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You have come to the right place for honest and useful 8ft trampoline reviews. We have put together a list of the best 8 foot trampolines you might want to consider taking home to the backyard or hometown recreational park. Full sized trampolines are great for a myriad of activities which may include but are not limited to, exercise, gymnastic routines or maneuvers, and just plain old fun. These trampolines are quite the upgrade from the more personal small or ‘mini’ rebounders most people may be familiar with. They don’t necessarily have higher weight capacities, but are generally much higher from the ground and fit for a lot more aggression – in play or in workout.

Choosing 8ft Trampolines

For this reason many 8ft trampolines include meshed enclosures for added safety and security. An 8ft trampoline is somewhat of a class introductory size: the class of course being “full sized trampolines”. When used safely, they are great for kids When used safely, they are great for kids and physical education gymnasiums. These trampolines can also be readily found in community parks and some professional gyms. Full sized trampolines are most often installed outdoors, and the good ones are made of materials that will resist the abuse of weathering elements.

For a good purchase your 8ft trampoline should come standard with an enclosure. It should feature advanced support leg design for good stability and rigidity that prevents toppling. You want it to be sturdy and safe. The bounce mat must be UV resistant, and the all other parts of the trampoline made with outdoor ready or rust-resistant materials. Pay attention to the weight capacity and recall that this is the total capacity. If you have multiple children playing at once, then their combined weight must not exceed the stated capacity. Trampoline play that involves more than one jumper gets a little bit more difficult to manage than single user activity. Ensure your children are playing safe, and are mindful of everyone inside the enclosure at all times. Keep the access zippers closed as they play and for trampolines that don’t include access ladders, be sure to help the smaller children mount and dismount. Now we go to the list.

Best 8Ft Trampoline: SpringFree 8FT Trampoline – R54 Compact Round

The Spring Free R54 Compact 8ft Trampoline is considered the ‘world’s safest trampoline’. In 2014, the novel design won a Red Dot Award for outstanding product design. Its patented ‘flexirod’ design negates the need for cold and noisy steel springs. These composite fibreglass rods, in different forms, are used to support the bounce mat as well as the meshed safety enclosure. The stylish frame sits atop four reinforced “U” shaped tube legs, tapered outwards for optimum stability. The double powder coated galvanized steel frame is sturdy enough to support 838lbs of static weight, but the bounce mat, the defining element, is rated at 175lbs. The mat and enclosure mesh are made of woven polypropylene which is also UV resistant. This makes the trampoline ready for sustainable outdoor installation – it will require 16ft x 16ft of open space for safe setup. The R54 is an ideal family playground. It is great for children six years up to teenagers, and even small adults may share in the fun. The purchase price includes SpringFree Trampoline’s FlexiHoop basketball hoop and the convenient FlexiStep access ladder.
Amazingly sturdy with an impossible to comprehend springy enclosure
Noise free bouncing
Safety focus
Flexi-Accessories for improved user experience
Integrated enclosure sewn to mat
Requires large installation space
Moderate weight capacity suggests children/teenager design focus
Buy Now: SpringFree R54 Compact Round Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Merax 8FT Red Round Trampoline


Merax’s 8FT Red Round Trampoline is a fresh looking bounce with a six point galvanized support frame. The polypropylene mesh enclosure is fitted to the circumference of the trampoline, and this regains the feel of space usually lost with other designs that keep the springs outside the mesh. It is a 2015 design, and the smartly curved mesh supports are foam padded and covered with red PVC sleeves for a stylish appearance. An “L- shaped” zipped entry point give access to the 22in high polypropylene bounce mat, which is supported by fifty four galvanized steel coil springs. The springs are protected by a waterproof PVC cover with thick foam padding so your trampoline is safe and fully ready for the outdoors. Overall height is around 7.5ft and this house of bounce will hold up to 250lbs. The cost is not bad for a consumer trampoline of this size.
Nifty new design
Full mat frame access
Outdoor ready
Good capacity
No access step included
Buy Now: Merax Red Round Trampoline (Free Shipping)

JumpKing 8FT Round Trampoline

The JumpKing 8ft Round Trampoline is another of the top ten contenders. It features a sleek design with W-shaped legs for sturdy sitting. It comes standard with a patented polymer based safety net enclosure, which is held in place by a suspended ring frame fitted to the trampoline by six padded pole supports. All frame metals are galvanized steel, and the frame and mat assembly is good for up to 150lbs. The enclosure has two zipped L-shaped entry points that leave the galvanized steel springs and their padded cover on the outside. This trampoline was designed primarily for children, with moderately stiff springs and mat, and hence the low recommended capacity. However, if you are looking for an affordable vibrant playground for your children under 13yrs, then this certainly one of the current offerings you would want to consider. The setup is a simple DIY routine almost anyone can manage.
Galvanized outdoor frame with waterproof spring covers
Lightweight and easily assembled
Top rail enclosure support system is impressively sturdy
Not for adults
Buy Now: JumpKing 8ft Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Ultega Jumper Trampoline

