Best 10FT Trampoline Reviews – 10 Best 10 Foot Trampolines

Citing consumer interest in 10ft trampoline reviews, we have done some research and a few ‘try-outs’ and we think we have come up with a pretty good list of what the 10 best 10 foot trampolines are. The trampolines we’ll be talk about can be easily purchased online and are modern models that represent the very best. We will look at design, materials, style, special features and functionality. A 10 foot trampoline can be considered a “medium sized” full-size trampoline. It offers a little bit more room for true untamed outdoor play. Though trampolines can be fun for both children and adults, we must be mindful that trampolines are most often designed with child’s play in mind. The increase in trampoline diameter does not necessarily translate to an increased “size” and hence capacity, but is more about room for bouncing, and an extension of the possibilities in manoeuvres. So we must still pay close attention to the rated capacities.

Bouncing for Exercise

While trampolines are mostly regarded for their fun factor, they are also a prime medium for improved health and wellness activity. The trampoline is good exercise. The bouncing engages your leg and lower abdominal muscles. It is also a great cardiovascular workout and the trampoline bounce is a good way to relieve stress – just let it all out in a few minutes of free bouncing. Research has also shown that mothers can use trampolines to help build their children’s bodily coordination and improve balance – with purposeful use they may even burn some fat. So you see the trampoline is fun and healthy. If you have the space and money, then they will be a great addition to your home’s recreational facilities. They don’t have to be super expensive for years of fun either. How we treat them once they have been assembled is much more important. Have a look at my list.

SpringFree 10FT R79 Medium Round Trampoline

The SpringFree 10ft R79 Medium Round Trampoline is an award winning product with novel trampoline technology. This design is a spring free setup which makes for a full 10ft mat surface. There’s no ring of padded springs on the circumference. Instead, the high strength polypropylene bounce mat meets the integrated polypropylene mesh enclosure. This enclosure is amazingly strong and intentionally elastic. It will not collapse, but will instead catch you like a soft pile of hay – you bounce right back into the fun. All this quiet bounce is made possible by flexible high strength composite fibreglass rods which sit resolute between frame and mat. Below the roads is the supreme galvanized steel frame rated for 1100lbs. This high strength structure facilitates the wild fun you get exclusively with a SpringFree trampoline. The frame features five anti-topple and reinforced U-shaped legs. The actual play capacity of the R79 Medium Round is 250lbs, so it is ideal for light to medium weight jumpers.

Amazingly sturdy
Non-yielding enclosure mesh
Great weight capacity
Full 10ft mat surface
Quiet bounce
Accessories: FlexiHoop and FlexiStep

Requires large installation space
Heavy investment
Buy Now: SpringFree R79 Medium Round Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Merax 10FT Red Round Trampoline

Merax’s 10FT Red Round Trampoline is possibly the lowest cost trampoline you will get for this size, and with this style and quality. It features a galvanized steel frame with 6-point support. The frame holds the polypropylene bounce mat at 24in from the ground, and the mat is surrounded by a high strength safety mesh enclosure that is fitted to include the full frame diameter. The 54 galvanized steel springs are covered by a red padded PVC liner for safe play. Access to the mat is via an L-shaped zipped cut-out which features a safety snap buckle for added security. Rated capacity is 250lbs and this makes for intriguing possibilities.

Full height (6ft) mesh enclosure
Stylish red and black design
Full frame access
Great weight capacity
Safety buckle on zipper entrance

No access ladder included
Buy Now: Merax 10FT Red Round Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Vuly 2 10FT Trampoline Bundle

The Vuly 2 10ft trampoline is an Australian made play den that sports an unusual two layer coil spring design. This active spring design maintains the quality of the Vuly 2 bounce even with vast variations in load. A stylish metal frame holds the inviting enclosure around a strong polypropylene UV resistant mat. The enclosure is fitted at the mat circumference to prevent falling unto the padded PVC spring cover. This reduces the risk for injury. The enclosure is truly firm and will easily support the weight of most users – keeping you on the mat. You’ll feel like you could roll around all day in this thing. Of course the trampoline is rated at 330lbs, which in itself is an impressively feature. Initial setup is simple as the Vuly 2 comes equipped with quick snap fittings. It is a premium home or professional trampoline.

Stylish design
Full height dynamic mesh enclosure
Unusually high bounces
Impressive weight capacity
Easy DIY assembly

No access ladder included
Heavy investment
Buy Now: Vuly2 10FT Trampoline Bundle (Free Shipping)

Upper Bounce 10FT Trampoline

The Upper Bounce 10ft trampoline is an easy to set up smart looking trampoline – sturdy and safe. The bounce mat is made of high strength polypropylene and is immediately surrounded by a strong meshed enclosure. The enclosure prevents contact while jumping with the mat springs and their padded blue covers. This type of accidental contact is highly rated as a cause of serious trampoline injury. The stretched mesh is supported by eight foam padded galvanized poles, these are held in place by welded adapters fitted to the four W-shaped legs. The entire frame is galvanized steel, as are the springs. Rated capacity is 330lbs.

