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If you are considering the purchase of a 12ft trampoline, then you must check out our 12ft trampoline reviews. We have the value-adding details on the best 12 foot trampolines currently available. Trampolines of this size are great for the family with enough bounce room for bundled child’s play or therapeutic adult activity. You will find there is less to choose from in this range. You may well have to settle for a simple yet effective design. I suppose at this size however, the functionality and space are the most important factors, so we will show you just that: best-of-the-lot trampolines that are fun, safe and secure with enough room to wear out the most enthusiastic of bouncers. Read on for our unbiased critical analysis of the best 12ft trampolines.

Recall that trampolines are a great way to exercise and include fitness training in your daily activities. Your unit can double as the safe summertime funhouse you need to keep the kids occupied, and the all in one workout and de-stressing prop that’ll remove the intimidation of typical exercise programs. So if you have the space for installation, a 12 foot trampoline may well be worth the consideration for getting some well needed fun family group activity. Now let’s have a look at what we have come up with.

Skywalker 12ft Round Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker’s 12ft Round Trampoline is a simply styled jumper at an affordable price. Available in five colour combinations, the 12 foot tramp features a PP mesh enclosure that is supported by six foam padded poles, and neatly buttoned to the circumference of the jump mat, and not the mat frame; hence isolating the mat springs during use. This subtle feature minimizes the opportunities for somewhat popular injurious accidents caused by mistaken landing on the hard rim of metal springs. The 10ft jump mat is made of durable polypropylene which is a widely used trampoline mat material. The mat is held firmly in place by a galvanized steel frame, and rust-resistant springs that fill the circumference. Six W-shaped steel legs support the bouncing fun house with 12-point contact that keeps the trampoline securely grounded. Unfortunately the much needed access ladder will have to be an additional purchase, but this 200lb bounce house is well worth the investment.

Sturdy steel frame and safety enclosure
Isolated springs for added safety
Good weight capacity
Great price
Ideal for child and adult jumpers alike

No access ladder included
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Pure Fun 12ft Round Trampoline

The Pure Fun 12ft Round Trampoline is a simple traditional setup without the typical meshed safety enclosure usually included for this size trampoline. Its sporty black and blue styling is augmented by a whopping 330lbs weight capacity and outdoor ready materials. Seventy two (72) tapered galvanized coil springs keep the high strength polypropylene jump mat in place and ready for action. The weather fighting springs are further protected by a blue, easily fitted waterproof PVC cover, foam padded for additional safety. Four (4) U-shaped powder coated galvanized steel legs support the 35in high circular mat frame.

Sturdy frame and mat setup for all jumpers
Padded waterproof spring cover
Great weight capacity
Great price
Outdoor ready

No safety enclosure included
No access ladder included
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Zupapa 12ft Trampoline Combo

The Zupapa 12ft Trampoline Combo is a German made jumper offering featuring a high strength, heavy gauged galvanized steel frame and a full frame meshed safety enclosure. The design has been certified “safe” by a German consumer product safety regulatory group – TUV.

Initial setup of the Zupapa trampoline is easy and straight forward and requires no special skills. The high strength polyethylene enclosure mesh is full height and is sturdy enough to prevent even weighty adults from falling from or even worse toppling the trampoline. The setup is impressively sturdy, with six W-shaped tube legs that offer 12-point support and 60lbs of installed mass to anchor the assembly. The actual diameter of the jump area is 10ft, and the springy mat is made of woven UV resistant polypropylene material.

The weather proof jump mat is tensioned and supported by 72 thick-wire, galvanized, tapered coil springs which make repeated high jumping a breeze. This trampoline is fit for any jumper or combination of jumpers less than 330lbs. This is impressive flexibility that will accommodate a wide range of users.
The trampoline can be conveniently accessed using the much necessary and included steel access ladder and the single zipped enclosure entry point. There is a neat and useful mesh shoe bag attached to the circular frame for the tidy organizing of the typical bundle of abandoned shoes that tend to pile up the trampoline entry point. Of course a more organised environment is a safer environment, and we can truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of the German designers. When not in use, there is a complementary protective rain and wind cover that will increase the lifespan and of the already weather resistant materials. The purchase of the Zupapa 12ft trampoline is a tad bit pricey, but certainly worth the buy.

Includes a much needed access ladder
Heavy duty, rust fighting steel frame
High weight capacity
Full frame meshed enclosure for a maximised feel of space
Includes organizing shoe bag and protective rain cover

A little bit on the expensive side
Buy Now: Zupapa 12ft Trampoline Combo (Free Shipping)

Short as it is, this list concludes our 12ft trampoline reviews. As options for this size trampoline prove scarce, your decision for which to take home may be infinitely simpler. This list of full sized jumpers is your ultimate guide to the best 12 foot trampolines for home or professional use. Always remember that safety is of utmost importance when dealing with trampolines. This ever changing transfer of kinetic energy and momentum if unharnessed can prove dangerous and painful. Be sure not to exceed the capabilities of the trampoline you use, or attempt risky manoeuvres without the full understanding of their technique and possible implications. All things considered, a 12ft trampoline is a great option for fun and healthy recreational activity for the whole family. Thank you for reading, and we wish you all the best in your hunt for a playful rebounder sized for communal entertainment.

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