AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline Review

This AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline Review will show you why we love this trampoline. If you want your family to have a memorable bouncing experience, the AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline is one of the best choices. These days, many households have seen the benefits and the fun a trampoline gives not only to children but also to adults as well. A trampoline is a good reason to bring your children outdoors and let them play and bounce to develop their coordination, balance and endurance. It is also use by many fitness enthusiasts as an equipment for their workout routines.

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AirZone Outdoor Spring

Whether AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline is for fun and entertainment or for workout, you will get the maximum jumping experience that you will not find in any other trampolines. Here are more high points that you will enjoy in purchasing this trampoline.


In buying a trampoline, safety should be the top concern for parents especially, if this is intended for children’s use. AirZone Outdoor Spring has a mesh padded safety enclosure that prevents children from falling off the trampoline. The safety enclosure is made of non-abrasive polyethylene mesh that are securely and tightly woven so that your children’s small fingers and toes are not pinched or caught in between. The springs are well covered with a water-resistant cover. AirZone Outdoor Spring has also passed the ASTM requirements done by independent companies.

Durability and Sturdiness

Another concern that you should look into in buying a trampoline is its durability and sturdiness and this trampoline has these two. You do not want a trampoline that gets toppled over easily or uses low-quality materials. You do not want your child to fall down because the mat breaks. AirZone Outdoor Spring is built to be enjoyed for a long time. It has six W-shaped legs to maintain stability and its stainless steel springs help give a good bounce and security. This trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Multiple Jumpers

The fun and excitement that the children experience will boost up to a hundred percent when they are jumping and playing on this trampoline together with their friends. Jumping alone is not as fun as bouncing off with siblings and friends so the manufacturer makes sure that the jumping area can easily accommodate more than one child or as long as it does not exceed the required maximum weight capacity. It is important that adults should not attempt to jump together with another adult. This prevents unexpected accidents.


This is one of the most affordable trampolines available in the market today. This costs not much. There is no need to spend a thousand dollar to get a good and high-quality trampoline. Many happy and satisfied customers have been raving about the performance and quality of the trampoline given its cheap price. This is the ideal trampoline for families who do not want to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy the full benefits of jumping.

Easy to Assemble

Many buyers of trampoline gets intimidated and confused when it comes to setting up. Though it takes more than one person to assemble this trampoline, you do not have to worry because the site provides video tutorials for easier and faster installation. Based on many reviews, the average time of assembly is two hours. This will take less than that time if you have somebody to help you out. It is important that before setting it up, you must read and understand the manual first before assembling it. Or, if it is too complicated, you can always watch videos or read the right techniques on the Internet given by various users.

For Fitness Use

Trampolines have been used as an tool to do exercise routines for years now. If you are one of those people who have a diverse set of exercise routines, you do not have to purchase a separate trampoline for your workout. This trampoline can also be used for your work out session. This is durable and sturdy enough for extensive and demanding routines.


AirZone Outdoor Spring is a great product but it has some minor details that customers are concerned about. These issues do not necessarily affect the performance of the trampoline. Here are some of the setbacks that customers have been complaining about.

Constant Adult Supervision

Even if the manufacturer has stated that the trampoline is very safe for children, you do not want to risk by leaving them unsupervised while jumping. It is always important that a responsible adult should be present all the time while the children are jumping and playing. This minimizes injuries and accidents. This should always be the concern of every parent whether it is a trampoline from high or low-end brand.

High Replacement Costs

There are customers who have been disappointed in terms of the longevity of the materials used. With the given price, do not expect that that all the parts and materials of the trampoline will last for many years. Though replacing the parts is an option, it can also be costly. With the right maintenance, it is possible that you and your family will enjoy this trampoline for a long time.


Most of the time, one can easily determine the quality of a product based on its price. AirZone Outdoor Spring is not considered as one of the best or top of the line trampolines. Compared with high-end trampoline brands, the materials used are not that great. The safety net is not as durable as the expensive brands and the legs are not as sturdy. But this is a great and cheaper alternative, if your main concern is your children’s enjoyment.

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As you can tell from this AirZone Outdoor Spring review, this trampoline is your best choice if you are low on budget. This is a cheaper alternative to enjoy the benefits and fun a trampoline gives. This trampoline promotes safety, security and durability but not as great compared to other leading brands. Adults can also use this trampoline as this is designed to accommodate anyone who is under the maximum weight capacity. This is the perfect gift that you can give to your whole family to add a new twist to your usual weekend activities.

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