2 Best Baby Lock Sewing Machine Reviews

The 2 best Baby Lock sewing machine reviews can be found right here! Baby Lock is a renowned brand that produces great quality sewing machines that can cater to your every need. For over 40 years, Baby Lock has been synonymous with sewing enthusiasts all over the world for their great versatility, affordability and great range of sewing machines.

Picking the right sewing machine

Getting a sewing machine to suit your needs can be a daunting task for beginners, but there are a few tips you can follow to get the best for your buck. If you are a just starting to dip your feet in the world of sewing and fabrics, try getting a machine that has basic stitches. Professionals will of course choose machines with greater options and features.For beginners, stitch options up to 10 should be enough. It’s good to master the basics of using a sewing machine first before trying your hand at the 40 stitch options some machines offer.

Budget is another issue. Some sewing machines can run up to $7,000! Don’t be dazzled by the claims made by manufacturers but stick to the features you’ll need. Experienced sewers usually pick machines that not only does basic stitches and buttonholes, but also things like hemming, finishing and cuffing. In turn, frequency of usage is also a key factor. It’s not worth it to invest in an expensive full range sewing machine if you only use it once a month.

Quality, build and size of the machine is also important. The cheapest sewing machines under $100 are usually made of cheap plastic and crack easily, besides offering really basic features but require no maintenance. Mid-range to premium sewing machines are made of a mix of metal and plastic or just aluminium alloy for longer lasting and heavy use. A compact sewing machine is great for small homes so you can easily store and move it around. Unless you have a dedicated space just for sewing, a huge machine with attached work table may be too much for a small apartment.

Confused? Well, that’s what our 2 best Baby Lock sewing machine reviews are for!

Types of sewing machines

There are a few types of sewing machines to look out for. Mechanical sewing machines run on foot pedals or hand wheels, usually only found in vintage machines as most modern sewing machines run on electrical power. Although it might seem more tiring to use a mechanical sewing machine, many choose to work with vintage models because they last long. Vintage sewing machines are usually exclusively made of metal, and can last a few hundred years with proper care! It doesn’t have an extensive stitch option, but it’s hardiness and beautiful design has always appealed to many. Best suited for lightweight to medium fabrics.

Electronic sewing machines are quite common nowadays, with models ranging from compact and budget to premium and full sized. It operates on a single motor that ranges in speed and smoothness depending on the model. You regulate the movement of the needle via an electronic foot presser. It leaves both your hands free to handle and anchor the fabric as you stitch it. There’s also a knob or dial at the side to easily choose a stitch option, and some come with workspace lights too. Some of the more advanced machines have thread trimmers and buttonhole options as well. Automatic tension setting is a regular feature in most electronic sewing machines.

Computerized sewing machines are the most advanced, using software to perform stitches. Via an LED. LCD or touch screen display, you can customize your stitches, patterns and settings at a touch. More advanced options allow you to pick complex embroidery options. It can also remember your thread tension and needle movement, offering programmable options for quicker output. Of course, these are quite expensive but they produce much more in shorter time with less margin for error. You can even download patterns from the internet with those that are Wi-Fi enabled.

An overlock sewing machine is also known as a serger. It is mainly used to finish hems and seams. At twice the speed of normal sewing machines, overlock sewing machines can trim and finish a fabric at the same time, great if you love making clothes or other garments. It uses 2 to 9 threads for stitches, and isn’t really a machine on its own as it can’t do basic stitches. It complements conventional sewing machines.

Now let’s look at the 2 best Baby Lock sewing machine reviews.

Baby Lock Serger Machine 4-thread

Babylock Serger Machine 4-thread

This sewing machine is a serger, or an overlock sewing machine. Usually used to finish hems and seams, it’s a versatile and efficient machine that can get the job done in twice the speed of conventional sewing machines. It runs with speeds up to 1,500 stitches per minute.

This model comes with the latest ExtraordinAir technology. What it does is with the push of a button, it take your thread through all the tubular loopers with a gust of air quickly and quietly. The tubular loopers protect the threads from any exposure, and cuts down on mistakes. Plus you can even thread it in any order you want without worrying a jamming or tangling. This means more time for you to actually get to work! The automatic thread delivery system regulates thread tension while eliminating any puckering. The stitches are balanced throughout the operation, and even across different fabrics.

This model also features a looper drive system. it prevents the loopers from getting misaligned and out of sync, thereby preventing any damage. Less maintenance is great for your operation too. The knife system has been developed to cut through thick fabrics easily while providing clear visibility to the user as it happens.

The differential feed mechanism gathers the fabric with a 2:1 ratio. It works even with lightweight fabrics. This is due to the new single feed dog mechanism. it guides the fabric to a consistent and durable stitch every time.

There is also a built-in accessory storage, built-in workspace lights and an electrical foot presser for added convenience. The foot presser is snap on and multi-purpose.

The simple design is made of durable plastic, elegant yet easy to use.

Baby Lock Cover Stitch Serger Machine

Baby Lock Cover Stitch Serger Machine

This 8 thread serger is a truly advanced piece of machine that will help you with your fabrics immensely. It runs up to 1,500 stitches per minute efficiently and silently. Serging options range from 2 threads to 8 threads. The type of stitches it can do include wave stitch, reverse wave stitch, single, double and triple cover stitch, overlock stitch, automatic rolled hem stitch and the flatlock stitch option. it has an adjustable stitch length of 0.75 – 4mm and adjustable stitch width of 1.5 – 7.5mm, with up to 16mm width for expressive stitches. The heavy duty cutting system ensures that your fabric is cut neatly and cleanly, even thick ones without fail.

Featuring the revolutionary ExtraordinAir Threading System, it threads smoothly through tubular loopers with gusts of air without much hassle. The automatic thread delivery system allows you to do it quickly, while making sure tension and puckering is avoided or minimized. By concentrating less on the mechanics of the machine, you can spend more time on the serging itself!

The built-in thread cutter is quite useful, while the workspace has 3 LED lights for maximum visibility. There is a built-in accessory storage, built-in tape guide, and a full color threading chart. The machine is also complemented by an electronic foot pedal that’s intuitive and easy to use.

This model makes cover stitches easy to start or stop by automatically chaining the stitches. Not only that, it’s well equipped to stitch through even heavy fabrics easily and neatly. The differential feed has a single feed dog mechanism attached, meaning your fabric won’t bunch up and have uneven puckering across the stitches. This one certainly has my vote among the 2 best Baby Lock sewing machine reviews.

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