4 Best White Sewing Machine Reviews

If you’re thinking of a sewing machine, why not check out our 4 best White sewing machine reviews? I’m sure it’ll help you find the right one for your sewing needs.

The White brand has been around for a long time. The White Sewing Machine Company was founded in 1858 in Templeton, Massachusetts. The company was known to have been the first to make use of the vibrating shuttle as a bobbin driver in the late 1870s, continually innovated and evolving until the early 1900s.

The company sells a variety of sewing machines back in the day, with many now collected as antiques. Refurbished models are also put on the market for collectors, and can fetch upwards of thousands of dollars. The classic design mounted on wood carved desks remain an icon of the White Sewing Machine Company.

Today they have branched out into the more modern version of sewing machines. Although not quite as famous as they once were, nor producing as many sewing machines as before, they still sell high quality and efficient portable sewing machines for home use.

Choosing a sewing machine

Sewing machines have long been relegated to the commercial side. However, there has been a resurgence among many people who take up sewing as a hobby or even as a small business. If you’re new to needle craft, picking a sewing machine can be quite confusing. But there are a few things to look out for.

The main thing is what you need it for. Embroidery and making curtains require different machines. There are many varieties of sewing machines out there, and if you particularly favor the White brand. We can show you the 4 best White sewing machine reviews. Mechanical sewing machines rely on manual power to run, utilizing a wheel on the side of the machine to get the needle and bobbin to move. These versions are no longer manufactured although vintage ones are still prized due to its durability and reliability.

Electronic sewing machines are powered by an electric motor. A foot pedal on the floor helps you regulate the movement of the needle and bobbin. Quite a versatile option with many different stitches. Computerised sewing machines tend to be used by professionals or the industrial production side. It can produce massive amounts of stitching in a variety of manner, but tend to be very expensive. Overlockers are a different kind of sewing machine. It can sew a seam, trim the edges and finish it all in one go.

Another point to consider is also how often you will be using the machine. If you are only using it every few weeks for a hobby, you don’t need a fancy sewing machine but just a simple, basic one with the usual stitches. However, if you use it full time and have a lot of experience sewing, a more advanced option is recommended as it will save you time, as well as offering a variety of stitches to make your work quicker. Note that many of these advanced machines tend to need regular maintenance.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best White sewing machine reviews.

White SC20 Sew Cute

White SC20 Sew Cute

This low range machine does mostly simple, basic stitching. It’s not exactly the most durable of sewing machines as it is made of plastic, and has no parts. So repairing it might be a problem. However, it is highly compact and portable, great for periodical use. It’s ideal for mending simple tears and sews a chain locking stitch.

Power options are four AA batteries, although it also comes with an AC adapter to plug into. It comes ready to sew, and has a metal bobbin. It also has a foot controller to regulate movement and power. I won’t recommend this if you plan on using it for heavy duty sewing, but it’s good enough or the occasional sewing.

White Sew E-Z Mini Portable Sewing Machine

White Sew E-Z Mini Portable Sewing Machine

A portable and lightweight machine, this model is great if you want to use it for simple sewing and mending, Don’t expect it to do any heavy duty sewing as the small frame won’t support any of those endeavours. It runs on either four AA batteries or by plugging into a power outlet via the AC adapter. It features an automatic bobbin winder, and good enough for straight stitch and reverse sewing.
You can also run it in either the foot pedal mode, or the auto-sewing mode. Sewing speeds can be adjusted either high or low. There’s a notched base that allows you to sew sleeves or narrow openings. Built of plastic, it’s not exactly the most durable of machines, but it does fine. It comes with a foot pedal to regulate the speed and power, instruction manual, power cord, needle and bobbin.

White W-100 Mighty Mender

White W-100 Mighty Mender

More expensive than the rest in this series, the Mighty Mender is what it says it is. A simple machine that can do a lot of mending a basic sewing. It features 2 straight stitch lengths, reverse stitch and true locking stitches. A built-in bobbin winder and drop-in bobbin makes your work easier. It’s great for first time sewers, or anyone who want their kids to try sewing. Don’t expect too much from it though. You can manually adjust the tension, and it runs on electricity via an AC adapter. It comes with needles, needle threader, bobbins and seam ripper. The compact size and lightweight build makes it easy to store and carry around.

White SC10 Mini Battery Operated Sewing Machine

White SC10 Mini Battery Operated Sewing Machine

This compact and lightweight model comes already threaded and ready to use. Built of plastic, it’s not the most sturdy of sewing machines but it is lightweight and easy to store. It can do a double locking stitch usually used for mending thin fabrics. It runs on AA batteries or electricity. The gears are durable enough. Appropriate sewing machine for first time users or even kids interested in sewing.
If you are serious about getting a sewing machine, the White brand offers many good choices for first timers. It’s advisable to really do your research before getting one though. No use buying a cheap one only to have it break down after a few uses.

Hope our 4 best White sewing machine reviews help you decide!

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