Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

The tornado tournament 3000 foosball table is a new and advanced form of the previous version foosball tables. It is for the serious professional players. They certainly look for the tournament standard facilities in the table and this T3000 can fulfill those. The table is built with fine quality and structure to enable smooth play with ease. It is certified by ITSF that it has the quality to be played in tournament or training. Entirely manufactured in Richmond hills US, so there is no doubt about its quality as the brand tornado has been known for providing quality foosball tables for years. This brings great action, fun and entertainment for the players. You will enjoy playing it for hours without getting bored.

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Any foosball table should have some basic features to get the best performance. If someone is looking for a professional high-end quality table they need to focus on the features off the table seriously. To do so the T3000 has been analyzed from the various angels such as its construction, rods, foosmen etc. to see whether this table matches the quality promised or not.

The Tornado Tournament 3000 table construction

The Tornado Tournament 3000 is built completely with professional design and style. Though pro players likes to play on it does not mean other non-professionals can’t play it. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to play foos ball and its features are easy to use. From the overall looks it is a beauty. The playfield, the rod arrangement, foosmen design altogether gives a good view of the table at a glance. The thin inner bearing gives the advantage to control and block the ball as it cannot pass between the man and wall. The body construction is of wood cabinet and stainless steel laminate finish and it is colored with attractive silver, black combination. It is quite thick and the playfield is measured 3/4” which is wide and spacious, easily visible, so players can play on this table with comfort. Dimension wise it is 56 length x30 widths x36 height and it weights around 350 pounds. Heavier tables give more stability and durability. Because lighted tables would move a lot while you play that is annoying and there is also a possibility of wearing out quickly. so this T3000 has the durability as its heavy and gives great balance to play.

Easy to assemble

Assembling the foosball table might seem a hassled work but this table assembling is not that difficult. Only some major part assembling is required. Three main assembling is needed; the cabinet, frame and the adjustable legs. You simply need to the top and bottom parts together and attach the legs with it. the rods and foosmen can be set easily also with some concentration on the attachment. After this easy assemble you will be ready to enjoy the play.

Strong rods for better performance

The rods of the table needs to be strong enough to take the pressure creates on it while the game is on. The Tornado Tournament 3000 foosball table rods are made out of complete quality brushed steel. They slide well when moved frequently. Players can spin it fast and give powerful shots with it. Cleaning these rods are also real easy, anyone can do it in a very less time.

The new and improved foosmen

Traditionally the foosmen used to have rounded and slick toe that was not very comfortable to play with as it did not allow to pass the ball to the players back and forth that is on the same rod. So this T3000 foosmen are different and improved with a pointed toe. This new designed foosmen gives better control over the ball. There are two colored foosmen in the table to identify the teams clearly and there are options for a three men or one man goalie. this T3000 table also features counterbalanced men. There are weights on the head as well as on the toe. The tornado tournament 3000 foosball table this adds great value when you will be playing a defensive shot. the counterbalanced men also benefits to increase the speed of your shots.

The non-slip handles

The handles are nicely attached to the rods that help to make easy movements and allow powerful shots without shaking the rod. T3000 has octagonal shaped, quality material handle, which gives good grip. If you have better grip on your hand, that gives you the confidence and opportunity to play good and advanced shots.

The adjustable legs and ball precision

As the table has adjustable legs it can be easily set at a level the players require. This is an advantage as players may need to adjust the table at a level that they can play and feel comfortable with it. The game is played by the patented precision ground urethane ball. It is proper to use this ball in this game.

Quality table where money well spent

The Tornado Tournament 3000 foosball table might seem a little expensive to some people. But the improvements that came along it from the previous ones are remarkable and after you see and experience all its features you would feel that it was worth it. The tornado tournament 3000 foosball table

T3000 pros and cons are pointed below:


The quality has been certified by the ITSF based on one goalie
The cabinet is made out of stainless steel and the durable construction gives good playing experience.
Improved foosmen with sharper corner helps to control the ball and perform the game well
The counter balanced men adds extra advantage to the game
The handles give good grip to move the rods smoothly and make great shots.
this is an easy assembled foosball table with many upgraded features that is suitable for professionals to play tournament and also can enjoy playing at leisure time.


This is a new and upgraded version, many problems in older versions has been improved so it barely has any cons. the user might need to be adjusted with it in the beginning with some practice. While assembling it, if not done cautiously someone might get hurt. but if it is done carefully this can be avoided

Buy Now: Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table (Free Shipping)

Tornado Tournament 300 Foosball Table Review Conclusion

The Tornado Tournament 3000 foosball table has a great demand on the professional tournament games. With its fine improved quality and features takes it to a commercial standard level. Playing this gives enjoyment and fun for anyone who seeks serious enjoyment in this game.

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