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Looking for cheap lego sets? Here is our shortlist from our extensive lego set reviews. There are a lot of different Lego sets for adults and children, which are of a wide range of complexity and are variously priced. However, what to do if you are limited in funds? This review will help you to find interesting Lego sets of different complexity levels for a wide range of adults and teenagers as well as for little kids. Read more to find the most exciting cheap Lego sets.

LEGO Minecraft 21117 The Ender Dragon

This is the first Lego set out of our cheap Lego sets collection. This wonderful set consists of 634 pieces and is a perfect gift for Minecraft fans who are into Legos. This construction set is designed for the kids of the age 8 and older. This wonderful construction set and a play set at the same time will provide hours of creative building and playing for your kid. Remember, the pieces of this set can be rebuilt for more creations and combined with other biomes in the series!
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Trade Federation MTT

Another amazing construction set out of cheap Lego sets is LEGO Trade Federation. Why is it cool? It allows to recreate the battle of Naboo near MTTTM using armored minifigures and necessary transport means. The fans of Star Wars (Episode I The Phantom Menace) will greatly appreciate this lego set.
Buy Now: LEGO Trade Federation MTT (75058) (Free Shipping)

Mini Mobile Crane

This is a great 2-in-1 model. A mobile crane can be constructed, which may be rebuilt into a truck. It is possible to raise and lower all parts they are supposed to. The length of the assembled crane is 8″. The set consists of 292 elements.
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Transport Chopper 3 in 1 Set

Transport Ferry
Transport Chopper is a 3 in 1 set, the most creative out of cheap Lego sets collection. It is a wonderful Lego set featuring a chopper that may be rebuilt into a seaplane or a ferry. Thus it is possible to assemble three type of transport out of one Lego set. This makes a great choice and a suitable present for kids of 8-12 years old.
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Alpha Team: Mobile Command Center

This wonderful Lego set consists of 420 pieces. It includes four Alpha Team agents, which is awesome for imaginative play. Therefore the set makes a superb gift for any holiday.
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General Grievous

This Lego set is designed for the kids older than 8 years and includes General Grievous, and 3 minifigs. With this magnificent set it is possible to reconstruct the battle between General Grievous and Nahdar Vebb. Provide hours of creative building and continuous play to your kid.
Buy Now: LEGO Star Wars General Grievous Starfighter (8095) (Free Shipping)

Hero Factory 2145: Stormer 3.0

Hero Factory Stormer is one of beautiful transformers in our cheap Lego sets collection. This Lego set features an awesome transformer. Any boy older than 3 years will be fond of such a transformer. It is not only a construction set, it is a toy, which is interesting to play with.
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Ninjago 70726 – Destructoid

This Lego set is great for boy older than 8 years who are fond of NinjaGo. With this Lego set a kid can practice constructing skills and then play with toy. This set is an awesome opportunity to give your kid hours of creative play and increase his/her designing thinking. Liked the item? Buy Now: Lego Ninjago 70726 – Destructoid (Free Shipping)

Technic Starter Set

If you are not sure if your kid is into Legos and if he/she likes constructing models, consider buying this starter set. It is a great gift for kids older than 7 years. One set provides a possibility to construct 3 different models: a sport car, a plane and a robot. Burst creative thinking of your kid and spend several lovely hours with him/her building.
Buy Now: Lego 8022 Technic Starter Set (Free Shipping)

Arctic Truck

This Lego set is designed for the boys older than 10 years. The artic truck has got a working crane and front steering and may be rebuilt into a pickup with the same 4 crawlers. It is possible to upgrade this Lego set with Lego Power Functions set to make LED headlights work and motorize the crane.
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Have other cheap lego sets you would like to suggest adding to the list? Please leave us a comment below.

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