10 Best Saturn KaBoat Inflatable Boat Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you plans for vacation include sitting on a still water on you are prepared for something full of adrenalin, you will need a boat. Saturn boats will give you the best of best from both occasion. This review will show you the best Saturn KaBoat inflatable boats. Enjoy the ride!

15′ Saturn XL KaBoat – Inflatable Boat

15' Saturn XL KaBoat

This model is especially designed for rugged boating conditions and because of that it is very popular in Alaska. It has very big diameter tubes and spacious interior, and also four exterior tube chambers, that will make this boat the absolute perfect boat for the people who are looking for added safety and versatility. It is easily deflated and because of that it will fit in a closet or a trunk and with 10 hp outboat motor you will be more than satisfied. Two sets of rowing oars are more than enough for a safe trip. Hand pump, repair kit, four oars and carry bag are included in the packaging, so you don’t have to worry about that.

16′ Saturn Kaboat

16' Saturn Kaboat

Saturn really outdid itself with this model. It has front spray skirt with water with water deflector guard and rope lacing. There is also extra tick, high pressure of 140mm inflatable air deck floor and durable rub strake protectors along boat tubes. You will get hand pump, four oars, carry bag and repair kit, so you don’t have to barrow it from a friend. On this model you will find two sets of oar locks with two sets of rowing oars, so you can have tandem rowing. As for the for the inflation time goes, you will need to find only 5-10 minutes to inflated, which is pretty fast, isn’t it?

Saturn 14 ft Kaboat SK430 Inflatable Kayak/ Boat

Saturn 14 ft Kaboat SK430

You have to admit that Saturn boats somehow grow on you. This is the combination of a dinghy and kayak and it will perfectly fit for any occasion. It goes for a most adaptable and portable inflatable boat on this 10 Best Saturn KaBoat inflatable boats review. It has aluminum seats and stabile design, so it will be perfect for fishing trips. It is not too big and not too small, and narrow profile will allow you much less drag. Motor is 3.5 HP and it this model will fly up to 15-20 mph with two people in it. You will get one set of rowing oars with oar locks and three aluminum removable benches. There are also hand pump, repair kit, two oars and carry bag. What more can you ask? This stabile and nice boat you will love.

Saturn 16 ft Kaboat SK487Xl Inflatable Boat Crossover

Saturn 16 ft Kaboat

A heavy duty 1100 Denier PVC boat can come in two colors, expedition gray and special ops military black. It is designed to support more gear and to provide more space than any other inflatable boat. You will get extra large diameter of 16″ and also extra wide, so this boat is perfect for military practice and explorations. If you want to go on a family trip or on a fishing weekend with friends, this model will meet all your needs. SK48xl has 2 sets of oarlocks and two sets of rowing oars for tandem rowing. It has 4 separate air chambers, so it is extra safe, compared to two standard cambers you can find on regular Kaboats. This model stands for durability, rigidity.

Saturn 15 ft Kaboat SK470 Inflatable Kayak/ Boat

Saturn 15 ft Kaboat

This model stands for one of the greatest Saturn models, and like almost all others, this one too is a crossover between kayak and boat, and it is inflatable. You can use it as a regular kayak, or if you get tired, you can use an electric or gas engine. It has 10hp gas outboard engine, or you can use portable electric motor, it will fly at 15-20 mph with two people in it. Since this model is very portable, you can put it in a medium sized bag and go on a vacation, with optional gas or electric engine. The choice is really only yours. It is a good bargain.

Saturn 13 ft Kaboat SK385Xl Green Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Boat Kayak Crossover

Saturn 13 ft Kaboat

If you are looking for the boat with extra thick bottom, this is the model for you, since it has extra tick 1.5mm PVC bottom. It comes with four separate air chambers for extra safety and extra heavy duty rub strake protectors that are installed along both sides of the tubes for the maximum durability. This model is perfect for hunting and fishing trips and it is especially designed to be used in Alaska’s rocky river. You will love it!

Saturn 14 ft Kaboat SK430 Inflatable Kayak / Motor Boat Crossover

Saturn 14 ft Kaboat

This model has triangular splash guards to minimize back splash and protect the transom holds from heat and also from exposure to UV rays. It has resistant and durable soft handles for longer life span. It is designed to provide stability, so you can even stand in this model. Packaging includes hand pump, repair kit, two oars and carry bag. More than you can ask. It also has excellent price, which you will love.

Saturn 12 ft Kaboat SK396 Inflatable Boat / Kayak Crossover

Saturn 12 ft Kaboat
KaBoats are really a splash of fresh designing in boat world. They are crossover between inflatable kayak and a boat, bringing the best from both worlds and this model is a proof for that. It is extremely portable and it will fit into a medium size bag. You will love it. It has an electric engine and it can run for about 12 hours, which is more than enough. It can even be paddled with a regular kayak paddle, so you can get into tighter spots. You have to agree it is a bargain.

Inflatable Crossover – KaBoat

Buying a boat, even inflatable one, can be a really big deal. Especially if you don’t know much about them. If you are looking for something to go on a fishing trip, or to have a nice vacation with your family, then these KaBoats are the thing for you. If you choose any model from this 10 Best Saturn KaBoat Inflatable Boats list, you can’t make a mistake, trust me with this.

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