Black and blue sports styling
Isolated springs
Great capacity
Includes access ladder

Limited enclosure mesh capacity
Buy Now: Upper Bounce 10FT Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Ultega 10FT Jumper Trampoline

Ultega’s 10ft Jumper Trampoline features an impressively sturdy bounce. The design is simple, but the legs will prevent toppling in almost any situation. A galvanized steel frame, 64 tapered and galvanized steel springs and a strong and friendly polypropylene mat; these are the precisely engineered core elements that are responsible for the amazing bounce and sturdy sitting. The jump mat height is 30in, but not to worry, as a handy steel access ladder is included. The bounce mat frame is robed in a sporty polypropylene mesh enclosure that includes the PVC covered spring area. Weight capacity is 200lbs.

Includes access ladder
Sturdy design with great bounce
Full frame access gives roomier feel

Spring covers not padded
Low impact mesh enclosure
Buy Now: Ultega 10ft Jumper Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Zupapa 10FT Trampoline

The German made and certified Zupapa 10ft Trampoline is an interesting bundle. With the standard features such as galvanized steel frame, steel springs, PP mat and mesh, the Zupapa offering goes a bit further to include a convenient access ladder and a surely unusual shoe bag! Now this is a great addition for us who like to keep things organised. Another unique feature of the Zupapa is the unusually heavy schedule steel tubes used for the frame. The capacity of the unit is 330lbs and the 6-post meshed enclosure sits at the mat frame’s perimeter. The actual jump area is about 8.5ft in diameter.

Includes access ladder
Quick set up and tear down (easy storage)
Includes all required assembly tools
Heavy duty frame
Includes shoe bag (great for party rentals!)
Two safety buckles for zipped entry

Low impact mesh enclosure
Buy Now: Zupapa 10ft Trampoline (Free Shipping)

ExacMe 10FT Trampoline with Enclosure

This ExacMe 10ft trampoline features a galvanized tube steel frame, with an eight-pole enclosure frame. The ever handy access ladder is included and takes you right on the polypropylene jumping mat. Jumping is fun in this well anchored and spacious play house. The 64 galvanized springs keep the mat strict yet playful, for a smooth and inspiring bounce. The enclosure sits at the frame perimeter and has a zipped entry point. A safety latch and clip is fitted to prevent accidental fallout. The DIY setup is manageable and with a little effort you’ll have this bouncing bundle ready for full time play or exercise. Weight capacity is a comforting 280lbs.

Includes access ladder
Includes full frame enclosure
Nice capacity
Safety features on zipper entry
No tool setup

Low impact mesh enclosure
Buy Now: ExacMe 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure (Free Shipping)

Skywalker 10FT Trampoline

Skywalker’s 10ft trampoline is a simple yet effective setup. It has a galvanized steel frame with a four post mesh enclosure frame. These posts are held secure by a special T-socket fitting sleeved on the trampoline legs for ultimate stability. The enclosure excludes the spring cover area for a safer party. Four W-shaped legs keep the Skywalker planted, while sixty five galvanized springs keep the polypropylene mat taut. Though galvanized, springs are further protected by a waterproof PVC cover, padded for additional safety. The trampoline is recommended for children six years and up, and the capacity is a marginal 175lbs.

Simple and lightweight design
Strong enclosure frame
Increased number of springs

Low weight capacity
Low impact mesh enclosure
No access ladder included
Buy Now: Skywalker 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure (Free Shipping)

SuperJumper 10FT Combo Trampoline

If you are looking for a really affordable bounce then the Super Jumper 10ft Combo Trampoline with safety enclosure may well be what you are looking for. It features four W-shaped tube legs on a galvanized steel frame and a full frame 8-pole meshed enclosure. The materials are pretty standard. This jumper is well designed for smaller children and carries an otherwise meagre 175lbs capacity. Its setup is easy, and the entire assembly weighs only 82lbs, which adds some flexibility to the system. All the required installation tools are included in the budget-friendly package.

Full height enclosure
Maximise sense of space
Weather resistant

Low impact mesh enclosure
No access ladder included
Buy Now: SuperJumper 10ft Combo Trampoline (Free Shipping)

ExacMe 10FT Round Trampoline

ExacMe’s 10ft Round Trampoline is for the more intrepid playground beavers. It does not come with a safety mesh for contained jumping. It is a plain 10ft trampoline for tons of open, wild and safe fun. Four W-shaped legs keep the jumper steady as patrons jump their joys into reality. An assuring 280lbs weight rating makes this trampoline safe for child, teen or adult play. Setting up and tearing down is easy, and the combined weight is only 90lbs. The ExacMe tramp is outdoor ready and mat springs are rightly protected by a blue padded PVC cover. The cost for this plain and original trampoline is not much.

Approved for safety
Simple and lightweight
Outdoor ready
Low cost

No safety enclosure
No access ladder
Buy Now: ExacMe 10ft Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Have Fun and Be Safe

That’s the round up of our list. I hope these 10ft trampoline reviews were helpful, and that they offer the insight you will need to get the best 10ft trampoline in your backyard or gym. Be sure to consider the dynamics of your setup such as target users, level of safety required and required weight capacity. Though I have included one unenclosed option, it is always best, especially when dealing with children, to have a safety enclosure in place. The trampoline is alive as you jump, you can never fully predict what will happen. If for budgetary reasons you have to start with and open trampoline, then be safe and claim your right to the benefits of the bounce.

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