16 FT Trampoline Reviews – Best 16 Foot Trampolines

A 16ft trampoline is a monster bounce, and if you are thinking of getting one, then I highly suggest you read through our 16ft trampoline reviews. Larger sized trampolines can be tricky in terms of structural integrity, so you must pay close attention to the design and rigidity of the jumpers you consider.

For instance, if the springs are poorly specified, or not enough, the trampoline will most likely not last very long, losing form and effect with every jump. You will not see many variations for this size trampoline as it is not a popular size for general consumer use, but they are just as much fun and wholesome as any other sized trampoline, but with a lot more room. Owing to the wide mat area, you will also find that these size trampolines carry stiff and ‘heavy’ feeling jump mats. Lighter users, if bouncing alone, will perhaps find the bounce unappealing and tedious. As the jumpers pile in however, the mat becomes a bit more manageable and responsive for individual jumpers.

Trampolines of this size may seem fairly safe for single jumpers, even without safety netting; but enclosures are still highly recommended on all full sized trampolines, especially if they are to be used by children, or to practice acrobatic or gymnastic routines. All that said let’s get into our picks for the best 16 foot trampolines you’ll find today.

Upper Bounce 16ft Trampoline

The Upper Bounce 16ft trampoline is sporty bouncer fit for the backyard or the gym. Typical black and blue sport outfitting promotes the high strength galvanized steel frame, powder coated for extended life and durability. The frame is supported by six w-shaped legs meticulously formed for a balanced twelve-point support. The polypropylene mesh enclosure is fitted inside the spring ring, and keeps the bouncer or bouncers, isolated from the mechanical setup. This is a much favoured design feature, as the majority of recorded trampoline accidents have been known to include or been caused by unexpected pouncing on the springs. The safety mesh is high strength and effective, but not intended for direct impact our bouncing. It is suspended by a multi-pole frame, each pole fitted to the core frame by a socket fit into a factory welded adapter. The jump mat is polypropylene as well and sits close to 3ft from the ground. It is held in place and made functional by 108 coiled galvanized steel springs that attach to the eight-stitch lugs populating the mat perimeter. This trampoline will support up to 330lbs of jumping terror, and is fully outdoor ready. The price is a fair investment for the buy. Including an access ladder would’ve completed this strong offering, but still yet, the Upper Bounce 16ft trampoline proves to be a great value for loads of bouncing fun.

High strength enclosure
Isolated springs
High strength UV resistant mat, outdoor ready
Sturdy six leg design
Large enclosure zipper entry with safety clasps

No access ladder included
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Super Jumper 16ft Trampoline

Super Jumper’s 16ft trampoline is a budget-friendly option for roomy trampoline fun and excitement. Its design is simple, perhaps even a little too simple with a less than desirable enclosure setup, with a stingy access opening. Other dominant features are the typical of what you would expect from consumer trampolines, even down to the blue, black and grey ensign of sport and trendy. The frame is powder coated galvanized, and features a 16ft ring nested on six w-inspired tube legs; cleverly crafted for a more favourable twelve-point support. Heavy gauge tubes are used for ultimate strength. The jump mat is a little more than 14ft in diameter and is made of fine woven polypropylene, as is the safety net. 108 coiled galvanized springs keep the mat dutiful and ensure prolonged reliability. As would be expected, the mat and mesh are UV resistant and the springs are protected from the weathering elements by a waterproof PVC cover fitted at the frame’s limits. The enclosure is full frame, and this means the user is not isolated from the springs. For safety, instead, this trampoline features popular foam padding inside the PVC spring covers. This padding serves as a cushioning for unplanned falls on the springs. The setup is fittingly rated at 330lbs. Purchase price is magnetic, and this includes extended manufacturer’s warranties for frame, mat, springs and padding. Now that’s a real deal.

Low cost
Outdoor ready
High strength galvanized frame
Largest trampoline manufacturer in the world
Extended warranties (5 year frame, 3 year mat, 1 year springs, 6 months padding)

No access ladder included
Fragile enclosure
Small enclosure entry
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Magic Circle 16ft Octagon Trampoline

This Magic Circle 16ft Octagon Trampoline is a premium offering with an impressively sturdy four leg setup. The four wide u-legs support the 350psi jump mat and galvanized steel frame. The frame is made of high strength, heavy gauge material and with mat fitted, will support up to 450lbs. Now that’s what you call room for bounce. The mat is UV resistant, and is the typical polypropylene. The unsuspecting enclosure is surprisingly sturdy and strong and features a rarely seen full height access point. There is no zipper, no clasps, the entry point is a lapped meshed area – you have to get between to get into or out of the trampoline jump area. It is an extended enclosure, and so even when suspended this netting will be taller than most child users. This is added security for the safety of the playhouse.

Sturdy frame and durable mat setup
Strong meshed enclosure
Full height enclosure with full height access (lap design, no zip)
Serious capacity (450lbs)

No access ladder included
Buy Now: Magic Circle 16ft Octagon Trampoline (Free Shipping)
This short list of jumbo jumpers is the roundup of our 16ft trampoline reviews. As noted earlier, there aren’t many options for this size trampoline. The three listed here are our pick for the best 16 foot trampolines now available. We have included products that span the consumer budget; from the low cost affordable option, to high end premium options mostly suited for professional setups. Whatever your need or application, the products listed here should prove sufficient for you to make an informed decision on what jumbo trampoline is best for you. Remember, playground safety is very important. Godspeed!

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