Best Small Trampoline Reviews – 10 Best Small Trampolines

Trampolines are a bundle of fun, and here we have for you a pristine list of small trampoline reviews to help you plan the party. Trampolines in one form or the other have been around for hundreds of years. In perhaps its earliest forms, Eskimos used rebounders to scope surrounding lands in search of food or better living opportunities. Of course the crude walrus skin trampettes were much less sophisticated and complete than the offerings we have today, but the principle prevails. Since then trampolines have been used as a part of training routines for Army pilots and NASA astronauts. They are an integral part of many circus acts, gymnastic routines and physical education programs, and are used for strength training in many physical development or rehabilitation programs. Firemen also use the technology to catch persons jumping from burning buildings.

Small or mini trampolines are predominantly used for personal use: fun play for the kids, or whomever, and as an exercise prop. Recent research has shown rebounders to be an excellent platform for aerobic exercise and limb muscle building. This accounts for the increasing presence of trampettes in school and commercial fitness centers. Whatever your need, we have put together a valuable list of the ten best small trampolines, one of which I am sure will meet your demands. The trampolines we will discuss are mostly limited in diameter to up to 48in. We will highlight quality and flexibility and match these to the commitment factors such as cost and safety. Read below for our list of the best value offerings for personal trampolines.

Best Small Trampoline: Sunny Health and Fitness 40in Foldable Trampoline

SHF 40in
Sunny Health and Fitness has developed a sleek, functional mainstay of cyclic buoyancy, with their 40in foldable trampoline. This trampoline is made of a high strength circular steel frame, measuring exactly 41.5in outer diameter. The collapsible support structure holds the sport grade polyethylene bounce mat at 9in from the ground, and features six heavy schedule tube legs fitted with wide print rubber feet for a safe setup. The Sunny Health trampoline is impressively sturdy, weighing in at 20lbs and the rebounder is also equipped with an adjustable handle bar for added stability and user confidence. There are three bar heights (40in, 45in, 50in) which will easily accommodate tall and shorter people alike. The package includes a convenient travel bag for easy storage or movement of the folded assembly.
Riding this trampoline you will realise the sport and wellness design focus: the mat is a sort of ‘low bounce’ pad that is gentle on your knees and makes it easy to maintain balance. This single capacity rebounder will support users up to 250lbs with thirty six thick and rigid metal springs that are surprisingly quieter than you would’ve imagined. This trampoline comes with DIY setup instructions. They are super cool.

Quarter folding design for easy movement or storage (includes carrying bag)
Three position handle bar with comfort grip
Easy to clean, durable bounce mat
Sturdy six leg design
Reasonably priced

Legs must be removed to fold and store unit

Buy Now: SunnyHealth & Fitness Folding Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Merax Mini Fitness Exercise Workout Trampoline

The Merax Mini Fitness workout trampoline is a single user rebounder equipped with steel springs, an adjustable grip handle and a polypropylene bounce mat. For safety and stability, the tramp sits on eight rubber-tipped tube legs evenly distributed around its 4ft circular frame. This increased diameter brings welcomed space for peace of mind and comfortable bouncing. The unit is pleasingly styled with grey painted metal framework, a blue PVC spring cover and a black manufacturer branded bed. Complete, the assembly weighs a favourable 27lbs, which does well to keep the feet planted even in its most vibrant use. The Merax Mini will tolerate up to 220lbs of jumping torment and is rated for indoor or outdoor use. Whilst this rebounder is sure to add to the fun activities of your life, its DIY initial setup is final. The unit is not collapsible, and if necessary, will have to be stored in its raw form – of course you can remove the handle bar. All in all, the Merax Mini is a great workout tool and is affordably priced.
High capacity
Padded adjustable handle bar
Weighty firmly planted design
Rubber tipped feet
Not foldable or readily portable
Buy Now: Merax Mini Fitness Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Maximus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline

The Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline is part of a fitness package offered by Maximus Life Ltd: the package also includes resistance bands, sand weights and a stability bar for new users. This is a professional grade rebounder featuring an opulent double cross-stitched bounce mat with a nonslip surface. Large coiled steel springs keep the mat taught, and with the supporting all steel frame, will support up to 300lbs. At 40in diameter the added space on these trampolines is a comforting addition for beginner bouncers who have a hard time keeping things all centered. For those who need motivation or guidance, the purchase includes a workout DVD. When you are done you can almost effortlessly break it down, fold it and store it. This 30lb bundle of portable professional grade neo workout props will cost you not much. It’s possibly the last trampoline you’ll have to buy.
Compact fold up design
Includes padded handle bar
Professional grade mat and springs for high capacity
Safe nonslip mat
Includes resistance bands and sand weights for more rounded workout
A bit pricey
Weight good for stability, yet bad for mobility
Buy Now: Maximus Pro Foldable Mini Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Stamina 36in Folding Trampoline

This 36in folding trampoline from Stamina is a saviour for the more cost-conscious consumer. The quarter folding rebounder will support up to 250lbs of workout mayhem. It features a steel frame and uses a spring-less design. The woven polypropylene bounce mat is supported by thirty high strength elastic fabric straps which prove invaluable in the wake of noiseless trampoline workout. The six rubber-tipped legs are socket fitted and are easily removed or replaced for quick setup and storage. The mat and frame readily breaks down to a ‘quarter fold’ which is easily stored. The complete assembly weighs 12lbs and comes with a 1yr frame warranty.
Low cost
Quarter folding
1yr frame warranty
Quiet operation
Included travel bag would have been nice
No handle bar or handle bar option

Buy Now: Stamina 36in Folding Trampoline (Free Shipping)

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline

The Fold and Go Trampoline by the Original Toy Company is a 36in circular rebounder made specifically for children: this reassures the sceptic first glance of the multicoloured setup. The metal frame sits atop four removable tube legs. Tapered for added stability, the legs are also rubber tipped for increased safety and grounding. The metal framework also includes a handle bar which has a padded grip and is adjustable. There are no springs, as the Fold & Go makes use of quiet tension bands for supporting the 150lb rated bounce mat. This trampette is light weight and the support legs can be easily unscrewed and the mat folded for moving or storing in a neat space.
High children capacity (150lbs)
Quiet no spring design
Lightweight for moving around (13lbs)
Convenient fold-up design
Children only
A little bit pricey for the kids!
Buy Now: Fold & Go Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Maximus Pro Rebounder

The Maximus Pro Rebounder is a professional grade personal trampoline with an advanced spring system for long lasting performance. The steel frame sits on four spring loaded steel legs, which are easily folded for neat flat storage. Of course, the legs are fitted with rubber tips for nonslip grounding while in use. The Pro Rebounder is remarkably sturdy and stable as you jump on, off and around it for full workout routines. The complete setup weighs around 25lbs. The high gauge twin tapered coil springs are great for a firm yet amenable feel as you bounce around the 40in diameter mat. This unit supports users up to 285lbs and can be fitted with an optional handle bar. The rebounder includes a workout DVD with four full workout routines. It’s a great product being used in numerous gyms and exercise programs – a proven winner.
Sturdy, professional grade
Foldable legs (no need to detach)
High weight capacity
Quality mat with firmly stitched support loops
Includes workout DVD
Higher end investment
Buy Now: Maximus Pro Rebounder (Free Shipping)