You can expect satisfaction from the Ultega Jumper Trampoline. Its diameter is a little more than 8ft and the enclosure reserves the full mat access. At 8.25ft in diameter the play in the Ultega trampoline is luxurious, with a feeling of comfortable space to attempt your wildest (and safest!) bounce tricks. The design is functional at best, so this tramp is not much to look at. It is however well built with anti-topple design features that keep the 200lb rated galvanized frame upright in at all times. The 24in high bounce mat is held in place by 48 whispering steel springs. Mat access is via a vertical zipped cut-out that will easily get anxious kids in and out of the action. Actual independent children access considerations would’ve been nice, but for an extra three inches I suppose we can continue to lift our little ones in and out of the trampoline – this is what we are accustomed to anyway.
Simple straight forward setup
Good capacity
Anti-topple leg design
Increased diameter galvanized frame
Austere design a little hard to look at
High bounce mat
Buy Now: Ultega Jumper Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Merax 8FT Round Trampoline

Another great offer from the Merax brand is the standard 8ft Round Trampoline. Its design is a little less stylish than the Red Round, but the value is great. These trampolines have a tolerable capacity of 175lbs. The simple functional design features galvanized steel frame and springs, polypropylene mat and mesh, and a PVC waterproof spring cover. They are much fun for children and can be sustainably setup in the outdoors. The mat is 20 inches high and this makes it a little easier to get into the four post enclosure, but you will perhaps still need to assist smaller children. The entire assembly is very lightweight and makes it clear that this trampoline is not for adults.
Simple setup
Padded spring covers are waterproof
Galvanized frame
Enclosure support a bit flimsy
Reduced bounce space
Buy Now: Merax 8ft Round Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Skywalker 8FT Round Trampoline

Skywalker’s 8ft Round Trampoline was designed specifically for small children outdoor play. It carries a specially deisgned enclosure frame that features t-socket assembly for sturdy support. There are no gaps in between mat and mesh as the enclosure is fitted by closely spaced buttons along the mat circumference. The enclosure isolates the mat springs and makes the jumper safe for even early toddlers, of course with strict supervision (manufacturer actually recommend 6yrs and up). The available colours are green or blue and the rust resistant springs and galvanized frame hold the mat at 21in. Your children will love and glamour in this springy playfield. It’s safe, it’s sturdy, and it’s fun. It’s also not an eyesore. Capacity is 150lbs.
Neat design
Galvanized frame
Great price
Low capacity
Buy Now: Skywalker 8ft Round Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Upper Bounce 8FT Trampoline

The Upper Bounce Trampoline actually measures 7.5ft diameter by 7.5ft height. This reduced diameter almost dictates that this system be used only for small children. Though rated at a flexible 250lbs, as an adult in this enclosure you will feel a bit ‘tight-spaced’. The setup is easy, and the frame, mat and enclosure are all outdoor ready. The frame is made of powder coated galvanized steel, while mat and mesh are polypropylene, with strong eight row stitching. Three W-shaped tube legs get the frame steady as the mat deflects in either direction. Though isolated from the bounce area, the 42 steel springs are covered by a padded waterproof PVC liner for additional safety and better appearance.
Easy assembly and disassembly
Great weight capacity
Wide enclosure access
Reduced diameter encroaches on adult users
Ideal for small children only
Buy Now: Upper Bounce Trampoline (Free Shipping)

SpringFree O77 Medium Oval Trampoline

This SpringFree O77 Medium Oval Trampoline is another superior offering from the award winning manufacturers. It’s ultra strong frame will support up to 250lbs of jumping torture, and the unyielding non collapse enclosure setup will assure you of why this is the ‘safest trampoline in the world’. Mats and nets are UV resistant, and are made of high quality polypropylene. The quiet spring free bounce is supported by a double powder coated galvanized steel frame, with legs designed to resist the greatest toppling forces. The 8ft x 11ft oval shape adds a whole new dimension to the trampoline and with the included FlexiHoop there’s tons you and your children can do in this play pen. A convenient access ladder is included in the purchase.
Great weight capacity
Roomy play feel with oval shape
Impressively sturdy
Highly dynamic enclosure mesh
Accessories: FlexiHoop and FlexiStep
Requires 16ft x 19ft installation space
Buy Now: SpringFree O77 Oval Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Round Up

That’s the list we have come up with for the best 8 foot trampolines on the market today. Unlike most reviews our 8ft trampoline reviews are independent and focus on the real user value of the product. From the range we have provided you should be able to select a model that will suit your individual need, whatever your budget. Buy smart and be safe, and get prepared for the bundles of joy your purchase of an 8ft trampoline promises to bring. For the kids, or for the whole family, the trampoline is clean, healthy fun.

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