10 Best PVC Inflatable Boat Reviews

Not all boats are same, so if you want to buy the best PVC inflatable boat, here are the 10 best PVC inflatables from the PVC inflatable boat reviews we have shortlisted, so you don’t need to look anywhere else. Enjoy!

There are many factors to consider when choosing inflatable boat and storage, environment and purpose are just some of them.

10 Best PVC Inflatable Boats

Mercury 430 Heavy Duty PVC Inflatable Boat

Mercury 430 Heavy Duty PVC

This is a heavy duty, eight person inflatable boat that has aluminum and also FRP non slip boards. There are also adjustable track-mounted cargo attachment points. You can find on this Mercury model six external carry handles for easy transport and launching and also non-slip wear patches for additional grip. You can carry it wherever you like, without fuss, since it is 25% lighter than wooden floor. You can buy it in high visibility red fabric and it is 14 feet long and it weighs 253 pounds. This excellent inflatable boat is pretty fair price since you will get very best of it.

2014 Mercury Inflatable Boat 310 / 290 Sport Enduro 9’6″

2014 Mercury Inflatable Boat 310

You will get pretty great inflatable boat with overall length of 9’6″ and with 16″ tube diameter. These boat weights 112lbs and it can take 4 passengers with load capacity of 1146 lbs. It has 15 hp maximum rating and 132 max engine weight. This is very solid inflatable boat with solid fiber reinforced polymer floor. You will get excellent five year manufacturer’s warranty, which is more than enough, you will have to agree.

15.4 ft Inflatable Boat

15.4 ft Inflatable Boat Inflatable Rescue

Floor type in this model is 12.5mm of thickness aluminum floor and it have marine plywood transom for outboard motor. It has double layers of fabric at the bottom of the tubes and three individual chambers. You will get V-keel with rub strake protection and built-in oarlock for very easy and simple rowing. The packaging that you will get when you buy this model includes inflatable boat, aluminum floor, seats, foot pump, oars, carry bag and repair kits, and that is excellent bargain, so hurry up!

Seamax New Style Ocean 380 Red 12.5ft Inflatable Boat with Aluminum Floor

Seamax New Style Ocean380 Red

This inflatable boat has a deep keel and will offer to you 5 individual pontoon chambers and 3 over pressure relief valve, with pontoon diameter of 17.5″. You will find on this Seamax model 10 D-rings on pontoon and 3 heavy duty front towing rings and also 2 stainless steel transom towing rings. Anti water leaking transom fishing upgrade is newest thing added in 2013. The accessories included are nylon trailer towing line, 2 birch plywood bench seats with non-skid paint, 2 reinforced aluminum oars, 2 boat carrying bags, foot pump and repair kit.

1.2mm PVC 12.5 ft Inflatable Boat

1.2mm PVC 12.5 ft Inflatable Boat Inflatable

Bris Boat brings to us excellent model with floor type of 12.5 mm thickness and marine plywood transom for outboard motor. You will get three individual chambers, aluminum side joiners with rubber ends and deep V-keel with rub strake protection. Oarlocks are built in for easy rowing and you will get oars, foot pump, carry bag and repair kits as an accessory. This model is maybe more than you want to give for inflatable boat of this size, but you will get very best.

Seamax New Style Ocean320 10.5ft Inflatable Boat with Aluminum Floor

Seamax New Style Ocean320 Dark Gray

This Seamax model has overall length of 10.5 feet and it weighs 120 lbs. This is most reasonable boat on this 10 Best PVC inflatable boats list, so you won’t regret buying it. It has rub strake for pontoon and keel and 2 anchors handles. You will also get 2 plus one stainless steel bow towing rings and pontoon stainless D rings. It is coated with 0.9mm Korean PVC polyester and it has three individual chambers and also an inflatable keel.

1.2mm PVC 10.8’inflatable Boat Fishing Boat Tender Dinghy Raft Zodiac Avon Type

1.2mm PVC 10.8'inflatable Boat

Aquos presents to use very pretty inflatable fishing boat that is portable and easy to pack, transport and launch. It has built-in oarlock for easy rowing and additional layer of PVC protection against scratch or damage, so it will nice and pretty all the time. Designed with round end cone and round bow design, this boat is meant to show to your friends, and they will love it too, trust me. That sounds very fair.

12 ft Inflatable Boat

12 ft Inflatable Boat White Water

This model has 1.2mm PVC bottom floor fabric and the floor type is 5″ thick I-Beam inflatable floor with self-bailing system design. You will be equipped on floor with pressure release valve and four individual chambers. There is also removable thwart and all around rubber strake protection and boat life line. In the packaging is also included raft, 1 set of oars, foot pump, and carry bag and repair kit, as almost all of the standards inflatable boats.

Mercury Roll Up PVC Inflatable Boat, 7-Feet 3-Inch

Mercury Roll Up PVC Inflatable

If you are looking for a sweet and small model, this is a perfect one for you. It has two separate internal air chambers and slat floor boards for great stability. Its sleek design is there for improved performance and handling at higher speeds. Transom is coated with ABS for protection from water infiltration and dings from regular rigging. It is very easy to transport and you will love that feature, since you can’t forget anything, everything will fit just in one bag.

10.8 ft Inflatable Boat

10.8 ft Inflatable Boat

Even though it is one the last place on this list, this model has excellent features. It has 12.5mm thickness aluminum floor and marine plywood transom for outboard motor. There are three individual chambers and aluminum side joiners with rubber ends. Built in oarlock are included for easy rowing and deep V-keel with rub-strake protection for safe trip. You will love this model! Price of it is very low.

PVC or Hypalon?

Inflatable boats can be really convenient and easy to use. You can bring them in a bag and transport wherever you like and yet again have comfortable fishing trip or vacation with your family. It is only important to choose the right one. So, choose any of the models from these 10 Best PVC inflatable boats and you will not regret it, trust me.

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