Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′ Review

Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′ review takeaway: this is probably the best top-line water trampoline we have seen in our water trampoline reviews. The Rave Aqua is a creative way to boost your fun time while you and your family are on the beach or lake. There is so much to do while in the water and with a water trampoline in sight you will never run out of things to do. This is the perfect companion for your much needed vacation.

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Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15

With so many water trampolines available in the market today, it is easy to get confused on what to choose for the whole family. If you are after a long-lasting, durable, safe and easy to install water trampoline then, choose Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′. Here are more reasons why you should get one.

Unique Design

One of the greatest things about Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′ is its unique and patented design which eliminates the use of heavy-duty steel frame around the jumping surface. It gives more space for jumping. Without the additional steel frames, it becomes easier to set up and is less heavy to transport into the water.

High Quality Materials

This trampoline only uses the highest quality materials that are suitable for water adventure. The company goes all the way in creating a top of the line trampoline where every feature and aspect of it are exceptional. It makes use of 28 oz. reinforced PVC, heat-welded seams, UV-treated and anti-mildew materials. All its materials contribute to create a good and safe bounce. In addition to this, you will never have to worry keeping this trampoline in the water or under the sun for a long time.

Large Jumping Surface

Reviewers are raving about Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′ because of its wide jumping surface. It can easily accommodate two adults and 4 children or anyone whose combined weights do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of 700 pounds. The absence of perimeter steel frames on the sides adds 30% more jumping surface. Large jumping surface means loads of fun. This allows children and even adults to enjoy every minute of their jumping experience. This will definitely be a big hit to all children especially, if they love to do stunts and high jumps.

Easy Installation

Since this trampoline has no frame on the perimeter of its jumping surface, setting up is easier and faster. Just simply inflate the trampoline up to the recommended pressure. It should be as firm as a basketball. You must remember that under inflated tube does not give a good bounce and the jumping surface slowly sags. Also, during inflation you may need to exceed the pressure a little bit to ensure that you will get a great bounce.

Safe and Fun

Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′ is the ideal and perfect companion for your family’s beach getaway. You do not have to worry on what activities to prepare for your children. This is a good way to encourage your children to go out and have fun in the water. They will tremendously enjoy the benefits of it. There will never be a dull and boring moment with this trampoline. Also, safety has been the top concern of the manufacturer thus, they create and design a trampoline that incorporates fun and excitement with safety and security. It comes with a 5-step ladder for convenience. You can also choose to attach large Aqua slide, launch and log to create a water park for your whole family.


From the best and leading manufacturer of trampoline, you expect that high quality comes with a big price. Many people will find this expensive but the quality, performance and materials used are all top of the line. On top of this, safety and security of your family is not put at risk. The manufacturer makes sure that everything – from materials to safety measures – do not cause injury or accidents.


Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′ has its own set of drawbacks that all potential buyers must be aware of. Though these concerns and complaints are not a big issue, knowing them gives you a head’s up on what to expect from this trampoline.


The price can be both a pro and a con. This trampoline is always the top choice of many families because of its quality and performance but not all of them can afford it. Even if this trampoline received great reviews, there are still many who are hesitant in buying this because it costs thousands of dollars.

Needs Large Storage Space

Since this is a large trampoline, this also needs a large storage space whether at home or in your car. You cannot just fold it into a bond paper size and stack it in the corner. You need to carefully and properly placed it to avoid it from getting tear and cut. Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′ can also be very heavy.

No Safety Enclosure

The absence of safety enclosure adds 30% of the jumping surface which is good news. However, this is not a safe trampoline for those who do not know how to swim or for small children. This trampoline needs to be placed on a water with a depth of at least 10 feet. This can be dangerous because children might fall into the deep water.

Water Use Only

Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′ is a water trampoline and can only be used on water. It is not designed and built for land use also. If you have a large swimming pool, you can place this in it. But never attempt to jump and use this while the trampoline is on land.

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As this Rave Sports Aqua Jump 15′ review has probably hinted at, this is a water trampoline we love. In your upcoming beach getaway, this product will surely complete the fun, thrill and adventure you are hoping for. This trampoline may be one of the more expensive ones but your safety, the quality of materials used and the fun it gives to your family will always be priceless.

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