Intex 16-Feet by 48-Inch Ultra Frame Pool Set Review

Be the reason of your family’s smiles by purchasing this Intex 16-foot by 48-inch ultra frame metal frame pool set. This is one product that you need to have to keep all the family members happy and entertained. Though it is always fun to go to a fancy swimming resort or to the beach, it never hurts anyone if you have your own pool set that you can use anytime you feel like swimming. It is convenient, free and you have a really good reason to throw an above ground pool party and have your relatives and friends over.

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Intex 16-foot by 48-inch ultra frame metal frame pool set has been one of the top choices of many families when it comes to above-ground swimming pools. It comes with a great design and is created with pure ingenuity so that the whole family will have a great time without the need to travel. If you are planning on getting one, here are some good reasons why this is a must have in your home.


The best thing about Intex 16-foot by 48-inch ultra frame metal frame pool set is it is much affordable than other frame pool set. Though this may not be as big as the others but it still works great. This is an ideal pool to have if you want it as a tester before buying a big one. With its inexpensive price, you can practice, analyze and comprehend on how to install this kind of pool. This gives you a heads-on on what to expect and what are the right things to do when you finally buy the big frame pool.

Well-constructed Design

One of the best features of this frame pool is its solid construction and modern, sleek design. The frames used for the pool are heavy-duty galvanized steel which are applied with rust- resistance coating. The sidewalls are made from a three-layer, laminated material which adds to the durability and strength to carry much water weight. The way it is constructed is done in a thorough and well-crafted way to ensure that this pool will last for years and can easily withstand all kinds of weather.

Ideal Size for Small Yards

Unlike other frame pools, this pool is the ideal and perfect size for a small yard. It does not take up too large space that a huge pool requires. This can easily fit into a small to medium-sized yard without any problems. This can easily accommodate around five to seven people in one time as long as the maximum required weight is met.

Great Saltwater System

Given its price, you will be amazed on how great its saltwater system is. This system along with the use of its 1,500 gph filter pump keep the water sparkling, clear and clean all the time. It efficiently filters hairs and other debris and cleans the water without adding chlorine or any other chemicals. It also helps in preventing the growth of algae and other bacteria.

Low Maintenance

Many people get intimidated with Intex 16-foot by 48-inch ultra frame metal frame pool set or any other similar products because they think it is expensive and labor intensive to maintain. This is definitely not the case with this. Since it has an exceptional filter system, you do not need to constantly clean and manually filter it. Some families opt not to take it down even during winter. They simply cover the pool and reuse when the weather is great.

Easy to Set-up

Believe it or not, this pool is remarkably easy to set up. You do not need to grab all your friends and spend hours and hours to assemble this. The framing of the pool is designed to lock and secure together without the need for separate locking pins. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to so the set up. Just make sure that you read and follow the instruction carefully and thoroughly.

Safety Feature

Some people are having doubts in purchasing this because the thought of having a working pump near the water is just too terrifying. For them it is never safe when there is an electrical current near the pool. The ingenious solution to this is the built-in GFCI or the ground fault circuit interrupter. This added safety feature automatically shuts down the pump when water comes in contact with an electric current.

These are just the highlighted advantages when purchasing Intex 16-foot by 48-inch ultra frame metal frame pool set. It is designed with safety, convenience and durability in mind. However, there are a few setbacks that you need to know. These are just minor concerns that some customers are airing.

Small Size

Though this is the ideal size for small yards, a lot of families are hoping that they can squeeze in more people in it. It is important that you read the label beforehand and know how many people it can accommodate. Knowing the exact dimension of the product is not enough to visualize how big it is. You can watch online videos to see if the size of this pool is what you are looking for.

Time Consuming

Even if this above ground pool is not as big as the others, it still requires at least a day of filling up. This means that you need to be very patient and wait for it to be filled with water before jumping in. this also means that you will see a significant increase in your water bill. The good news is you do not need to constantly change the water so you can fill it up in one go and enjoy it for as long as you want.

Buy Now: Intex 16-Feet by 48-Inch Ultra Frame Metal Frame Pool Set (Free Shipping)

Overall, Intex 16-foot by 48-inch ultra frame metal frame pool set is a good buy. It is affordable and is packed with great features. In spite of its price, the features, construction and design of this above ground pool is never compromise. This just proves that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to give your family a place where they can feel the summer all year round.

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