Yuneec E-GO Electric Skateboard Review

Yuneec E-GO electric skateboard is one of the most lightest and coolest of its kind. For many reasons, in this modern era our choices have transformed from the traditional longboards to the e-skateboards. Definitely it has something to do with the comfort and looks that it comes with. Keeping the public demand in mind, Yuneec technology has come up with a very sleek, smart and fast electric longboard, the E-GO electric skateboard. E-skateboards are becoming quite popular among a large number of people as it is a great way to commute any place with ease and style. So, the things people look into a skateboard is; whether it’s fast enough and also is it easy to operate? E-skateboards are not only a means for transportation it is a great fun to travel on it. They are a bit expensive so you better chose the right one or you might end up unsatisfied.

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The ultimate electric personal ride

Motorized skateboards are not a new thing but many manufacturers provide features on them that lack in certain areas. Yuneec, well known for being a leader in electric aviation now have also focused on the motorized longboards and they have put their high tech e-power on it. The yuneec E-GO has satisfied its users and they also recommend it to others. The components of this skateboard are very compact and it works pretty well. The technology and the design of this board make it unique from the others. In terms of quality the deck, wheels, trucks and control system beats the others. Unique wireless remote control makes it more desirable to most people. Not only that, i-phone app is available that enables it to control from the phone. After all this great things in it, this e-skateboard is available at a very reasonable price. You need a bit of a practice on a plain surface if you haven’t skateboarded before and once you get a hold of it you’ll find this is a great experience to ride on this E-GO electric skateboard.

The wide E-GO Deck

The most important part of the skateboard is the deck surface. You need to have enough space to stand onto and have great balance for comfortable ride. Area wise the length and width of this skateboard is around 40 and 12 inches. So it has enough space for the rider’s stability on board and gives great balance while they perform cruising. In the construction of the board, it is designed with eight layer of composite wood. Any rider would love the kind of quality strength and durability it provides. Anyone can ride on it as it is strong enough to carry the weight up to 200 lbs. there is an orange layer in the middle, which gives it a very attractive look. On the surface it’s covered with grip tape, which helps to give a good grip and prevents slipping from it. On one side of the surface the brand name and logo is printed on it & it gives it an elegant look. Under the deck the battery casing is rubber sealed and overall the board is sleek, smart and performs pretty well.

An eco-friendly propulsion system

Longboards are eco-friendly transportation without a doubt. Electric skateboards also fall in same category as it operates through motor which is charged by the battery. It uses 400w motor which is quite powerful and the board operates smoothly. This has been tested that it can go for miles and even can go up in steep areas with ease. it is safe and environment friendly as there is no smoke erosion from it, you can reach your destination very fast.

The E-GO skateboard powerful battery

This thing gets its energy from the lithium-ion battery placed underneath the deck. The battery is covered with patented flexible waterproof casing. This flexible casing helps the rider to bend easily while they are on the road. To get a full performance from the skateboard the battery needs to be charged for 3 to 5 hours. With this charge it can cover up to 18 miles or around 30 kilometers. But that varies from the rider’s weight or the cruising style and also the roads condition. The battery charge provides power to the motor as well as the controller. To charge the portable controller it needs to be connected with the battery through the USB port.

The E-GO electronic control unit

The ECU of this E-GO skateboard does a very vital function to maintain the board’s performance at optimum level. this boards motor and the controller gets the energy from the battery. this ECU’s task is to keep the connection with the motor, battery and the controller at its best level so that the board runs smoothly. it is designed with very high technology and it performance is quite steady and reliable.

E-GO wireless controller

The amazing E-GO skateboard is controlled by a wireless remote control. It is very easy to handle and use. Basically it is used to control the speed of the deck. By simply sliding the center switch back and forth you can accelerate or make brakes. The controller also has the LED torch switch on one side that helps in night cruising. You can also choose your speed mode whether to go at 8mph or 13mph and decide riding style by simply putting it into eco or sport riding mode. This controller is charged from the board battery by connecting though the USB port. It works as an indicator of the controller’s as well as the decks battery status indicator. it is very easy to carry it around as it easily fits in your pocket or in your bag.

IPhone app for E-GO

If you have an iphone and love to play around with it then you can use it as your skateboards remote instead of the controller provided with the board. The yuneec e-go skateboard has its very own iPhone app that connects the skateboard through the Bluetooth. It gives the boards controlling power to your iPhone just like the remote. It shows the battery status, speed status and traveled distance. You can control the speed by simply sliding the screen on your phone upward or downward to accelerate of brake. This app also has the feature to select speed modes and riding modes. If a call comes to the phone while in use it does not provide any more speed to the board so it simply slows down. This app works perfectly fine for the skateboard and the rider also enjoys controlling with it.

The durable and steady wheels

Wheels of the skateboard are quite important as it carries all the weights as well as that’s what keeps it rolling on the road. So it needs to be pretty sturdy and durable. The 90mm wheels keeps it running smoothly and it can also go no to the uneven surfaces without any problem. It runs nice and smooth around 200 pound rider can do carving and riding very easily. Learning Physics skateboarding engages kids’ science. It will take you to destination with great speed.

The maintenance and performance

It is natural to keep anything last longer you need to maintain it properly. So ride on it safely and carefully so that you don’t fall into any accident and the board also doesn’t get obstructed to perform smoothly. You need to keep it clean and keep all the parts, nuts and bolts tightened. To do that E-GO skateboard comes with a set of truck tool that makes it much easier. So maintain the skateboard properly to get optimum Yuneec E-GO electric skateboard performance.

Great skateboard at an awesome price

When it comes to motorized skateboard’s it would cost a bit higher than the traditional one’s. But hat is worth it as you get huge advantage from it. Compared to the prevailing similar boards in the market, this E-GO e-skateboard is available at a reasonable price in terms of its quality and performance. You can have your very own E-GO and commute to you workplace or take a ride on it just for fun.

Some of the pros and cons are highlighted below:


Firstly, one of the attractive things is the overall look of this unique skateboard. It is smart, sleek, very sporty and a very cool thing to own.
It is very lightweight around 13 lbs, but it can take heavy loads. Any rider whether it’s a kid or an adult can ride on it easily. it is not much of a trouble when you wish to carry it around.
with full charge it can go for miles
Steady construction and strong wheels are good enough for any type of road and riders can make turns ad curves anyway they want.
The best thing about it is its wireless controller. This controls the riding style, speed and it shows battery status as well. if you don’t want to use the remote an iphone app is available that enables you to control it from your phone.


There’s hardly any negative side of it. But of course as it’s an electric board when you ride it for the first time you should have enough practice. Otherwise you might lose balance and fell off. Its battery life and mile coverage is limited so if you want to go further then it you need to charge it again. But that’s not much of a problem cause without the charge you can use the board as traditional longboard.

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The Yuneec E-GO electric skateboard is one of the best of its kind. It has taken skate cruising to a different level. It is not just a simple longboard anymore. The technological implement and user friendly features at such a reasonable price has made it highly desirable to some people. You would definitely enjoy commuting to your destination with it or you can even ride it just for fun.

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