneuver and has a great flip resistance. This small cataraft has lower buoyancy so it is unlikely to be turned over with just one sweep. One important to consider in keeping the boat balance and stable is to make sure that it is not overloaded. It should not go beyond the maximum load capacity.


This price does not include the frame. It may sound like an expensive cataraft but with its performance, features and design you know that you have made a good investment. This is not only great for your hobbies but this can also be used as transportation or a loading boat for your gears and equipment.

Another great feature of AIRE Wildcat cataraft is you can request to replace or upgrade its PVC fabric to urethane. This special order will surely extends the life of your cataraft because it will be more durable. In addition to this, the hull has several available colors to choose from – blue, green, red and yellow. You may also request for a special order if you want the hull to be purple in color. However, there are some minor concerns that you need to be aware of about this cataraft. Here are some of its drawbacks:

One-Person Cataraft

Yes, it is fun to explore the waters with a companion however; this cataraft is only designed for one person. Its one-seater feature cannot be extended or converted into a two-seater. You mau have to find another model if you prefer to have someone along with you during your water adventure.


Its price can also be a drawback because not all can easily spare more than a thousand dollar especially, if this is used for a hobby. There are catarafts that costs less than this model but the quality and performance may be compromised. If you see yourself using this cataraft regularly for years, then buying this is a good investment. You must always consider on the frequency of using this cataraft so that you will not feel bad about purchasing this.

Load Capacity

Just like any other water vessels, it is highly recommended that you must be aware and conscious about its maximum load capacity. If you overload, it is possible that the vessel will capsize or flip over. Overloading can also significantly affect the performance of the cataraft on water. You must also remember that this is a solo cataraft so sharing the space with someone is never a good idea.

Frames Sold Separately

Another drawback is you need to purchase the frames, oars and seats separately. This is an added expense which will increase your total purchase. This is truly a disadvantage especially, for those who have no extra budget to spare.

Buy Now: AIRE Wildcat Cataraft

Overall, AIRE Wildcat Cataraft is a good buy. It is considered as one of top models of AIRE and one of the best catarafts available today. It has definitely good points which include its well-constructed design, use of high quality materials, excellent mobility, buoyancy and agility. It is flexible as this can be used for sea exploring, touring, fishing and even as transportation. Though there are several setbacks, these are things that can be fixed easily as long as you are a responsible and mindful owner.

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