JumpSport Fitness Model 550F Trampoline

Jump Sport’s Fitness Model 550F is the ultimate for smooth bounce, spring free trampoline workout or play. This new and exciting rebounder design features 36 Endurolast XF cords that keep the high quality woven polymer mat superbly tensioned. Stepping unto this trampoline, there is a smooth welcome with the soft and noise-free deflection of the patented cords. The bounce is very easy: it is fun and less tiring. If you are accustomed to traditional trampolines, jumping on the JumpSport 550 you will immediately feel the difference with this sensory design: the “weight” shooting up your legs is gone! The skirted mat and charcoal metallic painted steel frame can support up to 300lbs. The unique arched leg design gives the rebounder a fresh look, and improves the stability by widening the footprint. Set up is also flexible, the 550F can be easily angled to increase the scope of your workout. The bounce mat frame is 44in inches in diameter and the complete assembly weighs 26lbs. For convenient storing or travel, the six curved legs can be quickly unscrewed and the mat folded in half. The 550F includes a 4-in-1 workout DVD. For professional or personal use this trampoline is archetype of reliable quality. The optional handle bar can improve the flexibility and safety of the rebounder.
Stable arched leg design
High quality mat and tension cords (rated at 4 million cycles)
Foldable with removable legs
High weight capacity
Quiet and soft bounce
Includes workout DVD
For this price – handle bar not included
Buy Now: JumpSport Fitness 550F Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

This SuperJumper Combo Trampoline challenges the limits of the ‘small trampoline’, but we had to mention this neat, safe children friendly rebounder play set. The trampette has a diameter of 54in and includes a galvanized steel frame, a UV resistant bounce mat and a full height steel frame safety mesh. The setup weighs 30lbs, and with its steel springs and sturdy legs will support children up to 88lbs – indoors or outdoors. The galvanized frame and woven mat means you don’t have to worry about rust or water soaking in outdoor setups. From ground, the top of the rebound mesh sits at 7ft and will prove invaluable if you have eager toddlers. So it’s a bit big, and it’s not readily portable, but the setup is easy and it’s sturdy and safe: the increased size of this trampoline may well extend your capabilities with this nifty fun house.
Indoor/Outdoor use
Full mesh enclosure for added safety
Galvanized, no rust frame
Reasonably priced
Low weight capacity – children only
Not readily portable
Buy Now: Super Jumper Combo Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Bazoongi 48in Trampoline

The Bazoongi 48in Trampoline is an interesting buy. It is simple in its form, but the fun and reliability wrapped up in the product box grows on you. This trampoline is made of galvanized steel frame and includes an easily mounted, foam padded handle bar, for safe bouncing for less doughty children. The two position handle bar options however, are perhaps a bit limiting. The polymer mat is purposefully tensioned by 30 galvanized coil springs and sits at 9in from ground. The Bazoongi trampoline is not a portable unit. It does not fold or collapse, though weighing only 15lbs. The four rubber feet are sure to keep your trampoline fixed and secure as your little ones play. This sporadic, gravity defying play pen is amazing.
Sturdy with handle bar
No rust galvanized frame and springs
Available in different colours
Loads of fun for budding toddlers
A tad bit expensive
Not collapsible or readily stored
Buy Now: Bazoongi 48in Trampoline (Free Shipping)

Stamina InTone 38in Rebounder

The Stamina InTone 38in Rebounder is a low cost trampoline with great user flexibility. It sits sturdy as you charge through your workout routine and even includes tension bands for upper body workout. The high strength steel frame and polypropylene mat will support up to 250lbs. As a sort of complete workout companion, this mini trampoline includes an electronic battery operated fitness monitor. The monitor can register jumps per minute, workout time, total jumps and even calories burned in your workout session. This is a welcomed addition for the more enthusiastic fitness adventurers. The rebounder weighs a measly 11lbs which makes it easy to move around the house. The rubber tipped feet are high friction and ably resist slip and lateral movement. The absolute best part: this includes a limited manufacturer’s warranty.
Low cost
Quiet spring-free bounce
Lightweight and portable
Workout accessories included: fitness monitor and tension bands
Sensory blue mat lining for bounce guide
Low cost material requires much care and delicate attention
Buy Now: Stamina InTone Plus Rebounder (Free Shipping)

A Final Word of Safety

That’s the roundup of our ten best small trampolines. We hope you enjoyed our small trampoline reviews and wish you all the best in your search. Be sure to pay close attention to the weight capacity of the rebounder you choose and consider your workout needs before investing in an expensive purchase. Trampolines can be tons of fun, a placid workout companion, or a den of terror, so remember to be safe and not to exceed the recommended manufacturer’s limits as this may cause serious injury.

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