10 Best Lego Sets of All Time

Looking for the 10 Best Lego Sets of All Time? There are a lot of interesting Lego construction sets and everybody can find a proper one to fit his/her taste. There are Legos for children and adults, for architects and designers, for Star Wars and Lord of the Ring fans, for boys and girls, for men and women. Different people intend to use Legos differently: to assemble and put on the shelf or to construct a building and play with it. All of this depends on the age, hobbies and character of the buyer.

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However, there are several best Lego sets that can be a perfect fit for the majority of families and people. Let us start examining the top 10 one by one.

The first one of the best Lego sets is LEGO City Trains Train Station 60050. So let us start with it.

LEGO City Trains Train Station 60050

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This construction set features a train station with stairs, doors, train map, shop, etc. There is a grocery kiosk in the set that is equipped with a coffee machine and filled out with food and drink items, such as a croissant and a pizza.
A train platform is very similar to the real one and has the least detail well-crafted. Train Station includes 5 minifigs of a conductor, a chef, a taxi driver and 2 travelers with accessories. When assembled, the train station measures 5″ × 19″ × 8″.

Lego 10219 Maersk Train

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This Lego construction set is one of the most realistic best Lego sets. It is a replica of Maersk diesel-electric train, which has been operating on the railroads of the US. This Lego set has a wonderfully rich detailing and a 16-cylinder engine. The set includes 2 wagons and 3 containers, a shunter truck and a detachable trailer.

Lego 3450 Statue of Liberty

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This Lego is a true two and half feet replica of the Statue of Liberty in NYC. It consists of 2882 pieces and is one of the most difficult to assemble Lego sets. However this is the most rewarding and the most amazing building experience ever!

Lego 10189 Taj Mahal

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This Lego construction set is for adults who are fond of Indian culture jewels and do not mind spending a lot of hours constructing their own Taj Mahal. The entire building consists of 5922 pieces and the assembled construction is over 20″ (51cm) wide and 16″ (41cm) high.
The building is extremely realistic and wonderfully well-crafted. Once you have assembled it, you are going to own Taj Mahal. That is an incredible feeling! Excited to try it out?

Lego 10214 Tower Bridge

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Lego Tower Bridge is designed for teenagers and adults older than 16 years. This incredible set is a perfectly detailed replica of a real Tower Bridge. It includes 4 vehicles: miniature London taxi, a truck, an automobile and a red double-decker.
The construction consists of two paired iconic towers and a drawbridge that opens and closes for real. The assembled model has the following measurements: the length of 40″ (102 cm), the height of 17″ (45 cm) and the width of 10″ (26 cm). The entire set consists of 4,295 pieces.

Lego 7641 City Corner

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This construction set consist of a bus, a bus stop, a pizzeria and a shop. There are 5 minifigures included. This marvelous Lego set consists of 483 pieces and is great for future play.

Lego 5526 Skyline

lego skyline
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This member of best Lego sets contains a small replica of the Statue of Liberty, a little model of the Sears Tower, and two skyscrapers, looking like hotels. It is a wonderful present for an adult, who is into modeling or collecting.

Lego 10185 Green Grocer

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Lego Green Grocer is one of the most giant Lego sets for adults. The assembled building consists of three floors with amazing detailing of interior and exterior. The construction has three floors with the stairs and the floors can be lifted off to see the rooms inside. Moreover, Lego Green Grocer may be combined with 10190 Market Street and 10182 Cafe Corner to recreate a street layout.

Lego 10233 Horizon Express

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This great Lego set includes 3 train cars, 6 minifigures and is as long as 31″ (79 cm). The best feature of this set is a possibility to upgrade the train with the help of LEGO Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box (8878), Transformer 10V DC (8887), IR Receiver (8884), IR Speed Remote Control (8879), Train Motor (88002) and Train Lights (8870).

Lego 4558/10001 Metroliner

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This is the most awesome and the most amazing train set. This is set is the best choice for family time. It is a wonderful construction set and a play set for both children and adults. The train already has the engine and passenger wagons featuring lights when moving. Besides the train, the set has got an oval railway measuring 27 by 38 inches.

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