Best Electric Pool Heater Reviews – 10 Best Electric Pool Heaters

There is nothing better than swimming in a hot water in a cold evening, and if you don’t have pool heater and you want to buy one, this is the right place for you. The best electric pool heater reviews will help you find the right heater for you. Read carefully about these 9 best electric pool heaters and find the best one for your home.

Hayward EasyTemp 110,000 BTU Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Hayward EasyTemp
This is the best of best when it comes to electric pool heaters. This is 110,000 BTU unit with thermostatic expansion valve and it has electronic temperature control. There is also titanium heat exchanger with high resistance to chemicals, and it operates on 208-240 volts so you will have prefect water temperature no matter how cold is outside. You won’t find better heater than this one, so enjoy the hot pool in a cold night.

Hayward HP21104T Easy Temp Pool Heat Pump Pool Heater

Hayward HP21104T
Hayward really got the bullseye with this model, and there are lots of satisfied customers to confirm that. It has titanium heat exchangers which offer a high resistance to chemicals and since it operates on 208-240 volts, it will keep the temperature in your pool on desired level. It is 110,00 BTU unit and it is made in USA, and it also utilizes an electronic temperature control. It is a pretty good deal.

Swimming Pool Heater- Electric Heat Pump-small 55 K BTU

Swimming Pool Heater
If you want to keep your pool in use even in the fall, then this is the unit for you. And this is one of the best heaters o this 10 best electric pool heaters. This is a 55,000 BTU capacity heater and it is large enough to heat medium ground pool, up to 10,000 gallons. Installation is simple and easy and it will take about 20 minutes or even less. It includes standard warranty and lifetime on the exchanger coils. If you decide to buy this model you will save up on energy bills, because this unit doesn’t spend lot of energy. Keep you pool hot with small amount of money on monthly level.

Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium Pool Heater

Hayward HP50TA 50000
This model is the proof that pool heater can be efficient and quiet at the same time. Hayward HP50TA features Quiet Technology, which means that it has profiled fan blade designed to provide improved airflow and quiet working. It also had digital L.E.D. control panel which allows you easy to read digital temperature display, featuring electronic frost control and temperature lockout feature. Stainless steel hardware will last you for a long time.

Ecosmart US Smart POOL 18 Electric Pool Heater

Ecosmart US Smart POOL 18

It doesn’t matter if want to install this heater on new or existing pool, Ecosmart pool heater is compact and easy to install either way. You can just set and forget temperature, since it can be set to increments of 1-degree. This model is compatible with Ecosmart Remote Control and it can be use as an alternative to or booster to heat pump. It goes on 240 volts and it has 2 year warranty from the date of registration and warranty covers only the product with the exception of the heating elements.

Ecosmart US Smart POOL 27 Electric Pool Heater

Ecosmart US Smart POOL 27

This model is almost the same as the model from above, but with some alterations. It has Flow Activation feature and since this heater is compact and easy to install you can use it for a new or existing pool. You will get two year warranty and since this model comes with digital thermostat control, you can set the temperature exactly where you want and how you want it. Convenient, isn’t it?

The WaveHeater Electric pool heater

The WaveHeater Electric
This model is meant for above ground pools and it is 240 volts. You can use it to warm up pools of under 8,000 gallons and because it has plastic elements you can safely let it lie in wet areas next to the pool, without worry about the safety. If you have pool of 4,000 gallons or above, you should probably consider insulated covering for the best results, since the bigger pools heat slowly. This heater is really great.

TOPCHANCES 220V 3KW NEW Swimming Pool and SPA Heater Electric Heating Thermostat

This is an excellent pool heater and it has really low price. It has automatic heating feature, which means that thermostat will first reach the wanted temperature, and if the temperature drops a few degrees, the thermostat will automatically turn on. It also has ultra high temperature protection thermostat switch which keeps thermostat from overheating and protects you of danger. Also, if it reaches ultra high temperature, heater will switch off automatically, so you don’t have to worry if you turn it on and left it in your yard.

Jian ya na Swimming Pool and SPA Heater Electric Heating Thermostat 3KW 220V

Jian ya na Swimming Pool
This thermostat can be used for ground pool or even hot tub. The thermostat is installed in the pipeline Jacuzzi. If the temperature in the pool drops below desired temperature, heater will automatically turn on, and if the temperature becomes too high, this heater will automatically turn off, making this model very safe and secure. It is very easy and simple to install, and it will last you a long time, be sure of that.
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This electric pool heaters review is here to help you find the right hater for you pool and make the cold evening warmer. If you choose any of these nine out of 10 best electric pool heater you won’t make a mistake, because every one of them has excellent features and will keep your pool warm no matter how cold is outside.

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